Author: Supreme king
How it all began (1)

Countless of years ago, in the time of ancient past , a tale passed down in many generations. A time when Supreme paragons roamed the starry skies and countless of terrifying beings contested for supremacy , a supreme sovereign rose up and dominated an entire era in the great world of Avaldon.

He was a sovereign that subverted the laws of the world . The heavenly law was destroyed by him single handedly and he created a new order .

He was unequalled , he was unmatched !.

To his friends , he was known as the human sovereign .

To his enemies , they call him god of slaughter !.

To the entire universe , he was known as the primordial lord of chaos , the being that created the new order .

Like any other person out there , he didn't just become the supreme lord of chaos , he had a story to tell.

A story that was filled with pain and misery . His journey to supremacy was fraught with dangers and anguish .

The whole world was against him , he was deemed a taboo . He was a lone warrior , he experienced untold hardship and betrayal before he claimed the throne of the sovereign.

Let's go back to the tale of this Supreme overlord .

Let's experience the thrill of his journey to supremacy and know what molded this overlord into what he was today .

Let's revisit the tale of Amon , the one who was hailed as the sovereign above all !.


The world of Avaldon was divided into three continents with several clans and races dwelling in each of the continents.

The three continents were called first , second and third continents respectively. Avaldon which was the largest chaotic world in the Triad universe had the highest and strongest number of powerhouses and countless of Supreme beings from lower chaotic world all yearned for the world.

The first continent was the smallest and the heavenly laws there were quite weak , making it impossible to cultivate to immortality there . This fact made the first continent to be the weakest continent among the three continents.

The second continent was much larger and the heavenly laws there were far advanced than the first continent. The second continent had the three thousand immortal dao laws complete without any one missing .

The second continent was sometimes referred to as the immortal realm because it existed in a higher space in the world of Avaldon .

The third continent was known as the land of the gods and was the most powerful of all the three continents. Only by becoming a divine being can one be eligible to enter this continent.

In the world of Avaldon , in all the three continents , a prophecy have been passed down for many generations and nobody knew who said the prophecy or it's source .

"Golden sigil and purple eyes , he shall be the harbinger of chaos !!".

The prophecy have been in circulation for many years that it had long became a story that was told to little children .


On this day , in a village called Dulmount , a baby was born !.

The whole world Avaldon was about to welcome it's most turbulent era since it's creation .

The sky above the Dulmount village was filled with flickering stars , giving the atmosphere a mysterious vibe. The surrounding trees swayed gently , dancing to the rhythmic movement of the gentle wind .

The merchants who had returned from their daily businesses drank and chatted under the moonlight .

Warriors who had returned from their hunts , boasted of their several exploits and roared fiercely under the sky while being drunk with wine .

In a corner of the village , in a worn out house , a commotion that made the entire environment to be very tense was going on because the wife of the most famous blacksmith of the village was giving birth to her first child.

"Rodney , can you calm down . Nothing is going to happen to your wife ". A tall lanky man who had small beady eyes that gave him a sinister look patted the shoulders of a burly man.

Despite the bulging muscles of the man , his face could be said to be extremely handsome . A well sculpted face with high cheekbones , dark piercing eyes and a small moustache that made him look quite manly .

"Sean , am so confused about everything !". Rodney rubbed his two hands with nervousness .

"I need to check ...". Rodney was already rushing into the room but his friend dragged him back with lightening speed .

"Just stay here , alright ". Sean grabbed the hands of Rodney firmly . It was his constant fears and nervousness that made them to chase him out of the delivery room and now , he was trying to get back again .

"I ....damn !!". Rodney grabbed his hair and scattered it with force before letting out a deep sigh . His face was still covered with anxiety and fear .

"Wow !! , it's a baby boy ". Someone exclaimed in the room .

"Why is he not crying ?". Another voice asked with doubt .

Whoosh!! Rodney rushed into the room with speed and saw his wife who had closed her eyes out of exhaustion. The heart of Rodney skipped but when he saw the steady raising and falling of his wife's chest , he calmed down .

He kissed her forehead slightly while muttering a thank you gently before his eyes shifted to the direction of the old woman holding a baby that was wrapped in a white swaddling clothes .

The eyes of the baby was shut tightly and he did not make a single sound . The old woman was trying to make the baby cry out because his absolute silence was confusing them .

Suddenly, boooom!! flashes of golden light surrounded the baby and his eyes opened and they were pure purple in colour .

"Ahhhhhhh!!". The old woman screamed with fright and almost threw the baby from her hand.

Rodney rushed and grabbed the baby from her but his expression was very grim because he could sense a strong repulsive force that was surging out from the body of the baby .

Boooom!!! a strong repulsive force pushed the body of Rodney and the baby floated in the air while Intense golden purple light radiated from his body and started to spread in all directions.

Rumble !! the sky above the village changed drastically and intense golden purple light covered it and everyone was alarmed by the commotion .

Boooom!! a golden gaint that was holding a scythe formed above the village and let out a deafening roar that echoed in all directions .

"Bearer of the golden sigil , herald the Lord of chaos !!".

The gaint roared again and the golden purple light surged out and covered the first continent , extending to the second continent before reaching the third continent and eventually spreading out to the rest of the universe and the whole chaotic worlds became alarmed by the commotion .

A supreme being have been born !.

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