Ignorance is Bliss

"Really?" Deola asks with a light frown, watching Tunrayo buckle over with laughter.

The convertible by which she stands is parked close to the magnificent Assembly Hall which once was the center of their Prom Activities, two days back. 

However, with the Prom events concluded, the hall is back to it's regular state, all of it's fanfare, glitter and sparkles gone with the events as well. The electric fence of wires that alienated the hall from the rest of the school is down as well, allowing unrestricted access to the rest of the school and it's various buildings and what not.  

The once littered parking lot, infront of the hall too is free and the only car at the moment occupying it is the black convertible.

The convertible had come in from the main gates of the school and was allowed entry when they had mentioned they were living in the staff quarters, a white lie, they reasoned.

Only after the lie could they drive past the school

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