Soul Eater

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Soul Eater

By: Azure Luster OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Their battle had been long enough, there was still no word to give up. Two rulers who have opposing powers and have different personalities, each time their swords collide will produce bright light mixed with dark sparks. It's a phenomenon that people under the clouds see are amazed, but it doesn't leave an impression of horror that always surrounds the body. The battle they did began to find the point of who the winner. Inshisura accidentally let his guard down which ended up making a single stab of the sword enter his body, he was pushed down and hit the ground.

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Cursed Kid
A gust of wind on a very quiet night. That night, there was good news for the husband who was going to have a child. "Aaargh!" The scream of a woman who was trying to give birth to her child, the clouds began to shift, the moonlight and the small expanse of stars in the sky closed when heard it. Rain began to fall, strong winds and the sound of thunder seemed to be cheering for the birth of the child.  “Owaa…!” After trying hard enough, the child was finally born. The presence of this new life gave a bad feeling to some who were said to be Sovereigns. "Uh!" The man who was sitting dreamily on his chair became very surprised. "What's this? Has a new power emerged?” The man's hands trembled, that feeling could only arise when he encountered a very strong opponent.Not only did that man feel a great power, he also
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A Nightmare You Don't Wants to See
“Hmm… what a shame this territory had to be destroyed!” A person was hovering above the clouds with pure white wings like a dove, he was observing a small village that looked like a toy. “Master Zeradas is terrified of this village! What actually happened?” The man then raised his right hand. Massive clumps of energy began to appear, the energy was in the form of a giant black ball. Everyone in the village became pensive at the strange object that was above their heads. Shshhhs! Then… "Uh? What's that sound?" Kaboom! A big explosion occurred. The explosion swept away the houses of the residents, no one could survive the explosion, everything was flattened in the blink of an eye. “Huh… I think it's all over!” A satisfied smile appeared on the man's face watching the humans who just vanished. “There will be no survivors from the Great Force. Now I better head back!” The man then immediately left the location. *** Everything is level with the ground. The houses were destroyed, th
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Was That Incident Real?
After a few minutes of silence behind the wall, the boy started to come out. He ventured to approach the old man. An uneasy feeling haunted him. If he doesn't apologize right away, then there's no reason for him to stay there. The old man had a serious face with his hands behind his back. “I-I'm sorry!” said slowly from the child with eyes that looked down regretfully. “Huh… why are you peeking at my activities?” The old man who had looked quite good had now turned into a furious lion. “Hmm…!” There was no response, the child was too afraid to answer. So far, he has only received insults and insults, every time he says high-pitched words that are unpleasant to hear, the child can only be silent. What's more, this matter was purely his fault. He accidentally saw the activities of someone who should not be known to him. "Huh! In that case!" The old man felt that his words might have been too harsh on the child. He saw that the boy had absolutely no intention of going against his wo
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The Damage From Soul That Begins Waver
The next day the weather looked better. After heavy rains flushed the entire land, now the sun's rays returned to provide warmth for all living things. Gladio smiled to himself when he saw the sunlight that had just risen. His body felt comfortable when the light touched his skin gently. "I don't know how long I haven't felt all this!" Gladio remembered that he often waited for sunlight when he was in the basement, the small gap that always gave off the warm light of the sun became a sweet memory in his brain. Not long after, footsteps were heard from behind. Gladio turned around slowly, the figure of a bearded man was staring at him while his feet were still walking. “Gladio, like I said yesterday, today we will be doing magic training!” Artorius looked at the sunlight. “Lucky today the weather looks really good!” "Uh?"When Artorius said that his eyes looked deep and serious as if he was looking at the enemy he was about to fight. After that little conversation, they immediatel
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Test Your Mental And Soul
After realizing that the potential in Gladio's body was more terrifying than he thought. Artorius decides to take Gladio somewhere. The journey takes about 5 to 7 days. Along the way, Gladio looked down with withered eyes. The boy couldn't understand at all what had happened to him. His right hand was still throbbing, but it had calmed down much more than before. "Krik! Krik! Krik!”The sound of crickets singing was like the sound of a night goddess singing. Gladio didn't say anything at all even on a quiet night, on the fifth day they walked there wasn't the slightest look of joy or excitement in his eyes. Artorius also feels guilty for forcing Gladio to become his disciple. If Artorius hadn't taught him magic, maybe Gladio wouldn't have felt the pain in his hand. “Huh…!” Artorius sighed and looked up at the moon that lit them up. “What a beautiful weather!” He tried to open the topic of conversation, but Gladio just looked down and stared at the small bonfire that kept on swayin
