Rise of HAKHAMANESH: The One

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Rise of HAKHAMANESH: The One

By: Erfan_Sh OngoingSystem

Language: English

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To The One Or For The One. Let's resume Arash's story. Second book of U.l.S: Rise of HAKHAMANESH


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96 chapters
The Light
He was lying on the ground and was looking ahead, however he could not see anything because around was still like before. Dark and cold. A darkness that, surprisingly, no longer had that silent fear in it and seemed to have become lighter and more comfortable. The ground on which he was lying was deeper than his surroundings, indicating the fall of a few seconds ago. Arash was staring into the darkness, but his eyes saw a world full of light and a deep feeling. Arash's heart, unlike always, was beating with joy, but his brain was fighting hard against this phenomenon and trying to do something. But Arash, helpless and overwhelmed with a feeling he had just realized, could only repeat one word. (Why?) Why now. (Why?) Why her? (Why?) Why him? Why did he feel this way? Why did this feeling penetrate his being so much without him realizing anything? Why only that surprised face, which was still playing in his brain thousands of times, was beautiful to him? Why was his heart
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A Promise
* Do you want to leave the planet and return to the academy? ** Your prizes will be given to you soon. ** Note that if you do not accept, you will be automatically teleported to the academy in five minutes.*Arash did not know how many hours he had been lying on the ground and thinking.But he knew that thinking about it was enough and he had to go back.So he said.((Yes.))FEEEEESHDark was torn by a light brown black hole and hugged Arash, who was no longer injured.Arash's eyes saw a rainbow of strange colors, and a few seconds later, at the place where he was teleported from, a crack became visible in space and threw Arsh out of itself.As soon as Arash hit the ground, he quickly got up and looked around and was surprised to see no one.(How late am I?) Arash thought to himself, but when he saw the bloodstains that had been spilled on the ground in that area, he remembered his friends and his pack.So he said quickly.((Artina, guide me to where Liam and Tao are.))*OK.*((PAY
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Blue Message
Their steps were slow and counted. Small but delighted little girl steps. Agile but powerful steps whose power was new to a boy who still remembers his time of powerlessness. Steps that had a world of responsibility behind them and the weight of two people in them. Tao and Liam were deeply immersed in the world of thought, and Arash's refusal to answer any questions they asked until they got home did not help them at all. Hannah, however, was happy and did not fully understand, but only realized that Arash was an important person, of course, he should be important, because he was her brother's friend. ((Artina, can you wake up the others? I like everyone to be present when I explain.)) *Sure.* They were walking down a very quiet street, so it was surprising to Hannah that Arash was talking to someone while there was no one around. ((Ah ... Mr. Arash ... who are you talking to?)) Hannah asked after a short pause. ((Oh, you mean Artina? Artina is someone who helps me and witho
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((wait..wait.. why?)) Tao was the only one of the two who could speak, so even though it was extremely difficult for him, he asked the question that had arisen since Arash said his first sentence. ((Why what?)) Arash asked casually. ((Why... Why me? Why us?) Liam, who had a very sore throat that would hurt with every word he spoke, forced himself to say this. The two were still full of shock, but what was about to happen to them was the biggest and most fascinating thing that could have crossed their minds, so they did their best to ask at least one question. ((Oh! Do you mean why I chose you? Well .... because I want it.)) Arash said after thinking for a while. ((...)) ((...)) Tao and Liam looked at the other people there to find the answer. Nolan showed them only a smile, Rashon just shrugged, and Zalia had been asleep for a long time. ((Well, if there is no other question, let's start.)) Arash said this and handed Zalia to Nolan, who was beside him and got up. Arash firs
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Not Desires But Goals
Arash opened his eyes. In front of himself, he saw the wooden roof of the house and its bright lights. In the left corner of his sight, there were two light brown and gold exclamation marks. He focused a little on them, and a moment later, messages appeared one after another before his eyes. * Review and research on the quest and its rewards are completed. * * You have two options in front of you. Raise your rank in the academy and side awards Increase your the academy points and side prizes * Arash moved his hand and went through one of the thousands of reasons he had to choose the second option. (I do not want others to know that I have completed the quest and become suspicious of me.) * You have selected option two. * * Your prizes are as follows: Due to the completion of the quest and the defeat of the monarch of the planet, you will be given 500,000 academy points that you can distribute among the members of your party. Congratulations! Your party has the highest r
