A new personality

Scorpio sat before the shack they were hiding the ladies,deeply conversed in his thoughts. He was beginning to attain a height of power and he felt it. He only felt a bit intimidated by Shadow but that wasn't a problem for him,he was going to have his powers soon,it was only a matter of time.

Then his thoughts drifted to the vice president,he laughed at the man's stupidity. He only wished he'd get the job over soon so he'll kill the Vice President and be the one to take the mantle of leadership for his dream,an army of Metahumans all under him,treating him as the king he deserves to be.

Suddenly a change in the atmosphere aroused him from his thoughts and he sniffed the air. With a crooked smiled,he got up.

"They're here."




"Hey guys,check this out." Dare informed Lexi and Tom who had just walked in. He, Kabala and BossP were all standing before the huge monitor,watching the breaking news.


Following the controversial revelat
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