They really weren't directly supervised? Is there some sort of surveillance camera watching them?

Anne looked around for a long time but found no cameras. She then looked at the guards who started to walk away, leaving her group behind after leading them into a deep part of the forest.

The path they took from the forest clearing to here was very complicated and confusing. The guards deliberately took a winding route, so that the prisoners had a hard time remembering.

Anne looked up at the towering tall trees and thought back to the places they had walked. All the trees looked the same, but the texture of the ground they stepped on felt different as they stepped here; getting wetter and wetter. If she walked further, maybe she could find a water source.

Well, they had to survive for three days, three nights, and water was of course essential.

Then after that, the guards would lead them out. Only if they manage to survive.

Examining Doctor Diana's words further, Anne was sure there was
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