Make Out Gone Wrong!!

The sun is drooping down, in the sky, radiating heat to the people of Badagry in Lagos Nigeria. Bared of the numerous skies, the heat is unforgiving but as always, it is not enough to stop the people from going about their activities along the estate road. 

A car drives by and stops by a gate, from which a young man highlights from black vehicle. He has a sharp cut by the left of his head, sporting an undercut hairstyle. His dressing is quite simple and stuffy in a way as he wears a harsh colored tight trousers, a long baggy white colored shirt, black boot sneakers and a blue denim jacket, despite the blazing heat. 

He soon walks into the drive way of Deola's home and silently moves to the door, all the while dabbing his face occasionally and twirling the red rose wrapped in the transparent plastic casing as the aromatizing cologne airs about him is being burnt out by the heat.

He has squarely shaped jaws, tanned skin, the perfect model look and he is

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