Reign of the Heir

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Reign of the Heir

By: Khoirul N. CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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I love someone with all my heart -- the girl of my dreams. But on the day of our engagement, she made an unexpected move and said that she was going to call off the engagement. To make matters worse, a man came and kissed her in front of me, and everyone proceeded to laugh at me and treat me like dirt. However, when they find out who I am, will they still be so disrespectful? I don't even want their mouths to touch my feet!

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  • Rex Ivar


    keep it up

    2023-11-24 05:11:23
  • Sunny Zylven


    Keep it up! Love this story <3

    2023-07-02 15:10:07
  • Butter Cookies


    The pacing of the story is perfect, with just the right balance of action and reflection.

    2023-06-30 22:40:19
  • Herolich


    Good opening, I love it.

    2023-02-28 16:33:36
  • Banin SN


    what a nice story! keep up a good work, author^^

    2023-06-14 21:53:12
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204 chapters
Chapter 1
In a dressing room, Jack stood staring at the shadow of a woman as she sat in front of him, smiling before embracing her from behind. "Jack, let me finish my makeup," she said. "Just like this you are already very beautiful, no need to add more makeup. This is more than enough to amaze everyone." He replied. “No, Jack, enough is not enough for me. I want to look perfect, not only stunning, but also to captivate everyone's heart.” Jack moved in front of his girlfriend, Sophie, and knelt down. “Thank you so much for accepting me,” he said, his voice full of emotion. “Sometimes I think that you are an angel. I can't believe a perfect woman like you is getting engaged to a pizza delivery man like me - especially since you even booked this hotel for our engagement. I promise I will work harder to make you happy.” He kissed her hand tenderly. “Jack, I know you will,” Sophie said confidently. “Now, head out to greet the guests. I invited all my friends for this unforgettable night.” Ja
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Chapter 2
"Yes, that's right. We are breaking up. I'm sorry Jack, but I can't be with you any longer, either as your fiancée or as your girlfriend."The guests began to murmur amongst themselves as Sophie's three best friends exchanged knowing smiles."What's wrong? Did I do something to offend you?" Jack said, his smile tinged with bitterness. Sophie shook her head in response. "Then what?"“Jack, think about it: What woman of high social standing would risk her entire future for a pizza delivery man, whose salary isn't even enough to cover my electricity bill?”Jack's eyes widened as he felt a sharp pain in his chest. In a strained voice, he started to say, “But you said-”"I don't care about wealth, social class, and all that stuff?" Sophie cut in. "Listen, only an idiot would take those words seriously.""If you're not serious, what is the purpose of this event?"Sophie's eyes widened in shock as she exclaimed, "To announce our break up. From this moment on and onwards, I'm no longer your b
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Chapter 3
Jack was taken a back, surprised by the request. One of the men spoke up, “Young Master, come with us. We have something important to discuss.”But Jack refused, shaking his head. “No, you won't gain anything by kidnapping me. I am alone and very, very poor.” He said.The man then smiled kindly, “No, Young Master. Come with us to meet your grandfather. Master Roodenburg has been searching for you for decades.”“Mr. Roodenburg? The richest conglomerate in this country is looking for me? How come?”“Young Master is the grandson of Mr. Tom Roodenburg. You are the sole heir of the Roodenburg family.”Jack's jaw dropped to the ground before laughing out loud. It was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard. If only he really was the grandson of Tom Roodenburg, Sophie would not have dumped him so cruelly.“Look, my heart will definitely explode if what you guys say is true. But thank you, because of you now I know, that I can still laugh. too bad I'm not the person you're looking for. My
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Chapter 4
As usual, Jack hopped on his bicycle and set off to work. As he rode along the Roodenburg Highway, a sense of pride filled his chest. 'This is my first morning as the sole heir of the Roodenburg family.' He thought to himself with a chuckle. In that happy daydream, suddenly the sound of a horn deafening in the ears. Jack was so surprised that he tiptoed and almost lost his balance. Loud laughter sounded from behind. Jack turned to see who was so arrogant as to honk his horn while the road was still wide enough to walk through. Jack gritted his teeth as three young men climbed into a gray BMW 3 Series sports car. It was Sophie's new boyfriend, David, with his friends. The three of them dismounted proudly, closing in on Jack. Meanwhile, Jack was still silent, just staring at David without blinking. He still remembered, how last night he was humiliated, beaten, and kicked out of his own engagement party. "Are you exercising in the morning with your trashed bicycle?" David's friends
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Chapter 5
