The Ascension of Noah Reed

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The Ascension of Noah Reed

By: Jenny Blaze OngoingSystem

Language: English

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"Do not be afraid, Noah. This is no cult or scam as you think, I am Iris, a wealth system assigned to help you navigate the world of riches and achieve your goals in life," the robotic female-like voice said to him. Noah Reed, a talented and ambitious young man, has always dreamed of escaping the poverty of his upbringing. When he creates a revolutionary app, he finally sees a path to success. But his dreams are shattered when he refuses an unethical demand from TechNova, a prestigious tech company that seeks to partner with him. Desperate for a way out, Noah stumbles upon a mysterious device promising him everything he's ever wanted. Without hesitation, he accepts it, not realizing the dangerous price that comes with it. As he delves deeper into the dangerous waters of the wealth system, the city falls under attack. In the midst of the chaos, he meets Esme Knight, a skilled engineer and hacker who also has a personal vendetta against TechNova. Together, they plan a daring heist to steal evidence and take down the corporation. As they work to outsmart their opponents, Noah and Esme discover that the wealth system is not what it seems. They must rely on a group of skilled individuals to help them track down the shadowy organization behind the system and destroy it once and for all. But the stakes grow higher, and the danger increases as they get closer to their goal. Will Noah and Esme be able to overcome the manipulations and dangers of unchecked technology, or will they become pawns in a deadly game?

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Chapter 1
As Noah Reed walked down the littered ground of Grime Street, he could hear the distant sound of an automated transport system passing by. The futuristic, sleek vehicles were a stark contrast to the crumbling buildings and rusted metal that surrounded him. This was his daily life - especially after working at the local diner throughout the day for his daily bread.The world had changed since Noah's birth, but the slums of New York City remained a constant reminder of his place in society.Grime Street was a place where fear reigned as a constant companion. The road of the street was narrow, and the buildings on either side were cramped together, their paint peeling and their windows boarded up. Piles of trash littered the gutters, and the air was thick with the stench of decay.The pavement was cracked and uneven, and the few streetlights that remained flickered dimly in the darkness. Groups of rough-looking men and women huddled together in doorways, eyeing Noah warily as he passed b
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Chapter 2
Noah stood by the side of the couch. He wanted to be certain that it was his door that had that heavy bang and he wasn't wrong. It came yet again, each one louder than the former. His eyes squinted as he tried to make sense of what was going on. Could it be the neighborhood thugs? He doubted because he knew that he never caused any trouble for anyone. Could it be his landlord? That was the only reasonable assumption he had but then it wasn't possible because he had just paid his rent. He hated the embarrassments that came with asking for rents and so he made sure to pay the man before his rent's expiry date."Who's there?" He asked, inclining his ear to get a response from the person standing at the other side. But there came no response and he became instantly suspicious. "I said who's there?" He asked again and still there was no response.For his safety's sake, the next thing he did was to go into the kitchen and take out a knife. He wasn't planning to do anything with it but he ju
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Chapter 3
Noah was surprised at the outcome with Lucas. Where'd he go? He could only ask himself. The empty bottle of beer which he handed over to Lucas was still there but Lucas himself had disappeared into thin air. He searched around the place and even had to open the door and look outside but there was no trace of him. But there was something else -- an envelope. There was an envelope that Lucas placed on the table before he left.Noah took the envelope, turned it from side to side to be certain if it was really what he thought it was. The envelope was made of black leather and it had a seal on it. He recognized the seal; it was the seal from TechNova, another reputable company that deals with techs and gadgets. His brows creased inwardly and his eyes narrowed as he wondered what the content of the envelope would be, and so he opened it and took out the white paper that was neatly folded and kept inside it. He went through the contents of the paper which read:~Dear Noah,We are thrilled
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Chapter 4
Noah Reed stood at the edge of his rooftop, staring out at the sprawling metropolis below. It was a city that had transformed in ways he could scarcely have imagined when he was born, but one that still held the same challenges and struggles that he faced every day.He looked down at the streets below, teeming with life, and wondered what it would be like to walk those streets with a sense of purpose and direction. For years, he had dreamed of working for a tech company that could change the world, and he had spent countless hours learning everything he could about coding, programming, and software engineering and now, Lucas had presented him with that opportunity and he didn't know what to make out of it. One thing was for sure, his ticket out of the slums was already with him and he wasn't going to hesitate in doing the needful.He sighed, inhaling air in a long deep breath and releasing it with purpose. Tomorrow was going to be a great but hectic day for him. He was going to keep h
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Chapter 5
Noah heard the sound of the bathroom door opening and turned to face the source of the noise. A woman emerged from the restroom, looking poised and confident. She was dressed in a tailored pantsuit that accentuates her tall, slender frame. Her hair was neatly styled and her makeup was immaculate, accentuating her sharp cheekbones and bright blue eyes. Noah guessed she was in her late 60s, but her appearance suggested someone much younger, someone who had taken good care of themselves."Good morning, Mr. Noah. My name is Celia," the woman said, extending her hand for a handshake. Noah noticed the way her eyes lingered on him a little too long, and the way she touched his arm as she greeted him.. "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. I hope you had a chance to admire the view from our office."Noah couldn't help but feel a bit intimidated by Celia's presence. She exuded an air of confidence and authority that was hard to ignore, and her impeccably tailored suit suggested a level of succe
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Chapter 6
"Are you kidding me right now?" Noah retorted boldly."No I'm not. I mean everything I say. You see my dear, my husband, the supposed founder of TechNova isn't as strong and mighty as your kind who are fresh and mighty... You know... I'm talking about down there," Celia's eyes went down to his groin region to demonstrate what she was trying to say and Noah found it incredibly funny that he almost burst out laughing.Wasn't his day getting worse by each passing minute? He stood up from his seat and stared at her. He could see the longing and the want in her eyes but he wasn't interested in any of it in any way."If this is what you really want to say to me madam then I'm sorry but I have to leave," Noah wanted money and the fact that the money he was looking for was within reach pissed him off so much but he remembered the wise words his father told him when he was still alive. ''_Success is not found in the bed of shortcuts, but on the rocky road of hard work."_This saying emphasize
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Chapter 7
Noah stood rooted to the spot, his mind reeling from what he had just heard from the wealth system. It was all too real to disband -- the voice was real, what he felt was real and there was just no way that it could have been something that was formed from his mind. He had accepted the wealth system as a joke, a whimsical idea that would bring him some momentary relief from the disappointment he faced in TechNova. But now, he had just received a chilling warning that seemed to suggest something far more sinister.Noah took a deep breath and tried to compose himself. He needed to think rationally, to figure out what was going on. But his thoughts were a jumble of confusion and disbelief."What have I gotten myself into?" he muttered to himself. "Is this some kind of cult or scam? Am I in danger?""Do not be afraid, Noah. This is no cult or scam as you think, I am Iris, a wealth system that has been assigned to you to help you navigate the world of riches and achieve your goals in life,
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