It was morning and the guys had just awoken,they were actually in the SSS facilities since going to Lagos at the time they passed out was not an option.

Kabala frowned and walked towards the door,only to see that BossP, Superintendent Charles Okoye,Mark, Bella and Robin Khan were all in a deep,silent mood,all not uttering a word.

Following him were Dare,Lexi and Tom who all wondered why they were frowning.

"It's great to see you're up guys." BossP welcomed with a smile that soothed them but that didn't stop them from worrying,they all had a hunch that something terrible had happened and they weren't willing to talk to them about it.

"Is something wrong?" Kabala asked.

"Nothing compared to Shadow's appearance,it's just that the news and the occurrence yesterday has sparked a global topic, people are already going crazy and the president is under investigation." He replied.

Their eyes widened as he mentioned the ongoing crisis,it had been due to the issue and probably Scorpio's spe
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