Blood Moon: Awakening

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Blood Moon: Awakening

By: Mickeyjoules CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Portals connect our world to the world of demons. They crossover in armies to invade our world when the portal's energy is at its peak and that is during a blood moon. Through years of battling the demons, humanity was able to harness the special energy that gives the demons their powers and utilize it to create special soldiers, known as source soldiers, who would match up to these demons. Through their valiant efforts and the overall bravery of the world's military, humanity pushed back against the demons and are able to protect our world. In a twist of fate, Kris crosses paths with a source soldier, James, and his typical life of being a highschool delinquent gets turned into a battlefront against the demons. Join him and a host of other characters as they train their hardest to also protect the world from the invading demons.

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BLOOD MOON: AWAKENING It was a cold night in Giza, Egypt. A large crimson red moon in the sky. Civilians had been evacuated from the entire city. Soldiers at every corner, hearts beating, pupils dilating, sweat dripping. Guns clenched, tanks loaded, fighter jets circling the area, heavy artillery all focused on a single point, a small portal with distorted waves of brown energy. The portal was accompanied by a violent windstorm that engulfed the entire area and kept spreading throughout the country. Some soldiers collapsed from the pressure; others fell to their knees. A select group of five stood firm at the rear and mirrored the energy in blue hues. They were clad in knight like armor of the same colour. The brown energy returned suppressed, and silence took over the city of Giza. The commanding officer stood firmly at the rear. "Take aim!" he ordered."Here it comes." a soldier quavered to himself.The portal expanded to the size of a skyscraper and out rushed an army of demons."
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Chapter One
The dust settled around Giza as the portal shrunk until it became no more than a dot. There were no living demons in sight. The soldiers set up their energy meters around to check for trace amounts of source energy while James sat atop a dead minotaur, panting. His black hair was soaked in sweat and his irises were constricted and had a red glow. He felt a tap on his shoulder. "You okay man?" James turned to see his closest friend, Abubakr. He had a concerned look in his eye. James raised his head as his irises returned to their normal grey color."I'll live," he groaned."It's that unstable huh?""Yup, I have to maintain a high level of focus to keep it under control. The core is very much alive at this point and it keeps on trying to take over.""Amazing how you can say that without a care in the world.""I don’t let it bother me. I'll just keep on fighting until I can overcome the
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Chapter Two
The soldier reached out for help as the light slowly faded from his eyes. Joseph's blue energy burst out, summoning an axe, and forming the armor as he dashed at Edward. David, already in full armor, followed his lead and tried to flank the demon.Edward smiled as he tore off the soldier's head and kicked the body towards Joseph. He engulfed the soldier's head with green source energy and quickly blasted David with it pushing him through a wall. Joseph caught the body and blood dripped on his armor. A staff swung at Edward's head, but he dodged it immediately. The soldier charged the staff and swung a second time, but Edward blocked it. The force from the impact pushed him towards Joseph, who slammed his axe into Edward's armor sending him crashing through the wall. As he laid flat on his back, his eyes met with David's, who came swooping with his twin Sai, ready to stab him into the ground. Edward created a blast to propel himself out of David's range. He landed on his back and rolle
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Chapter Three
The crowd gave Yu a standing ovation. Kris left the hall and headed towards the boy's toilet. He was a bit dizzy and also felt choked by a deep yet unexplained tension in the hall. As he got to the toilet, he washed his face. He noticed that someone was taking a shit in a section beside him."Tempting... but nah." He smirked to himself.He walked towards the exit door and as he opened it, his eyes met with James' fierce stare. In that momet, there was a brief surge of bloodlust from James. Kris took a few steps back instinctively. James calmed himself and walked pass Kris with zero expression. Kris found himself retreating a bit before trying to hold himself and his shoulder brushed against that of James."Did I just give way?" Kris thought as he recollected himself. After a brief moment, he realized that both of them had bumped into each other."Hey... what the fuck?" He bellowed while swaying his arms upwards."
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Chapter Four
At the American base, everyone stood silent as they focused on the screen. Some were clenching their fists, some stood in awe of what they had been witnessing, and others were praying. Dr. Yu and Major Michael were in the main office as they watched the fight unfold."This isn't right. None of this makes any sense. The red source is two levels above green, yet he manages to hold out quite easily against James!" an irritated Michael queries as he bangs the table. Yu sat quietly for a while as he looked at the screen."Don't be so quick to judge Michael. It's probably all going according to James' plan. He is just like his mother in that regard. " Yu chuckles, then gives a light smile."Probably? Bold of you to be..." Michael stopped as he noticed Yu squeezing on to his chair while maintaining a light smile. He turned to the screen and didn't utter another word. "Let's hope you are right." He thought to himself.AT THE SCHOOL's field, James and Edward were having a stare down as their e