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That Ability Used To Kill or Vice Versa
What is justice, what is truth, and why is this world full of suffering. Those were all things that was on Gladio's mind, he really felt the emotions exploding in his heart. His body seemed to fall from a height of thousands of meters, there was absolutely no sense of tension or fear. The end of the waterfall can't be seen, it's all white, which Gladio continues to pass."Why was I born in this world?" The memories of everything in his head began to string into a sad storyline. Gladio feels sad to see his parents have to suffer. "If only I wasn't born into this world, surely they would be happy!" He didn't understand what made fate so cruel to him. Gladio's eyes were closed, a single tear dripped from the membrane of his eye. "It's enough! I don't want to see everything!” "Get up!"A soft voice started calling out Gladio's name. "Uh!" He spontaneously opened his eyes. A beautiful-looking woman was already staring at him, a sweet smile etched clearly on her face. Gladio got up and g
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The Unexpected Encounter
Gladio and Irish stared at each other, the man had a more serious gaze than before. "Enough! Now you tell me, why and how come I am in this world?” Now that Gladio's attitude is more mature, his tone is much heavier and sounds like a grown man. Irish got goosebumps when her saw Gladio. "OK!" She took a deep breath, the worst would happen if her was rash in answering that man's words. “Long time ago, in this world there was a battle involving multiple beings. Every creature has the same goal which is to become the strongest, of the many creatures there are several that have been recognized. They get great titles in this world, some become Demon Lords or Heroes. Two elements that still exist today! Simply you are proof of destiny spoken by someone in the era 500 years ago, he cast a curse on someone. That person is still alive today, and he is being very anxious about your appearance!”“Humph….” In general, Gladio has understood what Irish said. “I wanted to ask, are you sure that I am
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Suddenly He Appeared
Quite a confusing opening. “So everything was planned by Artorius from the start?” Gladio became curious as to what kind of message was left for him. Slask! One page later Gladio opened. His eyes instantly bulged, in the message there was some information about the right hand that had been the location of his suffering.“Gladio, I've been trying to find out what happened to that right hand of yours! From several books and information from several people, I got something. Your right hand is a sign of a new path. That path will open a new era, destiny has given you a responsibility to change this world!” Gladio could sense Artorius' feelings, every sentence gave Gladio an idea of how serious the man was taking notes on the book. He began to turn to the next page of the book.It looks like a different page has been seen, there are several symbols and explanations listed. “Alright, this time I'll tell you everything I already know! The power that is in your right hand has extraordinary
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Calamity Omen Moan
A hint of fear in Gladio's heart arose, the huge clumps of clouds were scary enough to be looked at continuously. "What is he going to do with that black cloud?" Kakuero gave a smile and a smirking look, all of these were signs of impending evil. Gladio could only silently watch this, the man's bad intentions were clearly felt by him. “Fulgur! Perde Omnia!” In high speed a flash of light approached Gladio. Kaboom!!! Exploding lightning struck Gladio, a huge wave appeared as a result of the explosion. The strong wind that came was the embodiment of the skill's power.“Hehehe… is he dead or not?” Kakuero smirked, he really wanted to see Gladio's body that had been charred or turned to ashes from his attack. "What?!" Surprisingly, right in front of Kakuero's eyes, the man was still standing straight while giving him a sharp glare."Arrgh!" Gladio stared at his right hand, it was throbbing painfully. He groaned very loudly, the sound coming out like a dragon roaring. "Uh..." Kakuero
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Helios felt that this was indeed not an easy matter, but facing the anger of Zeradas was not something that could be considered something that he could also overcome."Now I want you to explain to me, did you really kill my angel of death?""That's right, I was certain that man was dead, but right now I don't know how he came back!""You're just making excuses! Look, if you really can't deal with him, then I'll make you regret it, now I don't want you to come to me before you completely defeat that creature!""Well!" Actually Helios could pouched Zeradas in the face, but he understood this was indeed his fault. Respecting a leader is also his duty.Leaving that room, Helios wearing high anger on his face, he couldn't understand why this had to happen."Damn, I have to find this creature as soon as possible!"***Now that Gladio has traveled south, here he is trying to blend in like a normal human being.However, he still felt the hand he was carrying would be a disaster. First was the
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