Legend Of Marauder: The Dawn Of Supremes

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Legend Of Marauder: The Dawn Of Supremes

By: D. Ellihurt OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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What if I told you that they were right? That Bigfoot, The Abominable Snowman, The Loch Ness monster and yes, even The Boogey man were actually real? What if I told you your parents were right when they told you that there are monsters and demons that lurked in the shadows at night? I have seen those monsters, through visions of prophecy and none have baffled me more than The Marauder and The Supremes. Beings even Science could not explain, creatures that held godlike power for so long and walked among us as both oppressors and at times, as saviors. This is one such prophecy I had that I had to put on paper. Call it a story if you wish (it would actually make me feel less crazy). But this is the story of Brendan Payne; the sixteen year old high school boy who went from a regular teenager to finding out that he was not human but instead was born into a race of beings that were believed to be the final and perfect stage of evolution. And by finding out his destiny, Brendan is torn between fighting for the humans who resented him and joining forces with the callous yet beautiful witch, Finch, who claims to have his best interests at heart. This...is The Legend Of Marauder

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104 chapters
1. A Forgotten World
GEM Island. An island which most theorists believe the world neglected to mention on its map, maybe because of its bizarre but obvious almost rectangular shape, or perhaps because of its disinclination to pose as a threat to any other country regardless of its abnormal size. Containing absurd weather conditions and having mixed races because of shipwrecks, which also seemed to be the only way of getting to the island, the population reached a quarter of a billion in the early 1900s but with its location unknown, it was ignored by the world.  GEM stands for: Gold, Emerald and Magical. Because of the abundance of these minerals on this island, other countries have tried colonizing it but have failed, reporting to their superiors empty-handed, their faces not beaming with triumphant grins of victory but looks of ghastly depression and unexpected disappointment. Some people used to think this island is found in the clouds or under the seas. GEM Island is found in neither of
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2. Cries in a Rainstorm
Some people describe this story as a heart-aching tragedy, others describe it as the trials of a vengeful yet justifiable protector. This is the opposite of a fairytale. This is a legend of the boy who was both cursed and blessed with the names, “The Anonymous and The Marauder; Death’s Assassin”. A merciless protector beyond human comprehension. So, go ahead and find out for yourself if what I speak of is true, but even though regarded by some as a fraud, would you argue with the words of one of Bradwield’s prophets? You will find out for yourself that bravery, power, greed and evil know no boundaries. It was the winter season in Bradwield City and all schools had been closed because of the snow storm. Most people were in their houses warming up to the warmth of their heaters or huddled by their fireplaces. In the small street of Brannon, a street situated to the north at the very edge of the city next to the railway, Howard Eriksson, a frail old man was busy shovel
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3. Welcome... to Bradwield High
Brendan made an innocent sound as if in answer to these words. Howard took him upstairs and using heaps of his jerseys and the basin he had used to wash him, he made a bed for him and no sooner had he laid him down had he fallen asleep. Howard stretched and yawned and before heading downstairs, he looked at baby Brendan one more time. He was quiet, as if dead. Although the mother had not explained the whole story, just by looking at him, Howard felt that there was more to the story than the father trying to burn down the house. ‘No,’ he said. ‘There’s much more to this story than meets the eye.’ With these words he headed downstairs.         Many years passed by and Brendan was growing into a bright young boy always eager to help Howard around the house. With the little money he seemed to have, Howard sent him to Bradwield Junior School. Brendan always brought good marks at the end of every term to show his adoptive father, Howard. The relationsh
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4. Bully
‘I’ll call your father if you keep this up,’ she continued.‘If he had one,’ Samantha mocked from the back of the class, starting a much louder roar of laughter from the class.‘Yes, we all know Brendan is adopted, Miss Patricks now can you please shut it!’ she snapped.                The bell rang for everyone to dismiss and Brendan took his books and walked out of the classroom. Susan Raymond, one of his classmates joined him as he was making his way out.‘Do you at least know his name?’ she asked him in a concerned voice. Susan Raymond was a thumb shorter than Brendan and the brown and black extensions in her hair were too obvious to miss. She had suspicious looking eyes which hastily gave away her gossip talent.‘Who’s name?’ He pretended to be surprised.‘I mean your father, duh! Do you know his name?’‘No I don’t and I don’t ever want to find out,’ Brendan responded quickly and harshly, getting furious with her
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5. The Line Between Reality and Fantasy
