Prospect For Reincarnation: From Common Fodder to Calamity

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Prospect For Reincarnation: From Common Fodder to Calamity

By: Shade Arjuun OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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What comes after death? HE was ready to accept that he had lived a meaningless life as a sworn sword to another.... for another. HE was ready to accept that his life, which fell apart in the blink of an eye, and led him to tread through countless battlefields as a common footsoldier of no renown, was his sole accolade as he passed on. That was all there was to it. However... Death isn't the end. There is no time to rest. Another life awaits, and you have the privilege of choosing what you will be when you are reborn. But you work for it. You toil. You prove your worth. Whether the end goal is to become a Devil, an Angel, a Young Master, a Hero, a Giant, or a god. You bleed for it, in 'Prospect For Reincarnation'!

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Chapter 1: Meaningless Existence
(A/N: This is the only chapter written in First Person)."Please, I beg of you! Please spare my family! I'll do anything! I'll give you anything!" the man whom I presume is a husband to the quivering woman behind him, and a father to the ghastly pale boy of probably no more than ten years, clutching his arm viciously, screams.I sigh.There is nothing this man can offer me that can change his fate, after all, I am after his and his family's lives.His pleas only make me grip my saber tighter. Let me get this over with.The longer they stare at me like this – with terror and dwindling hope – the more upset I become. But I do not show it with my face.I raise my saber and take a step forward, an action that the man before me responds to by burning away the pathetic, torn visage he has had on all this time, and donning a feral one.A desperate one.He lunges at me while calling for his wife and son to escape, but his attempt, while admirable for a common man, does not amount to much.I
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Chapter 2: Prospect For Reincarnation
Incarnate ^8001.He didn't know what that meant, but he was more concerned about the bizarre phenomenon happening around him. What was that voice?What was happening to him?What was that light?He wanted to speak, but it seemed his form of existence at present was too abstract. Not abstract enough for him to exist without emotion though.He began to panic as a normal person placed in this situation would.Thankfully, it didn't seem like he was trapped here.The dark surroundings suddenly whirled, and by some identifiable metric, he managed to understand that he was moving. He was falling at a controlled speed.A moment later, everything changed.An odd space covered his entire view.It was what seemed like a small room. All of its dimensions – which assumed a perfect cubical shape together – spotted the same twilight fog hue, with no distinction from anything up, down, left, or right.Bizarre.Really bizarre.There was only silence in this place for a while.An uncomfortable silenc
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Chapter 3: First Floor
The ambiance of an expanse registered. Then a slight cool. Something was prompted to react to the environment, which had a coolness to it. Incarnate ^8001 awakened to the taste of dirt, and the ruthless pelting from grains of what felt like sand to his face. He blinked a couple of times and then stood up from where he had been lying down. He felt very stiff, and oddly restrained, as though he had gears that hadn't been oiled in a very long time. Of course, if you asked the new Incarnate what a gear was, he would wear a puzzled face. Perhaps to him, the better analogy would be, that he felt like unwashed armor, full of dirt at the joints. He stretched subconsciously and found his condition to improve only slightly. He was still so stiff. "Why do I feel so...?" he had begun to speak when it finally smote him. "I have a body! I can speak!" He looked frantically at his body and fondled every part of himself that didn't resist. He indeed had a body, but it was unlike the one he ha
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Chapter 4: Pity
Mustering every bit of strength that he could wring from his quickly weakening body, Incarnate ^8001 forced himself to backpedal down the way he had come and tumble down the rise he had just scaled.He fell down, eating a mouthful of sand in the process, and thudded onto the somewhat soft sand floor.He took deep breaths as his hearts thundered in his chest, only relaxing after a full two minutes had passed.'What manner... of heretic object is that?!' he wondered while laying his hand over his chest and feeling the vibrations from his flesh. 'Were those people worshipping it?' he added in thought, his skin tingling dreadfully.The Incarnate had never really been religious in his past life, though not because he didn't have the desire for it his whole life, but because of a lack of time to commit. His conscription into the army, which led him to brave endless trials between the borders of life and death for twenty years, encouraged a more 'natural' pragmatic thought process.What he j
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Chapter 5: Look At Me!
Incarnate ^8001 leapt in potent fright at the call of a boisterous voice whose source was imperceptible!He almost fell into the pit, only managing to stifle his sway through memories of precise body control from his past life!His breath hastened.His hearts' rates hastened.'What... what was that?!' he thought with his cheeks turning light pink."You have gazed upon me before, little bold soul. Follow my shadow and gaze upon me once more."At once, the Incarnate recognized who... what was talking to him.The shadow he just heard mention of, was the shadow casting itself onto the depression from the statue – fuelled by the mysterious light that spawned without an expected source from the sky.For a moment, the Incarnate made to obey, to cast his gaze on the statue once again, but he stopped himself at the last fraction of time.'No, no, no! I can't!' he thought, not even giving himself time to comprehend just how he could understand the language the statue spoke."You will not look a
