Rage Of Whispers

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Rage Of Whispers

By: jo_fab Completed

Language: English

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On a cold Monday of November 2006, seven friends found themselves in front of a bloody crime scene, that weaved a future, were one is crazy, one is full of regret, one is presumed dead, one keeps a dark secret and one with a broken but unbeating heart. Follow the tale of seven childhood friends and two psychiatrist as they undergo an emotional and paranormal roller-coaster to unravel and understand what consequence, regret, true love and descent into madness truly means.

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86 chapters
A shrill blood curdling scream, that's what brought it to consciousness. It lay still, stubborn and indifferent. The being tried to pry its eyes open but couldn't, then tried to close its eyes but failed. Its sight consumed by darkness, not even aware that the eyes it believed to have had no longer existed. What the hell, it thought, and for a brief moment, it tried to relax—yet once again failed. It felt its heart thumping so fast, it vibrated like a trumpet on its head. So it reached out to its chest hoping to meet its rhythm, but found none. It felt hallow, empty, it felt nothing for there is nothing. In its dark paradise the being lay motionless again, too stunned to accept what it has become. Another scream echoed inside the void. The entity craned its imaginary head towards its left and then right, up and then down. It's calling, calling once more. "I know that voice," it said to itself,
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The Calderon
In a small town called Sutoria, with a population of 3,756 stands a residence isolated from the rest. It occupies almost 2000 acres of land. The Calderón mansion, a Victorian House sits to at least a fourth of their property. It has eighteen bedrooms excluding the maid's quarter and a huge living room with a large chandelier fit for royalty hanging proudly from the ceiling.It has all the basic rooms and function halls that one would only dream of. But what truly makes the mansion magnificent is the huge triangular-shaped garden at the back. It houses the most unique looking flowers and trees, some of which are not even native to the continent, how the Calderons managed to keep them alive remains a mystery to the town's people.The master of the house, Arthur Calderon and his wife Althea are both warm and gentle people, willing to open their home for anyone in need. They have three children, Marco—the eldest, a small pale-faced boy who alw
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(9 years later) (2015)Walking along the dirt road, blue umbrella in hand, tiny raindrops collided on the umbrella's old material and exploded into pearl-like afterthought of the young man under the black and greyish hue of the dimming afternoon.The man dressed in a full black and white suit covered by a grey overcoat winced and groaned at the unrelenting weather hovering above him.He, after just passing the licensure exam for his degree in Clinical psychology was invited to join one of the popular psychiatric hospitals in the country. Popular by means of their recovery rate, but nothing always bathes in sunshine and rainbows.The hospital, despite its popularity, housed fewer patients compared to others lesser to its prestige.He used to wonder why, but now, as he ascends the final mountain which will lead him to this hospital, he pondered if the location contributed to its low patient
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Welcome Your Sanctuary
Doctor Augustus Mori stood behind the curtain-less window of his office, face almost kissing the stained window glass.He stared with crease forming on his forehead at the sight below. There he stood, the young doctor which he so desperately wanted, needed truth be told.He ran a hand on his balding hair and took a deep breath. "Lord forgive me," he whispered—his words uttered with utmost conviction.He put on his white coat and fixed the falling eyeglasses from the bridge of his nose. He prepped the folders on his table and sat motionless waiting for his new employee.Dr Zackary Salvador walked silently behind a petite framed girl. Her nurse uniform was too short for his liking, instead of white stockings this one wore black. Her hair is tied up in a bun making her look older than her age. A stud earring graced both her earlobes.She greeted him and Damien at the front door a few minutes back and informed him that the head psychiatrist is waiting
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A Lonely And Hopeful Soul
Meanwhile, somewhere along the countryside, in a small town, the evening finally cast her dusky gown.Esther welcomed the Amber glow radiating from the moon above her. Sitting alone inside the once-grand garden of the Calderon mansion, she felt more alone than ever. It is the time where slower thoughts arrive, moments when with open eyes, her brain becomes an empty horizon. Feeling the soothing breeze of the night, she became absorbed in the music of crickets, letting the gentle energy of nature wash her aching heart.Perched on the only usable bench, she raised both legs and folded them towards her chest. She looked up at the blanket of stars that reached infinity.For years, the gnawing grief kept her awake at night. What went wrong? How could things turn out the way they did? Questions upon questions piled up in her head as the years went by, but the answer remained elusive, like the rarity of the exotic flowers blanket
