Rising System: Billionaire Supreme Revenge

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Rising System: Billionaire Supreme Revenge

By: shenny_widi OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Aarav is seen as a useless parasite to everyone, including his wife who is having an affair with a rich man. Just one day after being falsely accused of going to prison and bullying, the death of his mother, and having his restaurant confiscated by the bank because of debts, a powerful money system suddenly emerged. Ever since the system came into existence, Aarav has come to know a dark secret his family has been keeping. Now he has a goal: to make sure that people, including the black organization that killed his father, pay for what they did.

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  • Dhruv


    Awesome book

    2023-09-13 16:04:13
  • Robert


    Another writer that doesn’t know how to use pronouns!!

    2023-07-30 07:37:56
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172 chapters
Chapter 1: One Worse Cheated Day
Aarav is fully aware that what he is facing now is not a dream.In the middle of the crowd in the classic living room, with a face that didn't understand the situation, Aarav stood watching Ella. Aarav remembers very well that today is the third anniversary of their marriage. However, Aarav instead finds Ella at the family gathering of the Northlay Family.All eyes were on Aarav, and the man was well aware of the look of disdain on the Northlay Great Family's face.Unfortunately Aarav doesn't really care about that. The only question Aarav had was who was the man who held Ella's hand without getting that rejection?"Ella, tell me, what exactly happened?" Aarav asked Ella urgently.Ella grimaced slightly awkwardly, looking around. Aarav's presence was not something he expected. He remembered very well that today they were both supposed to celebrate their wedding anniversary.Although Ella never wanted a celebration for their wedding anniversary."You shouldn't have come, Aarav" Ella re
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Chapter 2: Now, He Has Nothing But Shameful Treatment
Aarav was at a loss for words when five policemen stood before him. Everyone in the room was watching Aarav with shock and disbelief. They whispered to each other, and their talk was how bad Aarav was. Unfortunately Aarav still can't understand what's really going on. Everything that happened was too shocking tonight. He didn't feel he had made any fatal mistakes. How could the police suddenly come to him? "On what charge am I being held, sir?" asked Aarav in a slightly panicked tone. "You were detained on charges of being involved in the illegal business of distributing liquid crystal methamphetamine via electric cigarettes produced by the Volkavert Group, where you work." A policeman explained firmly while preparing handcuffs. When the cop in front of him asked to lend a hand Aarav was still silent. Of course Aarav didn't want to give in and just allowed himself to be subjected to such baseless accusations. "Wait, I never did that" Aarav said trying to keep his hands away from
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Chapter 3: This Is A NightMare
[REVISI] This jail was so quiet. Since the last argument between Aarav and one of the inmates in this cell, he had not spoken at all. His breathing was still unsteady and his heart was pumping fast. Aarav's mind was a complete mess right now. In the corner of the prison cell, he had deliberately pulled over and refused to join the other four inmates. The situation he was facing now was not fully digestible. All this time, Aarav had never imagined himself in jail. Although his job title was only as an office boy in the office, he never thought of making money by involving himself in the narcotics cases of company officials. Instead, he was accused out of nowhere of drug involvement. Aarav let out a frustrated breath as he rubbed his face. No matter how much he tried to accept this incident, the other side of his heart still felt anger for the accusation. "Damn, this isn't fair," Aarav grumbled very quietly, almost sounding like a whisper, as his hands covered his face. On the oth
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Chapter 4: Who The Fu*ck That Strange Man?
Aarav was stunned for a few seconds.Gradually, the atmosphere of tension in this room faded. Nobody said anything. Prisoner Man 2233 took a step back in the same shock. While the other three prisoners just stood there without saying anything."How come..." Prisoner Man 2233 trailed off. He looked at Aarav and the Chief Warden who were talking."Who exonerated me?" Aarav immediately interrupts Prisoner Man 2233's words.The warden who spoke lowered his hands slowly. The look on his face showed hesitance to explain to Aarav."I can't explain to you," replied the warden. Through his sharp eyes, the warden continued, "But, he has brought evidence that you did not carry out the illegal business accusation."Hearing the warden's explanation, Aarav still couldn't believe it. How can someone set him free? So far, Aarav only knows people who always underestimate him. He had no connections with other important people.Moreover, Ella's family.Aarav finds it impossible for Ella's family to exon
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Chapter 5: Lost His Life
Patient's name:Juliana Kurt Hangrill.Disease:Leaky heart disease.Total Cost of Treatment (Surgery, Medicine, Outpatient, and Intensive Hospital):$22,694.85Patient Status:Died at 09:12 pm.Aarav's heart sank after getting a notification paper from the hospital. Aarav froze on the spot while holding the history data of the patient who is none other than his mother."We have tried to perform an operation to save the patient's illness, but because the operation was carried out beyond the maximum day limit so that the patient's heart condition was getting weaker, the patient could no longer be saved."Aarav doesn't know what to say. His gaze lingered on the caption 'dead' under the patient's status. Guilt hit his heart because he remembered the warning the doctor gave him last month."Seeing that his condition was quite severe, we had to perform surgery on the patient.""But I don't have the money to pay for the operation yet. Is there still a chance for me to make some extra money?