Jack gulped at the very familiar voice in his ear. 'What is she looking for me for?' his mind began to worry.Claire, who had just entered the kitchen, immediately tapped Jack on the shoulder. “Why does your fiancé call you that? She sounded really angry. Did you guys fight?”Jack shook his head. “I-I will meet her.” He walked quickly forward. 'Isn't it enough to swear at me in front of the guests last night, that you still have to continue cursing in front of my customers.' He tried hard to contain his anger.Seeing Sophie standing between the customer's tables, something ached in a corner of his heart. Then, the image of Sophie's betrayal flashed through his head. However, Jack tried desperately to smile."Anyone can-"SLAP!The diners widened when they saw Jack slapped by Sophie. Without exception, Claire covered her mouth with both hands.It didn't stop there, Sophie also grabbed a glass of juice from the customer's table to splash Jack's face.“Bastard you huh! How dare you beat
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Chapter 6
Jack had packed some of the customer's pizza into a large box. Claire came over just as she was about to bring the box forward.“Did Mr. James cut your salary again? Does he scold you like Sophie? I'm sorry I can't do anything. I'm sorry, but I want to slap Sophie more than anyone."Jack smiled. He brought his mouth close to Claire's ear. "You have to do it for me.""Of course! Thank goodness you broke with her. If not, she will make things difficult for you. She won't eat pizza every day. She also won't want to live in your boarding house or sit on the back of your old bicycle."“Are you taunting or amusing me?”"I want to comfort you, but you deserve more to be ridiculed.""Shit ha ha! All right, I have to go now before Mr. James comes out and scolds me again."Jack carried the pizza box from the kitchen to the parking lot. The man hooked the rope of the box to his reed bicycle."Ready. Customers will smile to see their orders coming.”Jack was about to take his jacket to cover his
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Chapter 7
Immediately, everyone started to get whispered one another. They are in unison wondering who exactly that man with dirty clothes, but has a black card, and now acts as if he is so powerful. Many of them then assumed that Jack is a conglomerate in disguise, but not a few visitors who think Jack is a thief. What rich person really bothers to be a pizza delivery man? "Hey! Don't be impudent!” snapped the security guard very loudly. He walked quickly over to Jack. Without further ado he cuffed Jack’s hands. "If I had known that this beggar was actually a thief, I would have beaten you a long time ago." The security guard had raised his clenched fists, ready to punch Jack. A breath escaped Jack's mouth. “You will regret doing this to me.” "Not me but you. How dare you threaten Mrs. Nathalie. Now tell me, who owns the black card?! Or this stick will crack your skull!” Nathalie, who had shaken her hands for fear of losing her job, began to think that the security guard's allegations were
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Chapter 8
As if hearing Nathalie's words, the shop owner replied, "Do you know who the person you think is the thief?" He made Nathalie shake her head in misgivings. “He is Young Master Roodenburg!” This time Nathalie seemed to have forgotten the pain in her cheek. Her hands moved to the front of her gaping mouth. Her eyes now radiated fear that made her body tremble. Meanwhile, the visitors who had gossiped about Jack earlier began to slowly back away. They unanimously swallowed hard with fear greater than the word fear itself. “How can you accuse Young Master of stealing? On what basis do you dare to have him handcuffed like that?!” “M-master, I-I really don't know. You're right, I'm an idiot, an idiot, an idiot. I deserved to be spanked.” Nathalie hit herself on the head. “Right, that's very true. Therefore, this very second you are fired from this shop!” “B-but.” Nathalie did not continue her words. She quickly approached Jack to apologize. Being fired from her current job was a big d
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Chapter 9
The car Jack and Matthew were traveling in, caught the attention of pedestrians and other motorists along SweetRoad City. Although that area was relatively elite, the exterior design of the Veneno Roadster Lamborghini was hard to ignore.The sight made Jack smile goofily. Throughout his career as a pizza delivery man, this was the first time people had paid so much attention to his arrival. Usually, let alone being seen, the residents of that area would turn their faces away from him. Even if they looked at him, it would only be to berate him."Over there!" Jack excitedly pointed to a luxurious house that became the first customer to receive pizza from him.Matthew nodded in understanding. In his heart, he wanted to ask how long Jack would be working as a pizza delivery boy. However, of course he didn't dare to say it because he didn't feel entitled to it.When Matthew parked the car in front of the house of Jack’s customer, one by one the residents rushed out."Are they here to greet
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Chapter 10
Monday night, Jack was seen standing in front of the mirror in his boarding house. Ross had just installed the mirror a few days ago along with the other furniture. Jack scratched his forehead, which wasn't itchy. Again and again he grunted in annoyance. Actually, the man was ready to leave for the BlueLux Hotel for the meeting. However, the shadow of that dark night couldn't leave his head. Especially after his gaze shifted to the white coat Ross had hung on the wall. A breath escaped his mouth as well. Even though the suit had been cleaned of blood and drink stains, it didn't erase anything in his mind. Jack smiled bitterly. He held his cheeks as he continued to stare at his reflection in the mirror. Smack! He closed his eyes remembering Sophie slapping him hard in front of the King Pizza patrons. "No, that abomination will never happen to me again. It's all in the past. Even if I meet Sophie later, it won't affect me at all. She's not my person anymore." Jack linked the butto
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