Part 2 - Chapter 11: Police Academy
The following morning, Kerrigan joined Wayne and Bran at the Jinstain police K-9 training ground. Six dog handlers were present for their annual recertification and Faolan was Wayne’s top choice for showing them the course. Kerrigan was nervous in front of so many experienced handlers, but Bran assisted her in remembering any commands she forgot. Faolan executed the basic course with ease, returning to Kerrigan’s side. The morning training only lasted just over an hour but was an excellent primer for Kerrigan. Watching the other trainers gave her a chance to cement some of the concepts in her mind, and she was both relieved and a bit concerned that even with their years of training, several of the trainers still struggled to control their dogs.

If this was the state of the current police force’s more experienced members, she wondered how effective they were in the field.

“Never mind the weaker ones. After all, that is why I am here. The department wants me to work with them for the
Drew Archeron

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