Deji sat in his room,wondering what was going on with his life. It was barely a week after he had realized his powers and he was already exposed. He looked the screen of his phone,his jaw dropped in amazement with the headline.


He knew they had mistaken him for Shadow and wished he could clarify things but he couldn't,he was just stuck there. Then his mind drifted to his brother,Dare. He wondered how he was faring. They hadn't contacted each other for over 24 hours. With a look of despair,he fell back and covered himself with the duvet.

Suddenly a notification sounded and he checked it,if was a voice note from Dare. Eagerly he played it and it voiced.

"Hey bro,how're you doing? I just wanted to know if you, Mom,Dad and Bisola are alright. Well,I'm off on a mission now and I'm scared,I don't know if I'll make it back but I want you to do something for me,stay strong. I'm not sure if you're a meta but endeavor to always be good. Stay good ki
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