The Second Infiltrating Squad

The unknown group of people were dragged into the hall by the soldiers and brought in front of the man, who looked like the superior in charge of this section. Trapp watched attentively while paying attention to every little detail.

Trapp counted the number of people in the captured group and he counted about twenty people, just like his previous squad. Among these people who were captured, all of them were injured and bruised, some more seriously than others. There were even three who were dragged in by the soldiers, and from the looks of their injuries, they were definitely in critical condition.

If they were not treated in time, those three were very likely to die.

Trapp watched on emotionlessly, without caring for the state of the group at all. Even though they were from the same side and fighting under the banner of the Avalon family, Trapp was not going to put himself in danger to attempt to rescue them.

With the eyes of a predator, Trapp silently w

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