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Chapter Five
Sirens wailing, emergency calls flowing in, people evacuating as the energies clash and the pressure building began to become toxic far beyond the perimeter set up by the military. At the base, Michael had the news on."I am Aidrian on the site, and right behind me you can witness this heavy flow of traffic. It's quite chaotic as people are panicking at the sight of this high-pressured energy clash. " Aidrian, a reporter, was struggling to maintain his balance as he spoke about the happenings a few miles away from the established radius."Earlier on, there were reports by the military of a test drill which was meant to briefly evacuate people within ten miles of Central Park East high school. It seems to have been more than just a test drill, as clearly the hazar... " Michael muted the screen. He had been calling out to Yu, but Yu was focused on the damage reports coming in."This is a total mess! The spy bot has been destroyed by that wild
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Chapter Six
"What's happening... What's going on?" A drowsy Kris began to regain consciousness. He kept hearing voices and couldn't make sense of anything."It's amazing... he's waking up and we haven't lost contact..." A voice spoke around him."What... contact? who's what...hunh?" Kris let out a gentle breath before opening his left eye. He looked up to see a white ceiling. His eyeball rolled leftwards slowly as he saw a monitor and a drip stand. He tried sitting up but couldn't feel the right part of his body."Take it easy... Are you in any pain?" A soft voice spoke.There's no particular way to explain this but Kris suddenly realized that he was looking at this person with his right eye which he knew he didn't open as he only could feel the left side of his body. He stared blankly at this man who sort of looked familiar."What about you James... anything new?""James? Who are you talking..." Kris was interrupted by the feeling of his mouth talking."Nothing so far.."Kris panicked. He was co
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Chapter Seven
The white light dissipated slowly. Kris took a look around. It didn't feel like they'd left. Elizabeth and the others stood as the door opened. Kris stood up as well, but his feet wobbled and he fell to his knees. As he tried to recollect himself, his head began to spin."Huh?" he mumbled as he tried again to stand but fell backwards."It's the after effect for near-instant travel." Elizabeth placed her hand on his forehead and imbued a bit of source energy into him. "You'll get used to it," she added with a light smile.They walked out of the facility and into a Limo. They were escorted by a convoy of military jeeps and drove through downtown Sharm el-sheik to Jabal Mousa, a mountain reserve with history and wildlife. Historically said to be the mountain where Moses received the ten commandments. Once they got out of the Limo, they were greeted with a heatwave. Kris felt his body shrivel on contact. He was reluctant to leave the Limo but Elizabeth's men dragged him out. They walked
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Chapter Eight
FIGHT!Kris ran towards Francis. He jumped and swung his right fist at him. Francis blocked with his left arm but the impact made him take a few steps back. His arm stung a bit. Kris closed the gap and struck Francis's face with a left hook. Francis' eyes widened with surprise but he stepped and leaned back just in time to avoid contact. Kris dived in with a right power swing aimed to knock down Francis but Francis caught it with his left palm and squeezed against Kris. Kris glared in shock at the ease at which his punch was stopped. Francis struck at kris with his right fist but Kris blocked with his left arm."Tch..." Kris groaned at the slight pain. Francis dragged Kris by the hand he caught and kneed him in the gut. Kris' eyes widened and he coughed out. Francis lifted him by the waist, into the air and slammed him onto the ground."Gaaahkkkk!" Kris screamed out as he felt the impact across his body. The crowd went wild with an "ouuuuuuuu" "Come on Su! I don't want to waste my tu
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Chapter Nine
Edward's eyes opened slowly. He was submerged, butt naked, in a clear liquid thirty feet into the ground. It felt warm and soothing. He could gradually feel his energy being restored. His severed limbs and lower body had regrown. He was in nirvana at this point when he heard voices."Pull him out." A female voice ordered. Thin layers of clear energy swirled around the liquid in multiple directions as they lifted both the liquid and Edward up to a ledge. It dropped him on his knees, and he let out a deep breath. He looked upwards and saw a person in a hooded cloak. Four gnomes walked with clothing."Here are human rags," they said, as they dropped them on the ground.Edward looked at the 'rags,' which were a clean turtleneck with a denim jacket and jeans. "Your energy is unstable, so this is all you have to cover up." She snapped her fingers and two giant orcs with butcher Knives walked up behind her. "Bring him to the main court in an hour." She ordered as she took her leave."Tchh.
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