Rise of The God-Warrior Mage

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Rise of The God-Warrior Mage

By: itsnurla_ OngoingSystem

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Nordic wakes up in a foreign land, trapped in Soul Home—a place for souls on the brink of death and life, and involved in competition to reach the highest level for one goal: to return their original lives and get out of Soul Home. Unfortunately all Nordic memories before drowning in the river of death are gone. A strange system emerged and determined Nordic's role as a member of the Gods of Mage. With the weakest strength until it increased unexpectedly, Nordic masters various missions and skills—he becomes the strongest unbeatable of the strongest. When Nordic found a magic control room, Nordic realizes his new destiny is a mistake. From then on, he went against the fate—against the rules of the world that had toyed him from the start. Magic. System. Competition. Everyone kills everyone. It's a game that controlled by the most powerful. [Ding!] [Congratulations! You have activated the system and now you become one of the Gods of Mage clan!] [5...4...3...2...1...] [Finished!] [Welcome to this world where you can reach unlimited strength!] [Let's get done mission after mission and reach your highest level!]

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Chapter 1. Is This The End of His Life?
Nordic is sinking.Bubbles of water came out of his mouth while trying to take a breath. During that time, he tried to flap his arms and swim up. However, the intense pressure from above seemed to push his body deeper and deeper into the ocean.The light of the land was getting dimmer longer. The Nordic are starting to lose their minds looking for ways to get out of the pressure in this ocean. He only raised his head since earlier, watching the sky with resignation.'Why does it feel like something is pressing down on me so hard?' thought Nordic at the time.When Nordic's body was on the verge of weakness and he was about to give up hope, faintly heard a chant."A beautiful world... perishes in a single darkness... darkness that penetrates souls... until everything...."The singing voice that sounded very beautiful, and foreign. Nordic seemed to have just heard someone who has a sound similar to the strains of an orchestral instrument. The sound was so soft that Nordic felt hypnotized
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Chapter 2. A Strange Man In A Strange World
Nordic woke up gasping and coughing every now and then. His whole body felt extremely light as someone seemed to be pushing up against the edge of the surface.For a few seconds, Nordic lay holding his stomach while taking a breath. His chest was so tight. As if a lot of water accumulated in his body.'What happened?' thought the Nordic looking at the towering pine tree trunks.Nordic tried to remember what had just happened to him. But nothing. He only remembers three siren women trying to harm him, then there were flashes of light repeatedly.This all feels like a dream."You are one of the lucky ones." Someone's voice suddenly sounded from behind.Nordic turned to the source of the sound, and frowned at the figure of a strange man. Long straight blonde hair, white skin—almost albino in fact, tall thin body, and slightly pointed ears on top.This strange man seemed to be cleaning something somehow. Then when he realized that there was no response from the other person, he stopped an
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Chapter 3. Soul Home Building
[WELCOME TO THE SOUL HOME BUILDING]That's what was written on the sign on the double doors of a building. Nordic was taken aback for a moment. When passing through the courtyard earlier, Nordic had time to calculate and estimate the level of this building. There are maybe fifty levels with a large circular shape.Without waiting long, these double doors opened inwards with a creaking sound. There was a stocky man walking up to Nordic and Eglar. He was dressed in the formal red of a hotel clerk, a marching band hat, a sign saying: Maglier W, Saxiest, Official Member of the Welcoming."You guys just arrived?" asked Maglier. His gaze was fixed on the Nordics. "You, are you—""Please don't tell anyone," Eglar cut in then. He sounded panicked. "He's Nordic. Just think of it as a normal guest."Maglier stared at Eglar for a moment, before finally nodding. He opened the way as a welcome gesture."Come on, you guys follow me. The man named Nordic has to fill in his data at the reception."Re
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Chapter 4. A System Appeared
Nordic had encountered too many crazy things in his life.Except for this one.How could a Nordic recite a foreign spell to emit magic from the jewel in his hand?The Nordic breath hitched after the short but tense fight earlier. All eyes were watching him. Of course. Who doesn't feel strange watching someone foreign, unknown, suddenly able to cast spells from a strange wand?Nordic was well aware of the strange, confused, and terrifying looks from the creatures around him. That was why Nordic also felt immense awkwardness overtake him now."Hey, how can he do magic like that?""I don't know who he is. But isn't the magic he uses not just any magic?""Mad creature! Just arrived but already playing the champ and causing quite a stir.""Is he the 'new person' Your Highness refers to?""I had expected that when His Highness said Soul Sojourn would be the arrival of a 'new person', he would bring chaos!""Is he the 'new person' Your Highness refers to?""I had expected that when His Highn
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Chapter 5. The King of All Kings