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Dr. Zackary Salvador
The first rays of the sun lit up his room. The dawn chorus of melodic birds drifted in, mingling with orange and lemon scent in the air.Dr Zackary shifted lightly on his bed, rubbed his eyes, gently got out from the comfort of his white blanket, switched on the lamp beside his bed and took slow short strides towards the window. He draw open the curtains, and with bleary eyes saw a pearly glow in the sky.Another day had dawned, bringing with it new hopes and aspirations. He knows his life was never an easy one. He struggled, crawled and duelled with fate just to get by. He managed to finish his studies without the aid of his parents, parents who were never there, to begin with.Today, he will begin his life as Dr Zackary Salvador, a psychologist who's hired by a world-renowned Doctor. He took in the sight before him, how majestic the forest appear in the morning sun, the trees casting large faint shadows on the lawn, leaves swaying by the breeze which freely li
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Under the blazing sun, lovely sat on a fallen tree trunk, meters away from the Calderon mansion.She has been sitting there for nearly five hours, not bothered by the scalding heat from above. The tears won't let up, they fell unashamed and full of regret. She can never blame Esther for all the insult she hurled at her, nor get angry by the slap which left a crimson mark and scratch on her left cheek.Justified, yes, that was the word. Esther's actions and hate towards her are justified.For the past nine years, the old housekeeper made it her mission to make her life miserable. Why?Because...Lovely released a sigh of frustration. She couldn't bear to remind herself of the words, of how her finger pointed at someone. Someone who was then judged, tortured and mind fucked by the town's people.Her shoulders convulsed from the ache inside her heart, if only she has the power to reverse the incident nine years ago or take back the words that c
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Hospisyo Estrella
Dr Zackary tried his best to finish his meal in silence, despite the incessant blabbering of the boy before him. Delfin is a 19-year-old teen who was an orphan from a town called Nirra, located a few miles from the hospital.He is an errand boy and was a petty thief, before one of the nurses from the same town took him in, and introduced him to a job in the hospital. He is still an errand boy, but with better living arrangements, he deduced.Zackary, despite having his attention aimed at his food, managed to subtly study the young man.He has dark brown hair, his obsidian eyes are deep-set and have what looks like permanent eye bags gracing his face. His skin is tanned and possessed quite a big built body for his age.His mouth? Well, Zackary would rather spend his meal with Damien, because the boy beside him now seemed to have swallowed a cat in heat with his nonstop stories.A few minutes later, Zackary finished his meal. He asked Delfin if he co
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Why I Hired you
Dr Mori was busy with his croissant and freshly brewed coffee when Damien came into view, followed by the young Doctor he hired.He wiped the side of his mouth with a Paper towel and stood from his chair.He noticed how the young doctor stare wide-eyed at the tree before him. Dr Mori smiled and looked up. The tree is majestic, only a blind man won't find himself musing at its magnificence.Noting their distance Dr Mori brought his face down, ready to give a warm greeting only to come face to face with Damien, the man is standing too close that their nose almost touched each other.A grunt from the old doctor forced the large man to take a step back. "Damien, how many times do I have to remind you of personal space," the doctor said angrily. Damien lowered his gaze and replied, "many times doctor."DrMori shook his head briefly and gawked at the big man. "You will be punished for this," he said.Zackary who was silently listening to the conve
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Blue skies, red clouds, constant shining sun, void of darkness.Bright.. Everything is always bright.. Birds sang with words. The tree above her moved its leafy branch to give her shade. She looked up to it and gave her gratitude. Eyes opened from its trunk and smiled at her as he shifted her gaze on a grazing white deer. She never knew white deers existed. But in this world, she learned to expect the unexpected. The grass changed color, the moon sometimes have a twin, casting crimson hues, but there was never darkness. The sun sets before her eyes, yet its glowing light remains. The moon rises, but bathes in eternal sunshine. The landscape changes sporadically. Sometimes she's on top of a mountain or plateau, floating in an ocean or bathing in a desert. It never mattered to her what form it took, because it made her happy. Every time she finds the opportunity to enter the door that leads to her little piece of heaven, she t
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