Rise of the Eternal Monarch

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Rise of the Eternal Monarch

By: GrandSky OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Zayn's life was pretty much planned out. He thought that with enough time, he could do anything he set out to do. But destiny threw a wrench in his plans as he finds out that he has been bound to an Ethereal Seed, one part of one of the greatest sources of power in the universe. And now he must fight to save himself, while discovering the mysteries that lay within him.

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Chapter 1: Battle
Chapter 1: Battle Looking out through the vast expanse of the galaxy, billions of faint glowing lights could be seen, evidence of the stars that lit up the dark recesses of space. Asteroids could be seen drifting, sometimes clashing with each other, giving the somewhat dark place a chaotic feeling. Planets could be seen maintaining vast distances with one another, some inhabitable, others desolate. On a rocky planet, vast amounts of spaceships could be seen around its atmosphere, most of them looking incredibly flashy and futuristic.Thousands of satellite looking objects were positioned at various corners of this planet. Two men stood on the terrain of a savannah like area, facing each other like birds of prey. One of them had silky waist length crimson red hair, that glistened under the light, giving off a cool feeling. He looked to be like someone in his thirties and wore a calm expression on his face that looked as if nothing could faze him. The coat-tails of his luxurious blac
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Chapter 2: Menace
Chapter 2: Menace Blare! The sounds of police car sirens resounded through the streets as a group of cars chased a figure in a black motorcycle that revved at high speeds. A figure rode on the motorcycle as he deftly manoeuvred around the busy streets of Night City, chasing after a flamboyant car that hovered a few inches off the ground while being pursued by a bunch of red and blue vehicles that relentlessly tried to capture him. The figure took out a gun with faint pulsing blue lights of its barrel, and shot at the flamboyant car. The bullets pulsated with a blue glow, with trace evidence of an electromagnetic nature of some sort. The bullets clashed against the car's body, causing faint sparks to appear. The roof of the car suddenly opened, and two men holding guns violently shot glowing purple bullets that whizzed speedily towards the figure in the motorcycle. The figure in the motorcycle made a swift turn, and easily manoeuvre around the bullets, which hit against one of t
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Chapter 3: Arrest
Chapter 3: ArrestThe figure quietly looked at the police vehicles  that stopped in front of him. Groups of cold faced police officers looked at him with piercing cold eyes.Dressed in cool looking armor, with a design of blue, red and black colours that looked aesthetically pleasing to the eye and a holster that each held a gun of some sort on their waists, the police radiated an intimidating aura.The word "police" was beautifully printed on the backs of the armor in a milky white colour as the ranks of each officer was attached to the left arms of the armor in a dark purple red theme.All in all, with their imposing demeanor, the police looked like people one would not easily provoke, and yet the figure was calm, unfazed even, as he stared at them with blue lights."I will only say this once more. It would be in your best interest if you were to lay down your weapons and surrender." The husky voice spoke again, this time from one of the car
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Chapter 4: Skylark Academy
Chapter 4: Skylark Academy"Zayn! Zayn! Come down and get your breakfast so you can get ready for school! We don't wanna be late now do we?" A faint shouting voice resounded in Zayn's ears as he groggily mumbled."Mm...mm...Yes...I'm a princess...a pretty little princess..." He grinned sleepily."ZAYN! Get the hell down here!" A loud voice screamed."Huh? Huh? Mm...coming!" He said faintly as he rubbed his eyes."Sigh. Another boring day." He got down from his bed, stretched his waist and did a brief morning workout. Rushing into the bathroom, he grabbed his toothbrush from a small robot, sloshing toothpaste on it as he began to brush his teeth. Washing his face with some water and removing his clothes, he smiled as he looked at the mirror.The mirror reflected the tall slender figure of an eighteen year old, with faint abs on his body and a prominent tattoo of an eagle like bird spreading its four wings on his back. His face was slightly handsome, with dark eyes and silky shoulder l
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Chapter 5: Team Black
Chapter 5: Team Black"So hey dawgs! How've you been these past three months? Getting ready to breakthrough to Beta grade?" Kai asked enthusiastically as he looked at Zayn and Lynn."Not exactly there yet. But it wouldn't be too much of a stretch if you were to say that I am half a foot into the Beta." Zayn said lazily."Well, I think that you would be pleasantly surprised to find out that I am in the Gamma grade, level II to be prescise." Kai said with undisguised narcissism."Yay! Good for you." Zayn replied sarcastically."Hey, what's that mean?" Kai glared at Zayn with mock anger."It means what it means." Zayn closed his eyes."It means you're jealous. You're finally the weakest among us. Ha! How's that feel?" Kai laughed."..." Zayn kept mute.Seeing that Zayn wasn't going to accede to his antics, Kai's eyes turned to Lynn."How about you? What level have you reached?" He inquired."Beta level III." Lynn coldly spoke."Huh? Shit! You're above me again? What food do you eat to in