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Chapter 6: Valiant Subject's Ward
[Maestus, the King’s Right Hand channels the dwindling remnants of his will into you] [You have received Enchanted Equipment ×1] While willing to see past the glowing tablet, Incarnate ^8001 finally managed to see who had given him short reprieve just now. It was the skeleton of one of the figures adorned in the fading golden armour and cape. It held his arm tight while kneeling on the ground which was quickly smacked by a wave of sand. The skeleton showed no further signs of motion, however. It seemed as dead and lifeless as before, however, as Incarnate ^8001 watched, partially blinded, the armour it wore dissipated into spots of purple light that faded rapidly. Strangely, the armour sets of the other fallen soldiers also vanished. ‘What just happened?! Will... equipment...!’ the Hollow Demonling attempted to rationalise everything that just happened as quickly as he could. ‘Equipment! It says I received equipment!’ “Oh, so he was that persistent! A part of his Far Ji too...”
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Chapter 7: Performance Review
A few minutes later, when after reining in his initial shock, the Incarnate began to evaluate everything he had skimmed over while fleeing from the... Omen, as he saw identified before him from the tablet. The Fifth Omen of the Amalgam Sand Fiend. That was definitely the statue. Just the name made the Hollow Demonling shiver. ‘Damn this sensitive skin!’ He gathered all he knew while looking at his Enchanted Shield. In the process, he saw the details of his face on its shiny surface. Two eyes with black sclera and icy blue irises stared back at him, as well as a somewhat cute button nose, and dark ideal lips. He had small pointed ears that flexibly twitched at his slightest desire, long-ish locks of navy-blue hair brushing against their tips from his head. The Incarnate’s appearance didn’t spark much of anything within him, however. He had a lot on his mind. “Far Ji. A unique quality? The statue... the Omen, mentioned something about that too. That fallen soldier supposedly had
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Chapter 8: Dark Valley
Two hours later, the Incarnate had crossed a decent stretch of the large rock, which was larger than he had thought.It went on and on, growing wider and wider until he couldn't see where it ended on both sides.That was actually pleasing since he didn't have to look at the skeletons anymore.Also, different from what Incarnate ^8001 initially anticipated, the rock wasn't and didn't have anything special. His wariness and suspense at the start of his journey were rewarded by the same disappointing nothingness that followed when he had been wandering the beautiful remnants of civilization behind the Omen and glorified grave.Things only began to change now when the rock showed signs of digging down relaxedly into what looked like a narrow valley. Some heavy weathering had assaulted the rock here, and it looked to have happened a long, long time ago.The valley created after the depression stretched quite far and was rather deep, not to mention ominous in the night.The Incarnate hesita
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Chapter 9: Against The Crusher!
Incarnate ^8001 paused and groaned while rubbing his chest.‘Tenyen the Crusher?’ he thought as he looked up at the armored figure that was lodged in the valley wall. ‘That’s…accurate.’The name of his opponent didn’t inspire much optimism in him, but the next thing the glowing tablet pointed out was rather interesting. Finally, he was getting more information about the Kanva – acquired skills!‘I have to match Tenyen in the same respect his skill empowers? What is that supposed to mean?’ the Incarnate thought. He had been on an adrenaline high, but all that energy was somehow lessened by the need to employ more than a few terrestrial brain cells right now.While it was great that there was an answer for how to get the supernatural abilities he had been curious about, there was no expansion. He was going to have to figure it out… without dying. That option was very much still on the table.Evidence of this began when Tenyen dropped from where the rebounding of the force he had di
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Chapter 10: Sundering Bunt
The Incarnate sat down, panting hard.His eyes didn’t leave the view of his fallen opponent’s split head, which oozed rotten juices and pungent, shrivelled fleshy bits.He would have loved to celebrate his victory and rejoice in the fact that he was still alive, but his mind was still trying to process what it saw.What was this thing?A walking corpse?Even though the Incarnate hadn’t tried to initiate a conversation with Tenyen, it wasn’t because he hadn’t thought it would be possible. He hadn’t even noticed that his enemy was THIS strange.He had thought that conversing with the armoured figure would be pointless. If this was a Trial, one that was guaranteed to be immensely difficult, in fact, then there was probably no room for talks. Besides, being used to the battlefield in his old life, the Incarnate wasn’t in a habit of trying to share a sentiment chat with a clear enemy. Usually, when opposing opponents went on long monologues, it was either to distract or to buy time.
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