Not A Date!

The sun is sloping down the evening sky in a haze of yellow, accentuated by red, magenta colored atmospheric clouds that give an entirely settling feeling of the rest in the night to come.

As people from all over within the area  look up, there is an inescapable lighting of anticipation bright on their faces as they know what would come next.

For it is closing hours and with it, people park up for the night. However, for a different set of persons, it is just the beginning as a black convertible slows down taking a turn around the corner of the estate buildings before picking up speed, a clutter of dirt and pebbles flying up in the aftermath.

At the driver seat of the vehicle is Tunrayo, her eyes focused on the tarred almost empty street before her, driving past a few shops and gates before finally slowing down to move into a driveway. Her car, just as the rest of the frame is, is pitch black with dangling plastic red roses from the rearview mirror that jin

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