Realm Of Kings

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Realm Of Kings

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Jax was transported into a game life world where there were Kings every where and kingdoms where being destroyed every time and in order to survive he had to get stronger to the extent that no one can control his destiny, and with the help of the system he might just be able to become the greatest king of the waste lands.


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61 chapters
In a breakdown room Jax gentle ate his junk food as he was preparing himself for another round of online gamingYea Jax was one of the Biggest online gamers as he was making a large stream of dollars from his online gaming careerall he wanted was to get the next popular game and played it till he became popular or one of the high ranking players then he would post his videos kingtube on how he leveled up fast, making another roll of cash he was quite a good profit making person asHe also had deal with organisation and some other companies, his dream was to become one of the best players in all type of gamesWell recently someone just changllenge him online and said he was not going to last in the Realms of Kings game, it made him quite perplex that he was unaware of such gameAs a gaming addict he always made sure he was aware of all type of games both the ones that sucks and the ones that rocksSo when he heard of a game he was unaware of it got him hooked like drugs and he made a
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small Briefing
It has been few hours after Jax was transimgrated into this new world and he had been able to distinguish between the most important info from all the new memories he had receivedFirst of all he has enter a world call Realms Of Kings which is kind of obvious since it was the game which brought him to this point.In the this world there were Kings in every part of the world, from what Jax got from his memories the world is like twenty times much more bigger than earthAnd even if they were kingdoms every where not all of them were really doing good some where just subsidiaries of a much bigger kingdomJust like Jax now, he is the son of a King of a Tier 4 kingdom who had over 13 childrens so he he gave them part of his kingdoms to develop and become there own king but they were all under him and would pay a certain type of tributes to himThings like this actually happen all around the Realm of Kings world while some Kings just recruit certain strong people to lord over a part of ther
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Definitely jax knew what a system was after all he had read alot of fantasy novels and comics to be aware that it was a gold finger of certain protagonists or yo an also call it cheat of protagonist Who where transferred into another world but the problem was Jax never thought of himself as a protagonist but he didn't mind having a system if it would help him out in surviving in this new world" Hello"Jax turned behind him and saw a small chubby blue baby face person that seems to be flying with wings behind him, he was kinda scared as he observed the new being only to find out it had no evil intentions towards him as it had this harmless smile on his face while staring at Jax " who are you?" Jax asked[ System spirit ] : ohhh don't tell me you are so dumb not to realise, well am the spirit instructor of your system, here to guide you on how to grow much stronger and survive better in this world" errm who created you?" Jax asked[ System spirit ] : nah nah that's the wrong questio
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After jax finished showing them the places he waanted the barrack and camp to be he was about to walk away again before he was stopped by the leader of the builders who quickly stood in front of him " Hey King, I don't think you know this but without the King hall we can't build anything" the builder said" ehhn what's that meant to be?" Jax asked" well look at where you are staying boss, it's not a Tier 1 Town Hall yet which means nothing would work even if we build them including hiring soldiers from the camp" the leader Builder said" so like how much to get the Town Hall?" Jax asked"about 1000 Gold coins" the leader Builder said" the fu*k!!!, ok just do it" Jax said as he removed another 1000 coins and payed him" get it done am going inside to sleep" Jax said" sorry to bother you boss but i don't think you would be able to use that your room again for the next two hours since your home is what we would use to build the new Town Hall" the builder explained" ohhh ahhh fuck We
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Connar The Babarian Lord
It has been 2 hours Plus since the builders completed the Town Hall and they have already finished building both the army barracks and the army campsJax was still snoozing in his new home while his wife toured around the renovated house trying to get the feeling of her new home, Jax didn't bother disturbing her afterall she was the lady of the house and it was her righthe was shocked to receive a notification telling him that the building of both the army camp and army barracks have been completed the moment he received this information he smiled smuglyas he could not be wiped off joy from his faceHe quickly rushed to the to the location he chose on getting there he found out that it was much bigger than the one that was described in the game guide bookEven though the ones in the game looks quite small the one in reality was a quite bigger than what he had seen in the game guide and where mh more realistic and he cold tell that there was no magical instrument used to build it just
