Son-in-law Of The Richest Family

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Son-in-law Of The Richest Family

By: Suzzy CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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The Five-year engagement is over, says the mother-in-law. You useless person, leave my home as soon as possible. Six days later, the Son-in-law became the head of a wealthy Family. The Mother-in-law pleaded for forgiveness. Good Son-in-law, I beg you not to leave my daughter. Will he be able to forgive her? Read the book to find out.

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  • Weng


    Super captivating right at the start!

    2024-01-02 08:47:36
  • Rex Magnus


    The book is great. Highly recommended for readers that love Mc who like to keep their low-key at all time

    2023-10-16 14:12:12
  • Charles Ken


    Ok but not so good

    2023-10-01 13:02:27
  • xman


    Pls don't make ur ML another Charlie Wade junior. N pls be fair to Eleanor's character. Pls don't turn her to be another Claire. I value love bonding n trustworthy r/ship husband n wife. Latest chapter 96/99 was so unfair to Eleanor. Quite disappointed wt the way Andrew looked at other woman.

    2023-11-21 01:07:40
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276 chapters
"Young Master, the Shalford Family is in great trouble.Please go back."Yes, Young Master Andrew, the entire family is counting on you.""The old patriarch said that if you return, the position of family head will be yours"In front of Andrew was a sleek black Rolls-Royce, with several elderly men standing at the door, their faces filled with pleading.Andrew, on the other hand, was wearing flip-flops and carrying four large bags of vegetables, looking at the scene in front of him expressionlessly."Go back You only think of asking me to return now?"Andrew snorted coldly.He could never forget the scene of being kicked out of the Shalford Family. Now that the Shalford Family was in trouble, they came to beg him."Get lost as far as you can!""Andrew, why are you always so slow? You've been gone for so long just to buy vegetables?"As soon as he got home, Andrew saw his mother-in-law Salome sitting on the sofa, cracking sunflower seeds with an impatient look on her face."Mom, I'm so
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Disco Club.It took Andrew only a minute to find out where Eleanor had gone.As one of the most exclusive private clubs in Mali, frequented by the wealthy and powerful, Andrew didn't know why Eleanor had come here so late, but he still walked in past the disdainful face of the security guard at the door.On the third floor of the club, a group of people were standing. When they saw Eleanor, Andrew stopped in his tracks."Is it not resolved yet?""No, Sister Eleanor. No matter what we say, Coven Company says they don't have enough evidence and we have to wait for a month. But a month later, it will be too late, Esther said with a grievance."They also said that if you don't come in person, this matter will be dropped."Finally, you're here, CEO Eleanor. We've invited you three times,' a young man in a suit at the door said with a smile. Our boss is in a private room. "Please follow me.""Daniel, don't talk in that sarcastic tone. I've investigated it. Your company doesn't lack evide
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Andrew glanced lightly and kicked his leg over, seemingly indifferent to this extremely dangerous scene."Crack---" The sound of bones breaking echoed throughout the room."Ah! My leg, my leg" The leader of the gang fell to his knees, holding his leg in agony and rolling around, his screams echoing.Andrew took a step to the left and swung a fist, colliding with another thug's fist in mid-air.The bone-chilling sound of bones shattering rang out again, and the thug slammed into the wall, his body almost folding in half, his head drooping limply, his life hanging in the balance.Two people were eliminated in an instant. After seeing this scene, the faces of the other thugs were filled with shock. What's going on?Didn't they say that the son-in-law of the Shalford family was a useless person? How could he be so powerful?"A bunch of useless people, what use do I have for keeping you? Come on, attack!"Jackson pointed at Andrew and roared, his voice hoarse.However, the thugs were fri
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The one who reached out and knocked down the gift was John, and the expressions on everyone's faces also became stunned."You, useless son-in-law, how dare youbring such a gift? Don't you understand the rules? The Adams family only accepts gifts from the Adam family John sneered coldly."And, is this gift worth over ten thousand?""Not yet, this is a customized gold needle that I specially had polished for Nine hundred dollars." Andrew truthfully replied."Hahaha!"Before Andrew could finish speaking, John burst into laughter, " Nine hundred dollars?You can even afford such a shabby gift? Oh, right, I shouldn't be laughing at you, because you are a useless bum who doesn't even have an income. I'm afraid you got the money from the Salome family, right?""Of course, he doesn't have a job, and if he doesn't rely on our family to support him, where would he get the money?" Salome also sneered from the side.Suddenly, the looks in the eyes of those around them towards Andrew were fil
