The Lonely Hunter

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The Lonely Hunter

By: Le_Rex OngoingSystem

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Year 2450, Humanity has reached the Advanced Era. Future had come so far as technology has become a part of our lives. Things don't tune out very well as we started to experience a world wide earthquake that humanity had no choice but to leave the planet until the earthquake stops. 3/4th of the entire population was carried to a spaceship and the remaining died on Earth. Few months passed, the Earth had expanded to the size of Jupiter and seeing no signs of shaking anymore, humanity chose to return to the planet. New life forms was found and animals evolved into flesh eating monsters that humanity had no choice but to fight back. We found the existence of Mana and by using an awakening stone, we were able to defend against the monsters that wreak havoc to our world. It didn't take long for humanity to readjust to this new world as now we've become more advanced than ever and hunting monsters has been classified as a job. One peculiar hunter named, Kal was forced to fight monsters at such a young age to survive from this harsh reality. Considered as the weakest hunter in the world, he was marked as a laughingstock. While hiking on the mountains of a Sanctum, he obtained one odd monster core and as soon as he held the core, it melted on his hands and a window panel appeared in his view. Ting~ [WELCOME HUNTER KAL] He had earned the power of the system.

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  • Side Character


    Fun and also a bit too fast-paced, Kal has seen death so shouldn't he feel a bit of fear no matter how strong he becomes though its still good or even great.

    2023-04-07 10:29:20
  • mac²


    first time a filipino is the main character

    2023-01-30 09:34:48
  • sana


    Can’t wait to

    2022-07-31 16:35:43
  • Ashley


    love the book!! more updates please!!

    2022-06-28 11:46:51
  • Gerry


    Writer stops every 21-22 chapters..