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Tier 1 Wolf wave
It has been 3 days since when Jax recruited the new soldiers and a hero to protect him and the people of his townAnd the people have learn to accepted them, after all these few days the soldiers were the ones who guarded what the town and a few of they always accompanied the villagers out of the village any time they were going out so cut down woodOr mine ore, the soldiers made sure that they were always protected as they killed any wild animals that came close to the perimeters of the wood forest or the mining locationAnd when they were done they would bring back the dead animal back and leave it with Alicia, who would take the best meats and spread the rest for the men who worked for themThe villager were happy to finally see a change in there diet schedule after all , it's been ages any one had meat in the villageTalk less of the wild beast meat, the only thing they used to replace the meat crisis was fishes they caughtIt was basic knowledge that the meat of beast always supp
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Defeating The Small Pack Of Wolves
After the Tier 2 wolf howled out to the sky, and the rest of the Wolves became more aggressive as there black eyes turned redThey rushed forward towards the soldiers that were blocking there ways, the people that were watching this from on top the hills held there breathe as they watched the without blinking as they wanted to witness every moment of the battle " Charge!!!" Connor shouted and about 100 soldiers breakout from the formation with there bats raised high and they clashed with the beastThe scene that the villagers were expecting to see never occurred, they were expecting the soldiers to struggle with the wolves, but the soldiers overpowered the wolves striking there heads straight and sending the wolves into a stun state but before they would be able to recoverAnother soldier would have striked it again and this scene was happening all around the battlefield after all the soldiers surpassed them 2 to 1And the soldiers were actually much stronger than the Tier 1 striped
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Money Hungry Wife
[ 2000 coins gained for killing a Tier 2 Red Striped Wolf][ 1000 spirt coins gained for killing a Tier 2 Red Stripe Wolf][ 8200 Coins gained for killing Tier 1 Striped Wolf ×41 ][ 4100 Spirit Coins gained for killing Tier 1 Striped Wolf ×41 ]Jax was suprised to see the rewards he got for killing the Wolves, he was still thinking of how he would be able to get spirit coins and this wolves just came to deliver thereselves, giving Alec a simple example of how to gain spirit coins fastHe quickly opened his status window[Status Tab]Name : Jax FreemanKing level : Tier 1 KingLand level : TownCoins : 13,200Spirit Coins : 8,600The moment he saw the new amount he had acquired he was really happy and a slight smirk was formed at the corner of his lips as he stared at the huge sum of Coins and Spirit Coins he now hadAt least he felt with this amout of coins he should be able to make some great upgrades to his town, but while Alec was lost in his systemThe villagers cheered as they f
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Jerome Freeman
The man dressed in flashy clothes finally got closer to them and even Jax was able to get a clearer view at his faceHis memories started working at a faster pace as he felt familiar with the flashy dressed guy that was riding and leading the horse driving crew, the guy finally reached the place where the bodies of the Wolves started and stopped his horse, the soldiers riding behind him all stopped alsoHe gentle got down from his horse and caressed the horse's head before walking towards Jax and Alicia, he was quite curious as he kept on staring at the soldiers that were clearing the Battlefield and the tall and strong guy that was standing behind Jax which is definetly Connor His eyes seem to hold some type of charm as he made sure to get a look at everything around, the moment he got to there front he stopped and smiled" long time no see, lil brother!" the man in flashy clothes saidAnd at that moment Jax was finally able to remember who he was, the flashy dressed guy was his bro
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Shameless On Another Level
" I don't think that is any of your business, right? " Jax replied with a frown on his face, he could tell that this sly brother of his was trying to find out his secret about how he was able to get rid of so manyTier 1 wolves so fast, Jerome was suprised at Jax's reply towards him, he predicted alot of different statement that jax might have used to replyBut a direct shunning like this was not one of them " well don't act so greedy with a little information, I thought you would have been more proud to boast about your less equipped warriors" Jerome made jest of Jax's soldiers that were lacking in eqipement as even there upper body was naked And the warriors he came with all burst out laughing, Jax's just stared at Jerome with a look of indifference," don't be like that after all I did warn you about the war that would so burst out with the orc empire" Jerome tried to cajole him more to spill his secretsAs he felt that what ever that might have made the Tier 1 wolves dissappear
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