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Right Hand
GRRRRR in a loud very voice, The sound of Arash's belly reached his ears, he did not know about the others. ((Let's tell our story to each other as we eat lunch.)) Arash told the others as he tried to get up. ((It's great, we have time until the end of tonight, so it's better to finish all our unfinished business by the end of the night. I'm familiar with the restaurant, and because we ... ha ha ha ha ... because we have a VIP account and we need a lot of food, I go to the restaurant and order as much food as I can and bring it back...wait, I will be back very soon)) Tao said this happily and before the last word came out of his mouth, he started moving again with great speed, and in In the blink of an eye, he left the house. ((Heeey, wait for me.)) Rashun shouted behind him and left the house at a speed no less than that of Tao. ((... What do you mean you have time until the end of the night?)) Arash, walking towards the bathroom, stood in the middle of the way and looked at L
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Build A New Home.
On the first floor of the tower, which seemed to be getting taller by the minute, sat a small wooden table with two young men radiating power from each of their cells and a woman who had become more beautiful than ever. There was no one behind the two men, but behind her, four valkyries stood, listening intently to the two men, and the shock danced well in his eyes. ((...)) ((...)) ((So you are telling me that you only know that he is the hero, an alpha and leader of my queen, and your young master. Do you at least know what race they are or what essence they all have in common?)) Commander-in-Chief, Afsaneh, more or less expected these explanations, but the information exchanged in this meeting was shocking even for her, but the more she heard, the more questions she had. ((No, unfortunately. The young master forbade any question in this case and said that this is not only his secret. The only thing we understood was that the mana around the young master listens to the master's
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Divine Spirit
{Type of weapon: Spiritual magic Scepter Name: brightlight Scepter Grade: Rare (Advancedabe) (forty-five percent left to Epic) Attributes: Has a divine spirit of light As long as there is light, each spell of the light element that the owner wants to cast consumes a quarter of the required mana, and it is likely that the spell will not use mana (current probability: 48%) As long as there is light, all attacks on the owner will be defended by the surrounding light, without any need for mana. The higher the power and density of the surrounding light, the less powerful attacks reach the owner. After each successful healing that keeps a person alive, the gift of light will be performed on the owner, and all spells and negative energies will be destroyed by the light within a radius of 20 meters. The more light, the more might be behind cleaning. As the owner's relationship with the divine spirit of light in the staff increases, the staff owner's perception of the light element
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The air was dark and all the members of the Arash pack could be seen in front of the house. Zalia and Hannah were hugging each other with sadness, Liam was listening to Nolan carefully and Tao could be seen that was trying his best to stop Rashun from crying and comforting him. Arash was also looking carefully at a screen in front of him. ((Well, I think that's enough. Tao, Liam, and Hannah. Please come and stay in front of him.)) Arash called out to them, and they all said their last words, and they all stood in front of Arash. ((Well, guys. I do not know how long it will take us to meet again, but I know we will see each other again in this academy. I can not give you much other than the features that Artina has, but the events in the quest made me realize that learning from martial arts books is very convenient and excellent, and on the way you will take, you should have whatever help you can get. So come ...)) Arash finished his sentence and one by one, he handed them the books
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The Sweeper
A middle-aged man dressed as a sweeper in orange, with a face full of focus and calm, with light steps, And a wooden broom cleaned the leaves and soil and led everything to a corner. With his quick and clean movements, he left no dirt and sloppiness and continued to move forward. He was walking as he reached a bench that reminded him of a boy. (i wonder what is he doing now? Did he do well on the quest, or was he one of the students who lost their life? In the end, it was clear that he had completed that punch, but never came to me for the award he promised I will give to him ... uhh, maybe it would have increased his chances of surviving in the quest. Poor boy ...) ((AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)) ((Holi Shit.)) That scream shed the middle-aged man's wool. BOOOOM SHAAAAATER FEEEESH A screaming rocket hit the small lake and scattered all the water in the air. It was clear that the middle aga man was very shocked as he looked at the lake. (How can someone fly in the academy? Wasn't there
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