Rise of The Big Bull

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Rise of The Big Bull

By: D.twister OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A young orphan , Daniel ,working as a lowly garbage boy. belittled and scorned, he longs for a glimmer of hope in his bleak existence. Little does he know, fate has a grand plan in store for him. When a fateful turn of events reveals Daniel as the sole heir to the prestigious Knight Empire, his life takes an unexpected twist. With the guidance of Winston, a seasoned mentor, Daniel embarks on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. As he navigates through treacherous waters of wealth and power, he realizes that more money brings more problems. Daniel's character is tested as he faces formidable obstacles and grapples with the cutthroat nature of the business world. Each setback molds him into a resilient contender, determined to conquer adversaries and secure his place in the dominion of commerce. Find out more in Rise of the big bull

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    What do you guys think of this story? I appreciate an encouragement

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112 chapters
Chapter 1- Utimate Betrayal
Daniel awoke to yet another gloomy day. His small apartment enveloped him in darkness and silence, accompanied only by the gentle patter of rain against the windowpane. His gaze fixated on the ceiling above, a cascade of thoughts swirling in his mind. How would he navigate the remainder of the month? The fridge lay barren, and the rent was overdue. A week had passed since he lost his job, and despite his tireless efforts in submitting countless job applications, prospects seemed to elude him. The demanding nature of his work as a garbage collector left him perpetually drained, and a sense of failure gnawed at his core. Emily, his girlfriend, remained a steadfast believer in him, the one who championed his cause. Yet, with each passing day, he detected traces of disappointment in her eyes, which only deepened his despondency.Moreover, Daniel found himself increasingly frustrated by Emily's insatiable desires, exacerbated by the meddling presence of her two friends, Elisa and Jennifer,
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Chapter 2- TRASH talk
Stephen Toledano was trouble from the moment Daniel saw him. The lead representative's child was infamous for his rich way of life and a line of legitimate issues, including lewd behavior and medication managing, yet he's been a fruitful money manager for a really long time. But, Emily appeared to be attracted to him, utilizing her position at one of his style organizations to draw nearer to the ruined whelp.Regardless of Emily's cold and far off conduct towards him, Daniel couldn't resist the opportunity to feel an ache of desire when she uncovered she had a sweetheart. " I can't be treated like this!" he shouted, shock carved all around his face.Yet, Emily essentially grinned back, determined by his response. " I previously did," she expressed gruffly.Daniel made the decision to take matters into his own hands because he realized that he was unable to simply stand by and watch Emily become entangled in Stephen's perilous world. Determined to clarify the situation regarding Emily's
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Chapter 3 - what fate has
DANIEL eliminates his telephone while he dials Jim's number.“Ayo! DANNY, are you calling once more?Daniel said, "I got a change of mind, ill meet you at HAMMY's restaurant." There was silence for a while before he sighed.Daniel was presently sitting in a little café with his companion, attempting to handle all that had occurred. He talked about the terrible things that happened that day, like how he broke up with Emily and was kicked out of his own house by his landlord.His friend patiently listened and offered words of support and comfort. I'm really sorry this happened man. That is tough," he said, setting a hand on Daniel's shoulder to reassure him.After that, his friend offered his limited assistance. Tune in, I would have offer you a spot to rest this evening, yet I have a flat mate who wouldn't be excited about it," he said with a shrug.Daniel gestured, figuring out the circumstance. He didn't want to disturb anyone or outstay his welcome.But then his friend thought of som
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Chapter 4- Yearning within
It was Stephen - his ex's new darling.As his direction shifted away from Stephen, Daniel couldn't allow but note Emily grasping out of the Ferrari's passenger rear. As he looked after her walk toward him in a a gorgeous gown and with a a hurt expression on her face, his heart started to race.She talked scarcely over a murmur, "Hello, Daniel." I...I was passing by so , I decided to stop by and say good tidings."As he tried to deal with the situation, Daniel noticed that his mental state changed. After everything that had occurred between them, Emily and Stephen were both present here. He was confused on what to do. Stephen, on the other side, spoke out before he could continue . He chuckled at Daniel's situation and said, "Hello, loser," while looking up and down at Daniel. I can't actually concede that you're really doing this crap. Have you ever done anything worse with your life?"Daniel felt a surge of rage and hurt wash over him as his words were piercing. He expected to unexpe
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Chapter 5- STALKER
