Guardian Statue

Ashu sat staring at the circling Qilin, Qilin tried to lie to Ashu by implying that was all he had.

Ashu just smiled when he saw the Qilin trying to trick him. He once read a book in which it was explained that where there is a Qilin, there must be lots of hidden treasures around it.

"Heeeeeh, so you still don't want to tell me where the other treasures are," said Ashu as he stood up.

Qilin who was clawing at the ground occasionally looked at Ashu, he wanted to tell Ashu there was nothing else in the cave, Ashu understood what Qilin meant because what he wanted was not just the treasures in the cave, all the treasures around Qilin had to tell him.

"I know there's nothing here anymore, but you definitely know where the other treasures are," said Ashu.

Qilin looked at Ashu as his attempts to trick humans failed, he couldn't help but show him the place. The extremely intelligent Qilin immediately ran out, seeing the running Qilin Ashu hurriedly followed him from behind.

"Qilin is a very
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