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Chapter 6: EsGen
Chapter 6: EsGen A man in his late twenties, with short brown hair and a trim beard, said with a glint in his eye as he greeted the students curtly. "Alright. To the main business of today." As the students murmured amongst themselves, a few robotic assistants entered the room carrying a box made out of a strange metal alloy.The robots approached the man and laid the box before him. The students immediately quietened down. The man, seeing as he had gotten their attention, gradually opened the box.Click!A white mist immediately escaped the opening, seeping into the surroundings and dissipating into the air a few seconds after. "As you all know, humans discovered the ability to "merge" their genetic signatures with that of mutated beasts, and in doing so, can temporarily or permanently gain their powers, enhancing their overall capability. Over the years, the method to do this has been refined to the point of near perfection. Which brings us to this..." He mysteriously said as he
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Chapter 7: Picking A Fight
Chapter 7: Picking A Fight.After some dos and don'ts and some more blah, blah, blah, the debriefing soon came to an end. "Oh, lest I forget. Your ranks come with more privileges this time. Ranks 1 to 20 get a 10% discount, 21-36 get a 5% discount and 37-45 get a 2% discount when purchasing a gene symbiote." He smiled to the students, successfully the fires of rivalry in their hearts.Ah! Igniting the flames of chaos. Such a noble effort. I think I should be given an award! He thought narcissistically."Good luck to you all. You're going to need it. More than you've ever expected." The man said mysteriously as he prepared to leave the hall."Wait! You said that there are..." Zayn tried to ask another question but was duly interrupted by the man."My work is done here. You want more information, you earn it. Don't bother me with questions." The man's silhouette gradually disappeared from their vision."Seems like you annoyed Mr Ted. Were you doing that on purpose?" Kai smiled."Nah.
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Chapter 8: Murderous Impulse State
Chapter 8: Murderous Impulse State"He's really cool isn't he?" Stars shone in the girl's eyes as she looked at Zayn's appearance."I see you're a fan. You wanna know something?" Kai looked at the girl.I am clearly the more handsome one, but why do all the girls fall for him? He thought with a tinge of jealousy.This is payback. I'mma steal this girl from you. Yeah. Kai smiled."What? What?" The girl eagerly approached Kai, but soon blushed red in embarrassment. What was wrong with her today? I need to calm my head down. She thought."I was the one that designed the outfit. The mask was all him though." Kai said mysteriously."Really? So cool! Wait! You're Kai? And he's Lynn? OMG! I can't believe I'm sitting beside you guys!" The girl smiled."Nah. Don't worry about it. We're very cool people." Kai said with a laugh."But why is that guy challenging Zayn if Zayn is that strong?" She asked curiously."You wanna know? But don't tell anyone ok? It's a very mysterious super secret!" Kai
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Chapter 9: Beatdown
Chapter 9: Beatdown"But why are you telling me this?" Lea asked Kai timidly."Don't worry about it. Pretty much everyone in our class knows, or... those that have been with Zayn at least." Kai smiled.'They don't know everything though. Think of it as doing you a favor.' Kai thought wryly."Oh. Ok then." She said somewhat disappointedly.The students were in an uproar. They looked at the bright spear which floated in the air and landed on Ronaldo's hand in shock. "Oh my God! Did he just release his genetic energy and imbue it into his weapon? Yeah, he may be a Beta, but isn't that like...too soon? What Energy Training Technique does he practice anyway?""I dunno. But that move was freaking cool! The machine had no time to react before the spear just busted its head up!"Similar discussions could be heard amongst the students as they excitedly discussed the fight."But I think he made that other guy very angry." A voice said as everyone turned to look at Zayn, who was clad in a black
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Chapter 10: Dark Angel
Chapter 10: Dark Angel 'What? Where...am...I?' 'I think...I was fighting against that guy...and then...' 'All of a sudden, I couldn't feel anything.' 'Am I dead? It...does seem like it.' 'Then?...what is that light I see?' 'Is that...what they call the afterlife?' 'Heaven?' 'Who...what...am...I? Ahh!' I could feel my eyes open, a slight pain stinging them from the effects of the bright light that shone in front of me. Was that the sun? I didn't know. When my eyes fully opened, I could see a man, or was it a boy? Standing, right in front of me, with a windbreaker draped over his shoulder, and his hair tied into a bun. He had a frighteningly evil look on his face that scared me to the bone. My neck hurt from the way he choked me with his hands. I tried to struggle, but I felt so weak I couldn't do anything. All of a sudden, I could remember... It was him! It was he that put me in this state! How dare he do this to me! I'll kill him! I'll fucking kill him! I tried to
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