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By: Luna Lovegood OngoingMystery/Thriller

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It all started when Mozart's sonata played, no one could control themselves. The curse has just begun, can Thalia Grace, the girl who inherited the yin and yang eyes, be able to break the curse? Thalia Grace started from an ordinary girl who was entangled in a malicious curse that caused her to rush into danger many times, but from here she gradually realized her own love, understood the reason for living in the world. and discovered a terrifying secret that has existed since ancient times, which should have been hidden for a long time. Who is greedy, who is pitiful and who can escape this cruel curse? The race has begun and has not ended, who is the bad guy, who is the pitiful person in this race.

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Chapter 1: YIN YANG EYES
"Get out of the way, get out of the way, I'll leap down there if you walk in..."The cry of a young girl with a despairing expression rang through the thundering night. This is the final way. She reasoned that death was the end of everything. She closed her eyes and slid herself onto the railing, softly, very softly, and it all came to an end.1The sound of thunder echoed along with the screams of four girls in the dormitory of EINSTEIN High School."Really? Is that true.." , the small voice of the little girl with a pale face, she knew she was scared when she saw it.Knowing that, her friend also showed a scary face, scaring her: "Do you think I'm joking. It's true, my uncle built this dormitory, but before this dormitory was a mansion. The young girl who lived in the mansion was mentally ill fell from the balcony, died.. That day, just like today, thunder and lightning were loud and the same music sounded. It was Mozart's 3rd sonata.."Where does Mozart's music come from? The girls
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The sequel is told from Thalia Grace's point of view:I finally went to EINSTEIN High School. From a distance, I saw my second sister, Drusilla, waiting for me at the dormitory gate. It was a beautiful Sunday, everything was perfect in my eyes, my father drove me to school, I could even meet my sister at school, everything for me is so wonderful now, only that if my sister If we don't hate Aunt Huong, the four of us can even take family photos to celebrate the day I can go to a school like many other children."Didn't that woman come?" As soon as he met me, Drusilla asked."Isn't it that you don't like Aunt Alice, so she didn't follow me, I also said that she followed me to check in, but she said that she has me so she can rest assured." , I smile gentlyDrusilla looked at me, maybe it was because she wasn't used to me when I could see everything, so her face looked a little weird but happy. She said nothing more, told my father to rest assured to go on duty, today she does not go to
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Drusilla stood outside on the balcony, her eyes filled with sadness towards the student dormitory. It's been ten years since she was in that dormitory, room 304. Her memories go back to the time when she was just a sixteen year old student, she decided to leave the school dormitory out of anger. Her father, he married another woman, making her feel that her mother is not respected. However, she also had more tolerance in her heart for that woman, she took good care of Thalia, she tried to find the right eyes for Thalia, even though she didn't say it but it's also quite difficult for Drusilla to face that woman..Room 304 ten years ago:"Drusilla, have you seen the homework the teacher assigned me to send?" ,Elsa Hillton spoke up."You do it yourself, I'm busy today. Today is my sister's birthday, I need to go out to buy things for my sister, so I won't have time to see it for you" ,Drusilla chirped."You dare to disobey me" ,Elsa shouted, "I say it again, if you don't do my homework a
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Chapter 4: ROOM 304
"It's going to rain, go back to my room, I'll tell you."Arena pulled my hand and ran back to the dormitory. It's strange, lately it's been raining heavily in the evening like this. Arena and I just ran back to the dormitory when it started to rain heavily. Unfortunately, my older sister Drusilla couldn't come back because this morning my sister and I didn't bring umbrellas. Seeing that we had just come back, Ms. Tanphil came out and asked: "Did you sleep well last night? Did you feel good about staying?"I said yes and then went with Arena to his room, I know that if I stood for a while longer, I wouldn't be able to exploit anything more in Ms.Tanphil's place. Returning to room 302, I quickly put my book bag on Arena's bed and greeted everyone in the room. Arena's room has four people: Two are in the eleventh grade, the other is in the tenth grade. However, because everyone had not returned in time, there was only Linda in the room - Arena's classmate in the tenth grade. Linda today
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Things started to get messy when I found out that Jane and Jacob had something to do with it, but I couldn't keep Drusilla waiting for long, so I rushed down to meet her. Seeing me, Drusilla smiled, she handed me a long box saying she gave me the date of admission. I opened it up and was surprised, it was a brand new touchscreen phone. Drusilla said she had saved her phone number in the phone, if you have any problems, just call her. I'm so glad I can call Aunt Alice every day. Drusilla asked me to go up to my room, I suddenly remembered something to ask, I turned around and called Drusilla:" Sister, do you know.. eh, do you know Aunt Alice's phone number?""I know, it's saved on your phone", Drusilla didn't turn around, but kept walking back."Thanks.."Why can't I ask about Drusilla? Let's leave it to the next chance, there's still plenty of time later. I walked up to my room, saw Jane was already in the room with Louise, so Louise is back but why can't I see her when I'm downstair