Nordic couldn't believe what he was witnessing.As soon as the cage elevator door opened, he could immediately see the room stretching wide. Everything is made of stone with cave-like hollowed-out rock ceilings. Large square pillars line up neatly flanking a ten meter straight path from the cage elevator door to the steps.There was a large throne-like chair and about two meters high. Four torches are displayed on each of the four sides of each pillar. There is only one room on this top floor. Reminds the Nordics of the floor of a boss in the human world.Does this also apply to this room—a boss's room?But there's no one in this room.Nordic followed in Eglar's footsteps along the ten meter path to the throne. He still couldn't figure out what this place was.Everything looks strange and foreign. What is clear, Nordic knows this is not his world, the human world."Greetings, Your Majesty." Eglar stopped walking when he arrived four steps before the throne.Nordic confused. The direct
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Chapter 6. When You Die Here, You Die On Your Real Life
"You must be surprised to see all this." The figure of His Highness next to the Nordic started to speak. "I purposely brought you here to tell you something important, and only I can tell you."The Nordic turned towards the figure of His Highness. "What are these statues, Your Majesty?"In the middle of the room, parallel to the two statues on either side, His Majesty's figure stopped. The Nordic step spontaneously stopped as well."In the past, in this country there were six clans that had relations with each other. The relations were very close and they often fought whenever evil magic attacked. They were all leaders of their respective clans," explained the figure of His Highness.No reply from Nordic yet. He intensely watched each statue on his right and left."You know who the first statue on the left is. When you get to the lobby, you're greeted by Maglier, right?" asked His Majesty.Nordic nodded his head without taking his eyes off the statue in question. If you pay attention,
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Chapter 7. First Sub Quest: Professor Magic Room
[System has been activated][Wait a second... 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1][Ding!][Notifications!You get one new sub quest. Check the 'Quest' box in the system menu options][MAGE IDENTITY STATUS][MAGE SKILL'S][MAGE STAT POINTS INFO][MAGE QUEST AND SUB QUEST]Nordic was a bit surprised to read the notification that he got the latest sub quest. Even though he was just sitting in his dorm room bed. What should he do?[MAGE QUEST AND SUB QUEST][QUEST][In the Sojourn of Souls, there is a special room for magic professors who create various potions. Go to the magic professor's room to ask for your stat point-boosting potion][Location: Professor of Magic Room][Deadline: 2 Hours Before 12 PM][Rewards Points][975/1000 HP —>> 1000/1000][65/100 MP —>> 100/100][10/150 AGL —>> 20/100][15/150 DFN —>> 25/150][Pinalty: Within 24 hours, your Mana Points will decrease drastically. If your Mana Points are 0, then you will not be able to use any skills and repeat collecting points to the maximum
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Chapter 8. Take An Action For First Mission
There was the explosion of smoke that Nordic witnessed when the wall door was fully opened.Nordic stood motionless for a moment in his standing position, watching the puffs of smoke that made his eyes unable to see clearly. What's going on in this room?Feeling panicked, Nordic hurriedly trotted into the room. Through the puffs of smoke while occasionally waving his hands so that his eyes could see clearly. Even though the results were nil, the plume of smoke was too thick, and... the stench was overpowering."Jeez, why did it get messed up like this?!" In between the sounds of coughing, a man grumbled.After the Nordic broke through the fog, he could slowly make out two men looking distraught. They were standing near a long table filled with lots of laboratory equipment and tubes.Nordic suddenly stopped walking."You really suck!" cursed a man, I don't know which one spoke."Why am I to blame? Gosh. You suggested mixing this tamarind liquid with Andelius flower powder!""You should
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Chapter 9. Eternal Fire Dragon Mage
[Sub Quest has been completed!][The system is processing adding rewards. Wait a moment][10, 9, 8, 7...,]Nordic didn't expect that he could obtain this energy-boosting potion. His breath was still ragged because his energy felt as if it was dying. The system time alert already showed only two minutes remaining.Now, in front of the wall that had closed again, Nordic gulped down the remaining liquid potion. Gradually, the Nordic body felt a bit different. The potion liquid flowing in his blood gave him a tingling sensation while making him less limp.[2, 1... System Process Complete!][Happy! You get rewarded Stat Points from completed Sub Quests!][To view your Stat Points, go to the 'MAGE STAT POINT' option in the system menu][You unlocked the 'MAGE STAT POINT'! Wait a moment][MAGE STAT POINT INFO][HP: 1000/1000][MP: 100/100][AGL: 20/100][INT: 10/150][DFN: 25/150][MTL: 10/150]Gradually, the Nordic breath became calmer. Nordic still closed his eyes while grimacing in a posi
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Chapter 10: Become The Worst Dragon Rider
To be honest Nordic thought Jacob's explanation was too much. However, he was wrong.A while ago, according to the mission written on the system, Nordic volunteered himself as one of the four members to be transferred to another Mage's party. Nordic thought everything would go according to plan, because he just wanted to finish his mission before evening.Unfortunately, Nordic was chosen to switch to the Eternal Fire Dragon Mage's group. The group that Jacob said had terrible treatment."As you can see here! All members of the Eternal Fire Dragon Mage have strong connections with their dragons. When fighting, they can already master how the airways work..."Nordic listened to one of the teachers of the Eternal Fire Dragon Mage when gathering with other members of the official group. Occasionally the Nordics looked around to see where the Vikings were teaching about the manufacture of weapons.Then the Nordic gaze stopped in a direction, where there was a group of burly men in armor, h
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