Narrow escape
Dare and Kabala landed on the outskirts of a small settlement, covered in dust. They both got up and scanned the environment,realizing that this was some forest. They wondered if Scorpio was still there and whether Stella was also with Scorpio or was in another location

"So I guess we move then?" Dare sai

"Yeah,let's just tread silently,I don't know this place." Kabala replied. Dare nodded in affirmation and they both walked on,fast and light

"So Dare,how is your relationship with Chelsea?" Kabala asked. Dare sighed,this was the second time he had been asked the same question. He wondered if the gang was just teasing him or he was overthinking things. Never the less,he had to reply to his frien

"We're not in a relationship." He replied stubbornl

"I know but I heard she was mad at you yesterday,did you do anything wrong?" He aske

"Not really. I was kind of jealous,she realized, overreacted and is mad at me." He replie

"You were jealous of the white kid?" Kabala asked,forcing hims
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