Daniel realized that he couldn't lie after this. He highlighted his garbage sack and said, "I'm simply the trash kid."The elderly person, then again, didn't have all the earmarks of being persuaded. For what reason would it be advisable for us to tune in on confidential discussions? He asked.Daniel looked down, feeling an impression of disgrace wash over him. " "please accept my apologies. I didn't intend to interfere. I was basically inquisitive."The old man gave him a long look, as if he doesn't want to accept him in any way. He last moment sigh and shaked his head. "you are lucky that I didn't throw you out," he said. Be as it is, before you leave, I'll give you an warning.Make sure you Stop it from happening again." "I'm sorry for intruding," he said, "please accept my sorrg. I had no business being here. "I don't seem convinced." The old man gave him long look without blinking, as if unwilling to believe Daniel's words. Finally, he sighed after shooting his head. "you are lu
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Chapter 6- Choice
Two young women were moving in the opposite direction. Jennifer and Elisa, the girls, looked up at him with disgust, as if he were a bother in their day."Watch where you're going, trash kid," Jennifer jeered. " Or are you too preoccupied looking through trash cans to notice what's around you?Jennifer's comment made Elisa giggle, evidently finding it funny. Truly, how is somebody you in any event, doing out in the city?" She inquired. Are you able to dive into a dumpster?"Because of his shame and rage, Daniel felt his face get hotter. He needed to attack the young ladies for their brutal words, however he realize that he was unable to bear to make any adversaries around here.Disregarding the young ladies, he attempted to advance past them, yet Jennifer obstructed his way. " Where do you believe you're going, unfortunate kid?" she provoked. " Do you have a hot date with Emily?Daniel felt his heart sink at the notice of Emily's name. When she was dating the governor's son, he was awa
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Chapter 7 - Set up
Daniel's telephone rang boisterously, interfering with his viewpoints. When he answered the phone, the other person started yelling and making fun of him."You vain fool! You haven't taken care of me my cash yet, have you? If you don't pay up soon, I'll use the police to arrest you, do you hear me?"The lady on the opposite stopping point proceeded to cause a ruckus, her words cutting profound into Daniel's as of now frayed nerves. He realized he needed to figure out how to repay her, yet he didn't have the means.Daniel sat there, feeling helpless and defeated as the call came to an end. He knew that the main way out of neediness was to face challenges, however at what cost? He pondered Jim's deal and the chance of a superior life. It might have been the right time to accept the offer.Daniel picked up the phone and called Jim's number with a heavy heart."Jim, I've chosen to take your deal," he said, his voice scarcely over a murmur.There was an interruption on the opposite end befo
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Chapter 8 - The Hidden truth
Daniel awoke from his slumber the following morning, flickering his eyes open to take in his surroundings. He ended up in a room that was both extensive and breezy, with high roofs that permitted normal light to flood in and enlighten everything in sight. In spite of his underlying deference of the sumptuous stylistic layout, Daniel's look moved towards an elderly person who remained opposite him, his face a veil of complete stoicism. As soon as Daniel recognized the man as the owner of the mansion they had robbed the night before, his heart jumped into his throat. He felt uneasy as he tried to understand what was going on and how to get out of it, but the old man remained composed, like a specter watching over his prey."Where are you?" he asked, feeling his apprehension crawling up.The elderly man only gave a curt command and remained silent. Get ready. The expert wishes to talk with you." The elderly man gave a single nod and pointed to three distinct, neatly ironed sets of clothin
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Chapter 9- Loaded
As Daniel folded his arm over Winston's shoulder, his chuckling died down. Despite the virus's persistent smile, the mindset had changed. Daniel immediately centered around the old man before them who was restricted to a wheelchair. He must know. The charge hung overwhelmingly in the air as Daniel conversed with an unforgiving and direct tone. " I spent my life as a youngster in a shelter. How about you guarantee to be my dad? Daniel detected a fleeting hint of anguish in Winston's gaze, even though he maintained a composed facade. The sole audible presence in the space was the elderly gentleman's strained respiration, emanating from his wheelchair. Caught in a quandary, Daniel found himself lingering, uncertain of the appropriate course of action or words to offer. The sheer weight and complexity of the circumstances left him feeling muddled and bewildered.The room fell into a profound quiet subsequent to hearing the elderly person's story. The reality Daniel was hearing was unreal.
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Chapter 10- NEW IDENTITY
and mental fortitude. " You took care of that situation like a genuine pioneer," he said. "Thankful for his Winston's support, Daniel smiled. It was difficult, however it must be finished. I was unable to allow them to abuse me like that." Winston gestured. " You're correct. In any case, now that you've exercised authority over them, you must watch out. With incredible power comes extraordinary impediments." Daniel shook his head. What is your intent?" With a lower voice, Winston leaned in closer. You need to bear in mind, Daniel, that you're not only some customary trash bot.Daniel listened attentively, his mind brimming with new ideas and possibilities.A serene ambiance embraced him as he indulged in the embrace of the calming, fragrant aquatic environment. Reflections meandered through his consciousness, and he acknowledged the formidable path awaiting his footsteps. Yet, he harbored an unwavering assurance in his aptitude to traverse any challenges that fate might present to him. F
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