The Deceitful Son-in-law

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The Deceitful Son-in-law

By: Godsent Odogiawa OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Watch how the almighty Weldom family crashes from top fifty to bottom ten," Richard thundered. "How are you going to do that? Rob us clean? You must be a joker," Victoria fired back." "Just sit back and watch." Richard, the Son-in-law of Lady Tashia was treated like an outcast and insulted even by servants. His rights where denied and he was oppressed. Unknown to them, the man they saw as a worthless piece of garbage was Davis Armstrong only son, the wealthiest man in benin city. He came Into the Weldom family in the disguise of a poor man for the sake of love. But gradually, his love his turned into passionate hatred and the Weldoms have succeeded to bring out the beast in him. Now, his missions are to make sure his father's killers rot in jail and the Weldoms pay for every single pain they caused him.


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Chapter 1
It was fifteen minutes past three, Richard stood in kitchen washing the dishes and checking the spicy chicken stew on the burner at the same time. He had to get the meal ready and the dishes cleaned before five. The Weldoms family, a lower first class family that runs the Weldoms business group had a business meeting at the place. Though the Weldoms family was a first-class family in Bee City, it was still a second class family compared to the top ten families in the city, which was topped by the Armstrong family with a net worth of five trillion dollars. From the door, Victoria, Richard's wife came in with more dishes in her hands. "You piglet, hurry up," she ordered, dropping the dishes with the others. "it will soon be time. When you are done see me, I have some dirty clothes that need to be washed." "Okay love," Richard replied. "What?" Victoria shot a withering glance at Richard. "I am sorry love.. sorry, ma," Richard apologized. "You better be," Victoria thundered.
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Chapter 2
The dinner hall meant for the meeting was filled with Victoria's relatives They were already seated, waiting for lady Tashia, the overall leader of the family's business group and her only surviving daughter, Mrs. Lucis. She took over the business group after the death of her husband and the empire met a great turn around but she was just as mean and cruel as her first granddaughter, she hated Richard with passion. "This place doesn't seem right, isn't there supposed to be a servant here, or are you going to attend to all of us," Rachael, Victoria's junior sister inquired. "She already got one, her garbage of a husband has nothing doing, he will take care of that," Charles noted. "Where is he, I didn't see him anywhere around when I came in," Rachael said. "I think Victoria locked him up for breaking a dish or doing something bad," Francisca joins the discussion. "Guys, don't you have any other thing to discuss apart from Richard, we came here to discuss something very impor
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Chapter 3
Richard crawled up the stairs to the room Ken requested to see him. When he got to the room, he was exhausted, streams of sweat running down his face. He unlocked the door and stepped into the room still on his knees. Immediately, Ken recognized his presence. He turned around and was shocked to see Richard on his knees. "Young master!" he exclaimed, helping Richard to get up. "Thanks, Ken," Richard appreciated. "Who did this to you," Ken requested. "There is no need to tell you, besides, if you knew, what will you do." "I will get the person arrested right away, these people are so inhuman, they have sold their souls to the devil. "There is no need for that Ken, I chose this path myself. So why did you call me up here?" "First master, I am very sorry for everything I said down there." "First, you don't have to be sorry," Richard chuckled. "You were only following my orders. Second, my name is Richard, I am not a young master, I will really appreciate it if you call me b
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Chapter 4
Ken journeyed down the stairs while Richard linger a little longer in the empty room. He planned to make the family go bankrupt and ranked the bottom ten but how will he execute his plans. He remembered that Victoria was still part of the family. He was sorry for all the pains he had cost her. Though she treated him like the rest of the family. He remembered the first few months they got married, she stood firmly behind him when her mom objected their marriage. Eventually, Mrs. Lucis flew out of the country and did not witness her daughter's wedding ceremony. For the first few months, Victoria showered him with love and Richard thought he made the best decision to get married to her. Until Mrs. Lucis returned and Victoria turned into what she is now. Richard sighed. Meanwhile, Ken had gotten to the dining hall, and everyone were almost done with their meal. "How did it go," Charles said sarcastically. "You guys were right, he is really a no-good fellow," Ken said. "I warned
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Chapter 5
When the meeting was over, Victoria and Richard stayed away from each. Victoria's countenance was indifferent so Richard could not tell if she was actually angry with him. Richard remained at the dining hall cleaning up the place. "I hope she doesn't get too angry, I just need more time," Richard thought. Meanwhile Victoria lay on the large bed video chatting with her cousin, Emmie, she was not opportune to attend the party. "How was the party," Emmie inquired. "It was successful," Victoria replied with a smile. "I can see through you and I don't need a soothsayer to know I wasn't." "How do you mean." "My sister told me everything that happened." Victoria sighed. "Then what is this chat for." "Victoria you can't keep doing this to yourself, you need to divoice that man and get someone more suitable for you. "I am not complaining." "Just looked at the embarrassment he caused you today. I was even informed that he made aunt faint at the party." "That is not what happe