‘No,’ he plainly refused. He saw a note hanging by a shoelace from the hole in his locker. He snatched it and unfolded it. The paper was dirty and pathetic, which was typical, Brendan thought to himself, of the new boy’s appearance. His expression showing no concern whatsoever, he slowly unfolded the note. The note read: You will get to know me well Erikson. I am Thomas Bradley the werst nightmere you will ever hav. If you thot that life is unfair then you havent met me. Your life is about to be come more than unfair. Its about to be come suisidal for YOU! ‘If I were you, I would believe him,’ Simon advised him. He had been reading the note from behind Brendan’s shoulder. Brendan crumpled the note and threw it on the floor. He said, ‘If he wants to play dirty then we shall play,’ he said almost to himself. His mind was almost unconscious, still trying to digest what was before him.‘I can bet that that is the worst idea you have ever had. I heard him b
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6. Cursed
‘No. Does it turn people into frogs?’ He was starting to get a kick out of this.‘No, it doesn’t. This is not one of my surprise jokes if that is what you are thinking. I am being serious and I ask that you respect that,’ the stern expression on Howard’s face agreed with him. ‘This potion is called an “Oxygen potion”,’ he continued. ‘That’s one of the few things he told me about it. It enhances its drinker’s strength and speed making him or her, you can say…superhuman.’Brendan could not restrain a small and brief giggle at these words. ‘There is no such thing as a “superhuman being”,’ he said shaking his head skeptically. ‘That’s just ridiculous,’ he let loose another giggle.‘That’s what they used to say about magician scientists and the next thing you know, a man is being accused of being one and burnt alive right before his son’s eyes.’ A tear rolled down his cheek. This made Brendan become serious once again.‘So why do you keep it? Isn’t it evil?’ he asked in a ton
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7. Nightmares Unfolding
Brendan’s room was as simply decorated as their living room. There were no posters on the wall. His bed was to the far end of the door. It was a humble, small wood-carved bed. Beside the bed to the right was a small drawer where he kept his socks. To the left of the bed, leaning against the walls was his wardrobe. There was only one window in his room and it was just above the bed. As he cried into his small white pillow, his mind drifted into an abyss and he fell asleep.Meanwhile, Howard had still been sitting in his chair. He had been sobbing too, hurt by the words that Brendan had just said. He took out a photo of Patricia and stroked it gently. ‘You were right, Patricia,’ he said. ‘I’m not the father type.’ *The next morning, Brendan woke up late, which was unusual. He got dressed in not much of a hurry. He usually cooked them breakfast but Howard, knowing he was in no state to do so, prepared it himself.Brendan walked slowly down the stairs. ‘Mor
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8. Nightmares Unfold (2)
Thomas leaned back on his chair and put on a grin that meant to say, ‘Yeah, right.’‘I guess I woke up late,’ Brendan answered his teacher.‘And let it never happen again. This is the first time you’re late, Mr. Eriksson. You should tread carefully and keep your record clean. Sit down.’Brendan walked up to his desk trying hard not to let his two enemies change the expression of nonchalance on his face.‘Oh, darn it,’ Mr. Price said suddenly in regret. ‘Be quiet till I get back, understood?’‘Yes, Mr. Price,’ the class responded in unison except for three boys; Thomas, Angus and Brendan.Thomas leaned in towards Brendan’s ear. ‘We’re gonna have so much fun together, Eriksson.’ The coarseness of his voice annoyed him.‘You bet we will,’ Angus bellowed in agreement.His deeper voice only annoyed Brendan even more but he did not respond, fearing he would start an uncomfortable conversation with them. At recess, Brendan bumped into Angus.‘Happy to
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9. Goodbye
  The light of the sun outside woke Brendan up. He rubbed his eyes vigorously and realized he was still sitting on the floor, Howard’s cold head resting on his lap. This reality weighed his heart with more sorrow. He reached into Howard’s pocket and pulled out the small container with the liquid. He held it close to his eyes, examining it. The container’s glass looked somehow extraordinary in some way. It was definitely like the test tubes they used in Biology. The liquid looked as thick as dry goat’s blood.‘Happy now?’ He spoke to it with hopelessness and contempt in his voice. ‘You’ve led my father to his grave.’ He hurled it at the wall with all his strength but it only made a light thud and fell on the floor with no scratch. He stood up and approached it, leaving his father on the floor. ‘What is this thing made of?!’ He spoke aloud in astonishment. He picked it up and began tapping it with his forefinger. It produced heavy sounds, similar to a knock
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10. Condolences
‘Thanks.’ He began walking away again.‘Your loss is great!’ She shouted after him as he entered the school building. ‘You’ve lost the source of your foolishness!’ she added.He did not stop to listen or react to her words. A part of him knew that something like this was bound to happen because even despite how much he wanted to believe that Samantha might possibly have even an atom of sympathy, she would always be Samantha. When Brendan walked into class, Miss Putin, the new Russian teacher, was scribbling something on the board. ‘Brendan, why you late?’ she asked in her usual bored voice. She always wore floral dresses and her hair was always in a ponytail. On her feet were white stilettos. She was tall, slim and beautiful. Very beautiful. Still living the youth of her early twenties. The omission of words in her speech and breaking of the English language were her two fields of expertise. Brendan was always bewildered at how she could be this young and beaut
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