The Comeback of Alarick

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The Comeback of Alarick

By: Kabirat Aleem OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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"You have to hang on buddy" Jordan shouted at his bleeding partner out of fright. "I am sorry, but...tell Aria to go far away. You too...It's not wort..." His breathing grew erratic and Jordan watched life drain out of his partner's life Sent away from his crime-infested country in his teenage years to avoid being sucked into the dominating crime rings in Baleria. Jordan Alarick is back after his father’s suspicious death. Hell-bent on making a change in a country that had become worse than his father ever imagined, Alarick set out to make a difference and to bring his father’s killers to book. Faced with a force infiltrated by the drug lords, the death of his partner and the realization that the walls indeed have ears everywhere in Baleria even in the government. Jordan resigned to work independently to uncover the shady deals of the “rings”. Will this patriotic man succeed? Especially when his assistant happened to be the daughter of the man that wanted him dead the most? Welcome to Baleria. A world where the weak have no place.


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23 chapters
Sept. 1998 Young and belligerent seventeen years old Jordan stood with his arms crossed around his body as he face off with his father at the Baleria International Airport. “I just said that I do not want to go. I will not go. You can’t make me” he repeated as he had been doing in the past five days since his father had informed him that he was leaving the country for his maternal uncle’s place in Rova. Stupid Rova that he heard they don’t speak English. How was he supposed to survive there? How would he cope? How would he make friends? Was he supposed to leave his friends here to go make friends with sheep on his uncle’s ranch? Who still does ranching as a full-time occupation again anyway? Stupid ranch! Stupid cows! Stupid Unc… No, he couldn’t really call his uncle stupid, even though he did not know the man well enough he had been nice enough to him the last time he and his family came to Baleria. When his Maman died. Jordan had been nine years old then and Maman was sick for a
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Chapter 1
February 2010Jordan Alarick brought out his head sharply from his wardrobe where he had been arranging the clothes he intended to take with him. He had not started packing yet but he wanted to get everything ready and in its place so he could do his packing in one fell swoop. It had become a force of habit, one couldn’t expect anything less from a man who had made his way steadily up to the highest rank in the county police department at such a young age.He knew that it was also a force of habit that made him jerk when he heard the shuffling sound in the hallway. He rubbed the part of his head that he had rammed against the upper part of his wardrobe as he straightened sharply. Jordan smiled as he heard hushed whispers from the hallway and he knew who could be the source of that. Well, sources, if one wanted to be particular.He placed his hand against his waist as he called out “I know you are there”Total silence.He changed his tone to a menacing one as he said “If you don’t show
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Chapter 2
Jordan looked at his two solemn-looking cousins and he realised that they were serious. He closed his wardrobe and came to sit down on his bed. They both swerved to face him.“I am sorry, kids. I wish I could but I can’t. I..”“Why? Is it because you have serious business to attend to? We won’t disturb you at all” Henley said then he continued before Jordan could reply “Remember how I used to follow you to the Sheriff’s office here? Even deputy Shedrack allowed me to use the radio in the new car the other day. I could be your deputy back in your country”“What do you mean by you could? I thought we were asking for the two of us, you dunce” his sister hissed at him.Henley stuck his tongue out at her before facing Jordan “C’mon Jordan, let’s go with you”“Even if you do not want to take this dumb head with you, you can just take me and we will leave him behind” Fukayna pitched her campaign.“Fuka, you are bad!” Henley said, aggrieved.“Are you two disturbing cousin Jordan with your pla
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Chapter 3
“What made you say that?” Jordan asked his cousin. Chione was not one to mince words and he knew that she would tell him whatever it was that her suspicions were.Chione sighed as she sat down heavily on his bed, wrinkling the coverlet. Jordan looked over and looked back at his cousin when she did not say anything but was just kicking her legs lightly against the bed frame “Chi?”“Because I know you, Dan, and you have not been yourself since you got back last year, are you still blaming yourself?”“Whatever made you think that?” Jordan turned away from her as he tried to remember what he had been doing. “What would make you think I blamed myself, of course not. It had been natural and it was his time.” Oh yes, he remembered he had been sorting out his clothes. He was through though, but better to have something to do that would take him away from Chione’s scrutinizing eyes.He moved towards the wardrobe but his cousin blocked him before he got there.“What?” he asked with curt laughte
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Chapter 4