    2022-09-20 00:10:33
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22 chapters
Chapter 0: Prologue
The world is a place that is ever changing.Right now, the world is truly changing, either from the worst, or for the best.Year 2450, humanity has enter the world of future but suddenly, the world shook and rumble for an unknown reason.This earthquake that has a Richter magnitude scale of 10. Which is the strongest earthquake in the time of humanity as all believed to be a mortifying turned to the worst. The earthquake also known as 'Super Quake' rumbled the entire earth that lasted for 5 months.Fortunately for humanity, we have developed enough technological resources to launch 3/4th of the population to space but the 1/4th who has been left in Earth unfortunately  faced an inevitable deathAs believe to be the end of mankind, everybody has thought that the earth has ended but as they continue to observe from far away, they saw the earth increase in size forming new tectonic plates and new land began to develop the mysteriously expanding e
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Chapter 1: The Mysterious Crystal
Kal Nietes is a 16-year old hunter who lived alone after his only family member; his father died on a hunting expedition. He was left with not a single penny in his pocket and to pay with his daily needs, he started to earn money by registering as a hunter.A dangerous job that consists of killing monsters for the cost of a life. There's a gem imbued with an energy substance called 'Mana' that can be used to craft weapons,  armors, and other items needed for hunters alike. Although, most of mankind's history had been completely wiped out that resulting in us returning to the stone age. Due to this magical essence, we had further advanced in our technological knowledge and unrealistic inventions that we perceive to be just science fiction has become real. If a person absorbs mana, he'd receive superhuman strength and abilities that gave humanity a chance in defeating the monsters that may come as a threat to mankind. The people who have entered a state of awakening ar
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Chapter 2: Floating Window Panel
"Huaaaahhpp! Hooo. ..W - where am I?" Kal gasped for breath. He was soaking wet with sweat and as he look around, he was laying on a hospital bed in a room."Mr.Kal, you're awake!" A nurse arrived and gleamed in happiness seeing the patient awake."What happened? How am I alive? Urgh!" Kal groaned as an excruciating pain ached his head. Seeing that the patient was in pain, the nurse immediately check Kal's body to see if he was fine or not and sighed in relief."Phew, fortunately, aside from your mild headache, all in all, your body is perfectly healthy." Hearing this from the nurse, Kal was glad to hear the news but he was still confused about how he was still alive and even manage to enter the hospital."How am I still alive? And how did I end up here?" Kal asked the nurse."First of all, you should take a rest for your body to completely heal. To answer your questions, even I was shocked to find you still alive from that horrible state you were in. 3 days
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Chapter 3: A Start Of A New Life
A week had passed, Kal was now able to leave the hospital. Although most of his items had been destroyed after that heavy fall, he manage to retrieve his G-rank iron bayonet. Despite the fortunate circumstances of leaving without any debts to the hospital, his face showed brightness. The doctors who were assigned to take care of Kal looked at him with pity."He almost died and he lost most of his belongings yet he still manages to leave with a smile on his face." The doctor looked at him with a disdainful look."Despite having his medical fees paid by that rich man, he is still completely broke, and with all of his valuables destroyed, he is literally starting a new life but still, he looks happy. Even if that is just a play-pretend,  I do hope one day, he'll be fortunate enough to continue and walk forward and at the very least live a meager life." The other doctor said with a pitiable face. On the other hand, Kal was not acting happy at all, he
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Chapter 4: Killing Three Birds With One Stone
A few minutes of walking and killing monsters, Kal had finally arrived at the mountain edge and there he saw the same dead tree with now a few branches on it due to the previous event that had happened. He used his binoculars to scope the tree and when he saw the big nest, the hawk seems to be there resting with its eggs."It seems like the hawk is being more alert of poachers heading to its nest." Kal said as he observe more of the bird's behavior. When he entered into the hawk's vicinity, it protrude opened its golden eyes and stared at the intruder. As it look at its intruder, it's expression turned grim and the golden eyes turned bloodshot red discovering that the intruder was the same person whom had killed it's child."Khiiyyyaah!!!" It squawk in anger and then spread it's wings. Even from afar, the hawk looked intimidating but Kal on the other hand was unmoved. Unlike last time where he'd have to use sneaky tactics just to get near the nest, he was confident to figh
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Chapter 5: Innate Talent Obtained
Ting~CONGRATULATIONS FOR REACHING LEVEL 5!-Innate talent has been unlocked!Ting~INNATE TALENT: [Analysis] (EX)[ANALYSIS] LVL. 1 (0%)RANK: EX•You are someone who has very sharp thinking and observation skills. One glance of an object, you can discern it's entirety and make use of its full potential. As you grow stronger, your power will reach the peak of analyzing accuracy that even gods will be shaken in fear if they ever get caught in your sight!-Intelligence has permanently increase by 50!-Status point acquisition has increase by 1 point!-The INT attribute will now double all distibuted pointsTing~BODY WILL NOW UNDERGO CLEANSING STAGE!As soon as Kal unlocked his innate talent, his body underwent a drastic yet painful change. A white light suddenly appeared around him enveloping his entire body. This strange white light then entered inside by seeping into his pores that felt like sharp and long nee
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Chapter 6: Learning A Martial Art
After killing a few more monsters in his travel, Kal decided to return back to the shelter. When he left the sanctum, stares where immediately pinpointed at him. It wasn't that they were surprise that Kal had been alive, in fact they didn't even knew he was Kal. His physical changes turned him into a complete stranger so normally, no one knew who he was. They were just looking at him because they admired his stature and looks."Who is that guy? I've never seen him before." A hunter whispered to his friend."I don't know dude, but looking at that handsome face, he must be some sort of celebrity." His friend replied."Aside from his handsome face, his not even wearing protective equipment and his thin clothes showed off his great body, he must be very strong!" A hunter admired him."Kyaaah! He's so handsome! Girl, go ask for his HB account!" A female hunter said blushing her cheeks."No way! You go ask for it!" She replied with a shrieky voice. The
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Chapter 7: Returning A Favor
A marksman's purpose is to shoot high-volume targets in long ranges while maintaining a safe distance. What if a marksman was capable of fighting near distances? Some may agree with this but others will not because we all know that even if a marksman is able to deal a significant damage in short range, the purpose of dealing high damage, accurate shots, and laying low will be restricted and as a result, one will be focused on maintaining defense and evasion to avoid any incoming attacks. A marksman's heavy power is able to pierce even the toughest of defense, it all goes down to how high the power a marksman can do. But even if a marksman cannot deal enough damage from afar, just by going shortening the distance to the designated target increases your damage output. Mastering this type of technique would let you deal much higher damage to the enemy while having your guard up.This was the full purpose of the martial arts "Way of the marksman" though the title didn't
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Chapter 8: Signing A Contract
The Lincoln family is one of the most powerful families in America, though amongst the unified power of powerful families globally, they fell short. What makes them powerful is that they own dozens of big time corporations spread in south east asian countries and their main branch located in the Philippines, the Sunflower corporations holds 40% of all the market in the south east Asian countries in which is mainly for hunter related businesses. That's not the only thing that makes them powerful, the eldest son of the chairman, Peter Lincoln is the guildmaster of Purple Guild which boasts as the top 10 guild worldwide.They are the most influential guild in south east Asia and they own and have full control of 50% of all the shelters and sanctums hailed in the countries. Peter Lincoln is an S-rank hunter who is the top 1 Warrior in terms of roles. Amongst all of the S-rank hunters, he boasts in the top 13 place at the unified rankings of hunters worldwide.Dontrelle Lincoln
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Chapter 9: On The Run
Dontrelle went back to his home located in San Roque. After he arrived, he was greeted by an unpleasantness from the air telling him that there was danger up ahead. Though the feeling of uneasiness made him nauseous, he steadily walked towards the his office. There he saw an elegant woman wearing a crop top and skinny jeans that shaped his curvy hips and bum. She had a blonde hair and her black sunglasses covered her eyes. She was sitting comfortably in Dontrelle's chair and she smiled at him as if to say she was happy of his arrival. "Jennifer, what are you doing here? Don't you have other business to attend to?" Dontrelle spoke to her in a voice clad in anger. Jennifer Lincoln, the third eldest of the 4 siblings is B-rank Assassin type hunter, she specialized in combos and fast and powerful attacks which with the purpose of killing the target before they could react. She hails in America and is one of the elite members of the Reapers Guild which is the top 9 guild globa
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