Chapter 20 “The Issues in the Deep”


There are little moments about life that you may regret later. But there is nothing quite like the same two events repeating themselves all the same way, that makes you boil with anger, before having regret.

I’m pacing in my office. Puffing out angrily. Rummaging in my head about when and what went wrong. What ‘might’ have gone wrong. The “Echo” is going well, although there are disturbances that violate security of the whole operation.

The Grande plan that had been executed stage by stage for so long… The wanted documents, tech, all were going smoothly. But then the ripples began.

People that were sent in - were all administered into where they must be, having the information that needs to be right there and then, playing their parts well. But there still is something causing ripples. Damn things do not work well!

I swooped the table. Having all that was atop - fly off, hitting floor. Whiskey glass crushing against the wall.

“Muppets! Who on this damn planet would pry on my p
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