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Chapter 6: Everything Getting More Worse
"Aarav, my condolences on the loss of your mother."Juliana's funeral, Aarav's mother, was very quiet. Besides Aarav, there are only two siblings of his late father. Not many families come, because Aarav doesn't have many people who care about him."Thank you Aunt Racha" Aarav replied without looking at Aunt Racha.Aunt Racha exhaled while lowering her hand on Aarav's right shoulder. He looked at Aarav somewhat annoyed, also feeling guilty."I'm sorry Auntie for not being able to help with your mother's medical expenses," Aunt Racha said again.Aarav looks like he doesn't want to respond to Aunt Racha's words. His gaze remained fixed on the tombstone bearing Juliana's name. There was a rather large bouquet of pink flowers placed in front of Aarav's mother's tombstone.While looking at Juliana's grave, Aarav still thinks about an anonymous person helping him. Since he was in the hospital to carry out the process of going to Juliana's funeral, until now that Juliana has been buried, no
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Chapter 7: His Family Big Secret
So, Marcolin is Watson's subordinate who is ordered to meet Aarav. Marcolin paid the entire payment for Juliana's treatment costs. More precisely, it was Watson who gave the money to Marcolin.Not only that. What exonerates Aarav from false accusations is Marcolin as well.Aarav doesn't know where Marcolin can get proof that he is not in the illegal narcotics business. However, Aarav believes that Watson has so much power that he can bring himself out of prison bars."You couldn't possibly have connections with someone as important as Watson," said Aarav. Of course, so far Juliana doesn't look like important people in business."Mr. Watson," Marcolin corrected in a slightly irritated tone. "You have to address him properly. He's the one who helped you."Aarav really didn't care to hear Marcolin's orders. He rolled his eyes, between annoyed and lazy."Whatever it is, I still call him by name. The most important thing is that I don't call him by names other than his name," argued Aarav.
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Chapter 8: There's No Way But More Suffering
[WATSON WILLIAMEXECUTIVE MANAGERThe Washlon Tech Company]Aarav reads the business card in his hand repeatedly. However Aarav thought of how Juliana could get to know Watson, he still couldn't find a logical possibility. He even slapped his cheeks twice because he felt that all this incident was a dream.Unfortunately, Aarav knows what he is facing now is reality."Mother... why didn't you tell me anything?" muttered Aarav while walking down the sidewalk of the shophouses. "I think, although my life is not easy, there are no confusing secret things like this."Now, Aarav really couldn't think straight.His feelings are worried. Even though he had firmly rejected Marcolin's offer, for some reason it still felt like something was bothering him. Especially when Marcolin mentioned his father's death.Has his family always had connections with people in big companies?So, why did his parents continue to live a life of poverty?"Hah..." Aarav let out a rough breath as he raised his head.
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Chapter 9: The Deal Between Aarav and Watson
In the end Aarav has no other choice after incident after incident happened to him since yesterday. "Mr. Watson, the person you wished to meet has arrived." After Marcolin said through the screen of the box that served as a communication link, a towering and large door slowly opened. Aarav could hardly believe the shape of Watson's office had a door with a three-dimensional carved Greek motif, gilded at several points. Aarav somehow became restless while waiting for the door to open. The location of Watson's office which was quite far from the general location of the company's employees made him unsure. 'Is this person going to harm me?' That's what Aarav thought as he looked at the door. After both sides of the door opened to reveal a wide expanse of room, Aarav was taken aback. But his surprise didn't last long after Marcolin tapped him on the shoulder. Aarav follows Marcolin's steps. Behind him were four male bodyguards. I don't know if Watson was really worried about his saf
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Chapter 10: Accountless Money System Has Been Activated
[PHONE SYSTEM INSTALLATION HAS COMPLETED][WE WILL SEND YOU MISSIONS THAT YOU MUST DO WITHIN THE DETERMINED TIME][IF YOU PASS THE TIME DEADLINE, YOU WILL BE GIVEN A PENALTY THAT HAS BEEN DETERMINED BY THE COMPANY]Aarav hears system sound coming from his mobile. Moments ago, as Aarav again had no other choice, he agreed to Watson's offer.[M-BANKING BALANCE][$1,000,000]Aarav needs to know what secrets his family is hiding. And, the only way is to cooperate with Watson. Not only that, Aarav can't shake off the curiosity of just who was laying the false accusations against him.With only the funds Watson gave him, Aarav can reclaim the one thing he treasures: a small restaurant business.Those who destroyed his life must pay for their actions. Aarav can't let them live a quiet life, whereas he must end up facing Juliana's death."System installation on your phone is complete." Watson, who had earlier installed the system directly on Aarav's phone, spoke. "With this system on your pho
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