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“Sister.. sis Jane, why are you here? I mean when did you come out here without me knowing” ,I was so startled, my heart was going to jump out, “And you said I could see ghosts? Are you kidding?”“This is not the first time you stand alone talking, Thalia. I've been here for three days, then by chance all three of those days I saw your strange actions. It's 4 a.m., and I decided to find out if you can really see ghosts? And I think I already know the answer” ,Jane stares at me.I know, now that I say anything more, I can't hide it, if Jane had suspected before, I would have had a hundred mouths, I couldn't deny it, I nodded: "Perhaps you don't believe it, but I can see a person's spirit and memory through these eyes, the girl who gave her eyes to me and the spirit that I met earlier is your brother, Jacob Stoll."“WHAT!” ,Jane's eyes filled with tears, she started to cry. “Can you see him? That means my brother deat…“Wait a minute, at first I thought that Jacob was dead, but I was al
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When I got home, nothing had changed. I saw Aunt Alice making food in the kitchen, wanting to surprise her, I ran to hug her. Aunt Alice suddenly turned around and saw me, she smiled."Thalia, who brought you back?""Yes, that's sister Drusilla, now my sister takes me home. This afternoon, I went to visit my mother's grave, so she also came home" ,I smiled.Aunt Alice is very happy, just ask me where Drusilla is now. I told her to go to my room to rest and wait for my father to come back and visit my mother's grave. Aunt Alice left all her unfinished work up to my room: "Drusilla, are you back? I have made braised snakehead fish, your favorite dish, come down and eat it later."There was no response, I know Drusilla clearly heard what Aunt Alice said but she still pretended not to hear. The love between Aunt Alice and Drusilla is still the same, Aunt Alice tries to show care for her but Drusilla is still so cold, perhaps in her heart, she has never acknowledged that Aunt Alice is her
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"What did you ask me to come out here for? I have to teach it today. I don't have time to play with you!"Drusilla put two cups of milk tea on the table, then gently rebuked me. It has been a week since the day I visited my mother's grave, I have always wanted to find an opportunity to make an appointment to meet Drusilla, but I always received her refusal. Indeed, it seems that you are trying to avoid me. That's all I thought, but I need to clearly investigate Giselle's death and the curse on room 304, so I'll get to the main issue."Did you know that in the past, room 304 where you lived, there had been two cases. One was a girl named Elsa Hilton and two years later, a girl named Giselle also died in this room.""Just old stories. Did you hear the students say something stupid? I told you, rom 304 is still inhabited now, don't stay there and listen to rumors.",Drusilla meant to avoid my question."The person who donated his eyes to me was Giselle, the girl who died in Phong 304 year
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It is said that when people want to forget something, all they need to do is make a wish under the stars, but Drusilla, no matter how many times she wishes under the stars, she will never forget the moment of that day: the day she killed dead Elsa.She learned about her identity as a descendant of the White family that was killed by the bloodworm tree. She knows now that the only clue is to find out the daughter who caused the death of an entire family, Lotus White. She quickly went to the old aunt who raised her mother to ask about the old story and more surprisingly, that aunt was the mother of the woman she hated the most, Aunt Alice.It's not clear if it was by chance, but she met her aunt Alice who was taking care of that auntie and was always screaming for her mother. That auntie is called Mrs. Olwen by the villagers, and no one knows her real name, perhaps her real name is known only to Lotus White. Aunt Alice goes out with her and tells her about her mother's background and te
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Chapter 10: STORM
“Lotus, run away…”The pursuers behind were chasing the silhouettes of two people. They ran straight into the bamboo forest, kept running, running until both realized that the other group was no longer chasing they stopped at a river. The young man washed his face with his hands, the cool water made him feel very comfortable. As for the girl, her mood was extremely worried, she kept looking around to see if anyone was watching her.“They won't catch up, take a break, Lotus. You must be tired from running just now." The boy gently hugged the girl's body and helped her sit down.“My father will definitely find me, I am afraid they will find us. Gideon, I always feel like someone is watching us every moment. I can't imagine what it will be like when I go back to the White House!" The girl named Lotus said that her body was shaking, maybe she was afraid of something but she couldn't tell what it was.The boy named Gideon turned his eyes to an unknown space, surrounded by only bamboo, Lotu
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