A Devil That Always Wake Up

“U-Ugly... how dare you say this, are you tired of living already? I'll tear your smooth body to pieces, and after that I'll give you a horrible death, don't expect any mercy for you…”

Alicia didn't talk much anymore, she just kept releasing arrows. Destroy the building that the arrow penetrated.

Gladio narrowed her eyes, there was a stream of energy she saw speeding up when the arrow was released.

“So you've come far enough to improve! It's not bad for you who are able to improve, I think that if you continue to believe you will definitely be able to make significant changes, and this matter will be quite serious!”

Alicia continues to fight that devil consistently.

Things! Things...

Through its sturdy claws, every arrow that comes its way can be easily brushed aside, this is a very annoying thing.

However, Alicia wouldn't stop, she continued to release a large number of arrows.

“Tch... really pisses other people off...”

A sound wave so powerful that its frequency could send an incomi
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