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Chapter 6
" Wake up sleeping head," Richard heard someone screaming. It was Victoria and she was looking furious. Immediately Richard noticed that it was already morning and he was filled with awe. He had over slept. "I am very sorry Victoria, I will prepare your meal right away," Richard apologized. "Right now, do you know what the time is?" Victoria yelled. "I am very sorry," Richard apologized again. "Will your apology put food on my table? Oh, I know why you did this, cause I made you sleep on the floor in the kitchen right." "No, Victoria, I will never do that." "You want me to go to work on an empty stomach as a punishment right," Victoria said angrily and attempted to slap Richard but Richard stop hands halfway in the air. He was so emotionally down and he needed some love, not another trouble. Richard and Victoria exchanged a meaningful glances as they did when they first meant. Then Richard did the forbidden, he kissed Victoria passionately. At first, Victoria liked it t
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Chapter 7
Richard was exhausted. He just finished washing the pile of dirty clothes Victoria left before leaving for work. Clumsily, he journeyed to the master bedroom and fell face-up on the bed. "Life sucks," he exclaimed. Then, his phone rang. The caller was Victoria. "Hello," Richard greeted. "Please come get me for work, I am feeling dizzy and can't drive." "But," Richard tried to say something but he changed his mind. "Are you trying to say something?" "'Yes, how will I get to your office, I don't have money to get a cab." "That's why I called you two hours earlier, you know what to do," Victoria ended and hanged up. When Richard eventually got to the office, he was in-between life and death. Victoria was already standing beside the car. She was staring at her wristwatch. "What took you so long? Or did you go to visit a female friend?" Richard was mute. Please start the car, I am exhausted. Richard got into the car and started the engine. Halfway through their journey,
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Chapter 8
"So what are you going to do about Richard," Rachael continued. "That would not pose a problem, we will cross that bridge when we get to it." "The fact that he took my Virginity will be enough to convince him that I am not married before now. As for Richard, a few dollars will shut him up," Victoria thought. "I will break this good news to mum tomorrow," Rachael ended and hung up. "Why are you staring at me that way," Victoria inquired. "I never knew the woman I got married to was this shameless." "Call me shameless again and you will rot the jail and I assure you, nobody will miss you." "But I thought you hated the Armstrong family," Richard said. "When did we discuss anything about the Armstrongs," Victoria inquired. "During our courtship." "I said that because I was jealous. But that doesn't matter now, I will soon be married to one of them." "You won't dare," Richard threatened. "You don't have to worry, I will persuade grandma to compensate you with a milli
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Chapter 9
At late Mr. Davis Armstrong's Villa. At about three am, Ken pulled the cover away from his body, so as not to disturb Danxo, the man assigned to keep a close eye on him. His mission tonight was to take a shot of the evidence that states Williams as Mr. Davis's true murderer and send It to Richard. It was a short note written by Mr. Davis with his signature before his death. Ken knew he would not be able to keep it for long in the Villa, before one of Willam's guards find it. When he returned to the Villa, he informed Williams that he had been away for a while because his mother was very sick and the former owner of the Villa permitted him to go and take care of his sick mother. Though Williams had some doubt about the former security officer, Ken knew he was going to retain him. Especially, to keep a close eye on him. Immediately Ken was retained, he was assigned to share a new room with Danxo but he knew that his new roommate's mission was to keep a close eye on him. A countl
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Chapter 10
It was Saturday morning. Richard sat down on the sofa hmming a sorrowful tune as tears flow down freely from his eyes as he remembered the death of his father and what Victoria did to him the previous night. He had decided not to do anything today, even if it means the house would be covered with dust. It didn't matter anymore, Victoria had decided to divorce him. Meanwhile, Victoria remained in her room, bursting into short laughter at regular intervals. She was chatting with her friend Elsa. Richard knew the laughter was made towards annoying him but he refused to be moved. Then, the doorbell rang. Reluctantly, he answered the call and his eyes met with someone he did not want to see, not today. It was Lady Tashia and her bad mouth. "Good morning grandma, great to see that you are looking happy today," Richard complimented trying to fake a happy look. "Do you mean I am always sad?" the old lady returned coldly. "I think it is high time you are kicked out of this house. Such a w
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