RISE OF THE HEIRS: Getting Rid of The Traitor

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RISE OF THE HEIRS: Getting Rid of The Traitor

By: IyusraN Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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"I just want to get what I deserve for the twenty years that I was presumed dead! And I hate the person who left me there! Alone!" Tom Cobb has just returned after being declared missing and dead twenty years ago. He returned despite many obstacles. It turns out that it's not just Arthur, the half-brother who left Tom alone at the age of seven during the annual school function, who wants to seize all the Fischer family's wealth. It's also Jill Reynolds, Arthur's future mother-in-law. She is the mastermind of everything. Tom does not stay silent and shows how much he is capable of after returning from the dead. Tom will show that he is the only heir who deserves everything. So, welcome to the Tom Cobb world. Hi, y'all. This is my first book in Meganovel. Don't forget to leave comments and reviews for y'r best suggestions to me. Happy reading! NB: The book cover's copyright is held by its creator, and I respect their ownership. If they prefer I not use it, I'm willing to replace it.

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  • IyusraN


    Hi, This is my first book in the urban. I hope you enjoy it. happy reading!

    2024-02-09 09:51:01
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166 chapters
The screeching of cars could be heard in the distance as Tom leapt from the bushes onto the shoulder of the road. His uncontrollable speed caused him to trip over his feet, and he could not stand up in time for the luxury car to pass by.Pete quickly hit the brake pedal when he saw someone bounce a long way forward. He quickly got off after being cursed at."Can't you do your job properly, huh?"Tom's bouncing body immediately got up, albeit with difficulty, when he saw Pete get out of the car he was driving. Although his legs were still sore, he was still thinking about the right time to go to work.But before Tom could actually leave, he first bowed before the old man, who approached anxiously."S-sorry about me.""Are you alright? Sorry, I can't control the car because I haven't mastered the terrain. Should we go to the nearest clinic?""It's my fault, sir. It really is. I was in a hurry to catch the bus so I wouldn't get left behind. But where are you going? I don't think I've see
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"You, maybe," Tom answered."Oh, come on, isn't there anyone else who would wake this damn man up from his dreams on this miserable morning?"Jill grinned, refusing to turn her head even though she knew Tom was talking to her. She raised her right hand, then shook it briefly to signal Pete to walk ahead.Seeing that, Tom shook his head at Pete while holding him back for a moment. Unfortunately, Pete couldn't do much about it. He hurried off, catching up with Jill, who continued to walk arrogantly.Tom let out a long sigh as he watched Jill and Pete leave for the orphanage administration room. Hesitantly, he headed back outside the fence. Working was his major goal, even though he knew the chances of being kicked out were greater than hope."How lucky I am to be free from the shackles of rich, ignorant person like that woman. Despite being repeatedly insulted and abused, at least I can get angry and resist others' treatment. I don't know how Mr Pete has endured meeting an arrogant pers
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"I'm really unlucky today. It hasn't been five hours since I woke up in the morning, and I've already been insulted dozens of times! What the hell is this? There should be a warning that today is the unluckiest day! That way, I can be more careful than before, right?"Tom let out a long sigh. He thought back to Pete and Jill, who were not residents of the town where he lived."But what exactly are Mr Pete and Mrs Jill doing here? They're obviously not from here. But why come all the way to the orphanage just for a few strands of someone else's hair? It doesn't make sense."The butcher's knife Tom was holding again quickly sliced down the centre of the pork breast. He quickly removed all the entrails. He also cut the pig's back until the pig in front of him was completely split in two.Unfortunately, Tom was still thinking about the expression of the old man he had just met. "Even though Mr Pete doesn't work for that wicked witch. But why would he be that obedient to someone else? Ah,
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"I'm serious, Mr Tom." Pete admitted.Tom was silent. This was truly a shocking fact. "Wh-what?""Yes! You are the first descendant of Mr James Fischer! The heir apparent of the worldwide JF Group! You are the heir who was eliminated!"Tom gaped as he released his grip. He rubbed his nose for a moment, then laughed while clapping his hands. "Wow! That was good, Mr Pete. Your acting is even better than any other actor! Now please stop the car and drop me off here. I need to get back before I'm completely fooled by this crazy charade! What kind of humiliation is your employer planning this time, Mr Pete?"Pete took Tom's hand, then mentioned some birthmarks that he still recognised. "Two round birthmarks on the right buttock cleft with a greenish colour certainly wouldn't surprise you, would they?"Tom widened his eyes. He withdrew his hand and moved away from Pete quickly. "How did you find out? No one knows about this birthmark except—""Yes, I know. Because I was the one who took car