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Andrew stood in the hallway for a moment and saw Roxwell running up to the sixth floor in a hurry."Young Master Andrew, I finally see you!" Roxwell tightly held Andrew's hands in excitement. "If it weren't for you, I, Roxwell, would never have achieved what I have today.After I left the Shalford family back then, I tried every means to find you, but I never thought that today, today.Roxwell's eyes were slightly wet, and he couldn't say anything more."In these years, I joined the army" Andrew waved his hand and said indifferently, Old Roxwell, back then in the Shalford family, I just gave you some casual advice."Your achievements today are all due to your efforts.""No! Young Master Andrew, I will never forget your kindness to me. " Roxwell's kept shaking his head." "Okay, you're a seventy-something-year-old man crying in front of me. Passersby might think I'm bullying the elderly" Andrew joked,"Also, I haven't been the Shalford family's young master for a long time. From no
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An hour later, all Ten golden needles were removed from the acupoints, and the bright golden light in the room gradually dimmed.Andrew let out a long breath, the treatment was over, and Master Adam's toxicity had been expelled. It was only a matter of time before he woke up."I'm really tired. It's been a long time since I've exerted so much effort to save someone," Andrew said.He pushed open the door and saw the Adam family members gathered outside, all looking anxious."Dr. Roxwell's, you finally came out!""Dr. Roxwell, how is my grandfather?"The crowd didn't even pay attention to Andrew and went straight to Roxwell, who was standing behind him."It went smoothly. It's finally resolved Master Adam is still inside, but I estimate he will wake up soon," Roxwell's said, waving his hand. "But this time, it's all thanks to Mr. Andrew Without him, we wouldn't have been able to save Master Adam."As Roxwell spoke, he glanced at his phone and saw dozens of missed calls. He slapped hi
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Others couldn't see it, but James knew very well that if they delayed any longer, Master Adam would become a corpse!"Thud! Thud!"James's head was pounding, and he coughed up blood!Everyone stood up, completely stunned. The only sound left in the hospital room was the dull echo.James, kneeling?And he called this useless person a miracle doctor."Dr. Andrew, I'm sorry I was wrong. You are a great person, please help us," James begged, banging his head on the ground."Please, I beg you," he continued.He knew that if Master Adam died, he would become a murderer. All his past fame and glory would be gone forever.The young people in the ward were stunned.One moment, James was confident and the next, he was kneeling before Dr. Andrew.They couldn't keep up with the sudden change.Salome, the mother-in-law, was confused.She didn't understand what was going on."I didn't want to help you, but Master Adam shouldn't die," Dr. Andrew said calmly.He walked over to Master Adam and held hi
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In the most luxurious office of the Gipper Cooperation, a senior gentleman in a black suit sat across from Andrew. He exuded an air of sophistication and refinement in every gesture and word."Alpha, you finally agreed to see me," the old man said excitedly.His name was Alpha, one of the butlers of the Shalford family and the main person in charge of their operations in the Mali district.Andrew felt a bit uneasy in the opulent surroundings of the office and the old man's respectful address. He got straight to the point, "I need your help with something.""Alpha as long as you ask, the Shalford family will spare no effort to assist you," Alpha replied without hesitation.Andrew nodded, not surprised by the response. "I need some money, and as for the amount, you can decide. "Also, I want you to take care of something for me at the Mali branch of your company""Of course, no problem! Regarding the money, I will talk to the master and have it transferred to you within five minutes.
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After arriving at the location, all the dishes were already served in the private room."Oh, Andrew is here Salome, is this the useless person you were talking about earlier?"Salome had invited all the nearby neighbors and had heard of Andrew before. When she saw him come in, she smiled and greeted him.Andrew nodded in greeting and silently sat down next to Eleanor."Don't mind him, let's continue eating"Salome coldly snorted. She couldn't stand the sight of Andrew and wished she could kick him out right now."By the way, Salome, you invited us here today for a special guest, right?""I heard from Salome that there's someone special coming."A slightly chubby woman leaned towards Salome, curious about who the special guest was."Don't worry, he'll be here soon," Salome smiled."Salome, Madam, you're making me so anxious,""Yes."Just as everyone was curious about who the special guest was, there was a sudden knock on the door. Salome immediately stood up from her chair and eagerl
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"Find a job for me? Who do you think you are?" The cold words of Andrew rang in Dean's ears, causing everyone's eyebrows to jump.What did he just say?Eleanor, holding a wine glass in her jade hand, also paused in mid-air and turned her head to look at Andrew, a hint of surprise flashing through her heart.Salome was directly infuriated and beganto curse, "You useless waste, what are you talking about? Deane kindly offered to help you find a job, and you don't appreciate it worthy? You think you're something, and even look down on him? Are you relying on Eleanor to support you every day without working?"Andrew, you're going too far." She's right, you rely on your wife to support you and still act high and mighty."A waste is a waste, even if you give him an opportunity, he won't be of any use."The crowd either despised or persuaded and in their eyes,Andrew had become a complete failure, not only without a career but also self-proclaimed high and mighty.They couldn't believe h
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