Guilty Conscience

    ‘More… more.e… I want moreeeee… don’t stop, idiots, come on… Touch me like you did. Oh damn… More….’ Deola moans mentally even as she is carried in princess carry by Tade.

For her mind is not here at the moment. Rather it is subdued by the throes of intense affection. The type that clouds her head that all she can think of is sex. So much that she curses after the guys who had being helping her get to this stage of sexual stimulation in response to the horniness eating deep into her but then, suddenly stopped.

‘Moreeee.. don’t stop, you bastarddsss… Fuck Me…’

Sweat begins to dribble down her naked as she continues to rack her fingers into her vagina, occasionally jerking as she moans unconsciously with shut eyes.

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