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Jill shook her head quickly, shaking off the image of Tom being too brave to come to his death. Jill's right hand waved at some guards, then pointed at Tom with a glare. "You guys! What did you do to let this beggar come and ruin the plans of Arthur, the heir to JF Group?!"Tom looked away briefly as the guards looked at him questioningly. He simply raised his hand, then returned to the stage in the centre of the garden."No need to be shy, Mrs Reynolds," Tom greeted. His hands were already in each of his trouser pockets."Who dare you to talk to her? Why are you guys stopping? Catch him and drag him out! Did you not hear me? Should I call dad first to get you to follow my orders?" scolded Arthur.However, Tom was already standing by his half-brother's side as he tapped Arthur lightly on the shoulder. "Calm down, dude. Calm down. Because they should be following my orders more than yours, Arthur.""Don't talk rubbish! Guards, come here! Take this guy out right now before I sack all th
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Everyone was shocked by Tom’s horrifying question. Jill was no exception as she suddenly stiffened. She watched as the neighbours began to talk about Tom’s question, which was deliberately raised in tone.Jill laughed. She smacked Tom’s chest with glee. She also gave him a big smile. “You like to joke around. I didn’t expect that.”Tom laughed too. He nodded at everyone and led Jill back to the stage.“Are you getting crazy?” Jill whispered in annoyance. But because she was in front of so many people, she didn’t show her upset face. Instead, her face was full of excitement.Tom glanced at Jill happily. He was sure that the victory would go to him. “Let’s get one thing straight, Mrs Reynolds.”In the presence of his dad, James Fischer, Tom led Arthur onto the main stage. He aligned himself with his stepbrother, who was still holding back his anger.Jill was still smiling brightly. She took a step back, looking at Shannon and Camelia, who were also approaching the main stage.“What need
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Arthur was seen pacing back and forth. There were Camellia and Jill, who were also thinking. All three of them were at their wit's end. Especially after Tom proved that he could get a new project for a fantastic price quite easily."Have you contacted Ronald?" asked Jill hurriedly. She started to rise with her arms crossed. "We can't stay silent. You have to show again how valuable you are to JF's progress in order to get the legacy we planned."Arthur stopped walking. He reached for the phone, dialled Ronald, and started talking. "Shall we meet, Mr White?"Jill quickly got up. She pressed the speaker feature on the phone to listen in. She waved for Camellia to come over as well."Of course, Mr Fischer. But I have to meet someone special first. He made an appointment even three days ago."Jill showed him the brown envelope, gesturing to discuss an important matter that needed to be resolved.Arthur nodded in understanding. He cleared his throat briefly. "Of course, Mr White. Go see hi
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Arthur clenched his fists tightly. He shook off Tom's hand as he pulled him closer to his dad. His expression turned sour. His patience was at its limit. He glanced at Tom, who was pulling out a chair to let him sit in the one provided.Tom laughed triumphantly. He tapped Arthur lightly on the shoulder before sitting down opposite his dad."I'm curious, Arthur." James paused his sentence as he cut a small slice of a delicious roast of renowned quality. After chewing slowly, he glanced at Arthur with a smile. "What deception have you been getting from Aland since his arrival with so much joyful news?"Hearing that, Arthur widened his eyes in disbelief. He shook his head softly because of prolonged anxiety. There was a lot of rage in his head about the inheritance that might not be divided equally.Arthur got up after a long sigh. He could not remain silent. He nodded his head as he glanced at Tom, who was quietly eating his lunch."News of happiness? What happy news are you talking abo
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A knock on the door made Tom look up. He who had been hit by the books about some other promising projects could not help but close his agenda."Come in, Arthur."Hearing Tom's answer from inside, Arthur, who had been knocking, was surprised. He frowned in surprise as he looked around. After confirming that there were no surveillance cameras there, he entered hesitantly."I don't think there was ever a surveillance camera here. How would you know if I knocked?"Tom laughed as he got up from his seat. He invited his brother to sit down and headed to the small fridge in the corner of his room. "What do you want, Arthur?""As before, I still want the same thing. I want to get my hands on JF Groups completely. Because I'm the one who knows best about all the problems in the company."Hearing Arthur's answer, Tom looked back. He laughed with a chuckle. "That's not what I asked."Arthur pursed his lips tightly, then looked away. "Gimme an iced coffee."Tom grinned at Arthur's agitated behav
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"I'm sorry, dad. Really, I didn't mean to hurt you. I just wanted to make Arthur realise that what he was doing wasn't his best effort."James nodded slowly. His eyes stared out of the window as the night grew darker. His head nodded and bowed simultaneously. "I know, Tom. It's just that if I think back to how much effort it took to learn to lead JF before, I won't believe it. All the projects were crushed, all the performance was still stable, even the stock price was soaring the last time I could still go to the office."Tom frowned. He approached, then knelt before his dad. "Did you have an accident?"James shook his head with a smile. "My condition suddenly deteriorated. That's all. Maybe I'm tired. Or maybe I had a lot on my mind. All out of the blue, I fell and I couldn't do anything anymore. That's all.""Can I see your examination results, dad? Although I don't understand enough, but considering your healthy lifestyle with balanced exercise, I think it's suspicious.""There ar
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