Morning Calls

Sun light filters in from one of the closed windows which are situated perpendicular to each other, in a ninety degree format. The draping curtains sway gently in response to the swirling of the electric overhead fan blades.

At the window where light filters from which borders a fancy standing mirror at the other side of the wall, is a sort of ironing table placed against the wall, draped with pieces of materias which are meant to act as cushion when ironing. At the two ends of the table are a stack of books while a sleek pressing iron lays, steelface down. 

And infront of the table lies a plastic white chair which backs a queen sized bed on which a lady lays, her chest, clar in loose milky gown, heaving and lightly snoring in blissful sleep as she drifts continuously in sweet rest. 

The lady is none other than Deola, the supposed Prom Queen of the graduate set of LakeView College.

At her lower torso to her abdomen is a muffled ball of the grey

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