Because You Like Him?

"No, you shut up!" Deola explodes. " You are the freak! You are demented. You a-are..." She shakes her head in horror, the only expression visible on it is dread.

She longs for words to say as her head moves left to right in total fright, as if she'd seen a ghost. Which should be correct because the one in front of her is not something she would classify far from a ghost. 

For God's Sake, she is looking at a spirit or ghost- which ever fit- and the experience is enough to send ice cold chills through her spine.

With no more words to complete her sentence, Deola turns, her feet racing her away from Tade.

She hears a sigh behind her, followed by an inaudible mumbling, but she does not bother a second glance, even if it is to the one who gave her warmth, a minute ago, she does not care.

The wind is still cold and biting, almost giving a sensation that if she stayed still, she'd freeze. As she runs, distance coming in between herself and Tayo, she

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