Changing Tide

"Tsk… Damn you! How can you be this strong at your failing health level?" Enas groans, rolling over to evade another stomp of Tade.

"It's the power of love, my dear. The extent that emotion can motivate has no limit." A feminine voice that belongs not to Tade whispers in the background while Enas gets to his feet finally and begins to trade blows with a furious Tade.

However the brothers do not hear the femine but alluring voice of their mother queen as they engage themselves in battle. A punch sails through to the air to Tade’s head but the latter tilts himself backward, evading the blow. But Enas is not over as he follows with a combo attack of a knee kick to the stomach.

Groaning, Tade doubles over, spitting out ichor from his mouth. Enas seizes the opportunity in a flash and slams his left elbow heavily, right at the center of Tade, crumpling the latter to the ground.

“You always thought to be the better of us… spoilt brat. T

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