March 2012 The siren wails shattered the night air and hope-filled Jordan’s heart as their sound got closer. He looked down at his partner “Eric! Eric, hang on. You have to hang on, buddy. Help is on the way, you will be taken care of in no time. You don’t get to die on me, man. You hear me?” Jordan said desperately to keep his friend’s eyes open even as the brutal conviction settled in his mind. He had seen many scenes like this almost a year after he had joined the Baleria Police Department. He could almost feel his friend’s life flow out of him as blood flowed through Jordan’s hand. He had tried to apply the emergency first aid he learnt in the academy on his friend, anything to slow down the cold hand of death that seemed intent to claim this man. No, not Eric. He thought desperately as he called him again “Eric, please you have to keep your eyes open. You can’t sleep now, man. Don’t you dare sleep. What would you tell Aria? Damn you!” he shouted as he wondered why the siren
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Chapter 5
Jordan came out of the white home with blue trimmings and he felt like retching. He had never had to deal with a scene like that before, not ever in his life. He had thought he understood grief and all it entailed, after all, he had lost his mother at a very young age. At an age any child shouldn’t have to face such a thing, he remembered how much he loved his mother and how much it had affected him. He could remember how much it had affected his grades that year even though he had his father's support and love. Then he unexpectedly lost his father as well, at a time that he couldn’t believe it as the loss hit him with such an impact that he had not expected. A death he still had not been able to reconcile within his heart. He had thought he knew all there was to do when dealing with the grief of people he had to break the news of the loss of their loved ones to. After all, he had dealt with a few homicides back in Rova even though the county had a low level of crime rate. Since
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Chapter 6
Jordan had not expected the scene that greeted him as he entered the house that morning. The lady that opened the door for him stepped aside with a sombre look. He did not want to believe what came to his mind as he saw the young lady looking so morose. No, they couldn’t possibly know. He had been specific with his instructions at the station the night before when he informed them not to send anyone over to Eric’s house yet. “I would do it first thing in the morning. I just want that poor woman to have a good night's rest first” he had told them and his colleagues had expressed their understanding as they promised to leave it to him to break the news. “It couldn’t be,” he thought in denial as he followed the young lady to the living room. “Yes, it could be” he affirmed when he heard the most hateful voice he had ever heard in all of his life. The soft-spoken, well-modulated voice of Lance fucking Dickson. “You will have to hold in your grief, ma’am. I understand that you might be
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Chapter 7
Aria’s rigid stance crumpled the moment they heard the front door open and closed. She lowered herself slowly back to the couch.“That is one downright rotten man. Lordy. I have never seen such an unfeeling fellow before. I was about to come run him off myself if you didn’t enter, Seargent”Jordan turned back toward the door that led to the kitchen and he saw Aria’s grandfather standing there with a fireplace poker in his hand. Jordan had no idea what the older man had intended to do with Bruce but he knew that it wouldn’t have ended well for the bastard, he almost wished he had come a bit later so he could see the old man wielding the iron on the baby faced bastard preferably on his face but as that could have earned the old man charges for assault on a police officer, he thought that it was a good thing he had come earlier after all.He wondered briefly how early Lance had woken up just so he could come over for his psycho display.“Grandpa” Jordan called and Aria jolted out of her
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Chapter 8
“Your temper would be your undoing,” Lance said as he got up from the floor with as much dignity as he could muster, which was not much of anything as his chin was smeared with the blood he wiped from his mouth earlier and he had a fresh bruise coming up.“One more sick word from your uncouth mouth and you would see just how much damage my temper could be to you even before it became my undoing, which would not be your call anyway”Yeah. it irked Lance that it was not his call, at least not when they wanted the arrogant bastard. He would like to be around when he finally did himself in though. Oh yes, he would love to see him suffer and beg. He looked around furtively and raised his hand as if he wanted to snatch a fly in the air. That was the signal he had given the dickhead to leave the surrounding, he had no idea if he had seen him but he was not about to let Jordan find out.Jordan narrowed his eyes when he saw the suspicious way the inspector raised his hand and his hand instantl
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Chapter 9
“Seargent Alarick, on what ground would you justify your assault on a senior officer?” ASP Dexter turned from the window to Alarick who was standing at attention in front of his desk. Dexter was not fooled by the laid-back stance of the office though, he knew he was brimming with anger especially after he had shown him the evidence of the assault that Dickson had given to him earlier as if the sickly bruise colour on his face was not an evidence enough. Dexter had never liked the weak-faced inspector but what could he do when he had received orders? He had to do it. Especially when that order had been laced with a thinly veiled threat?The Baleria Police Department had become something he had never dreamt of when he was still dreaming of becoming one of the good people that brought bad people to book. Times were gone when the right had been right and the wrong nothing but wrong. With the way several powers had infiltrated the forces and government of Baleria these days, Dexter was l
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