Strong Mage Assassins

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Strong Mage Assassins

By: IMBEARCUTE OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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In the deep wilds of secrets, there was a hidden world between Nexus and Ethereal the Krea. The world of Krea was built in the seasons of crystal keys. There is a shrine cut into the mountainside. The forest covers these shrines like a shroud. This is a quiet world, but the shrine of the Lycan is quieter still. Dragons and other creatures keep away from the place. From the different sides of the Kingdom of Krea. Suddenly, the five gods had awakened, as had the tribe of Lycan. They hear the loud ringing bell of Krea, and after that, the lightning strikes loudly in the cage of the crystal key under the gold handkerchief. There’s one of the gods who stole the crystal key from Zeno, the infinity god of the Krea.

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Crystal Key
Third Person’s Point of ViewIn the deep wilds of secrets, there was a hidden world between the Nexus and the Etheral. There was a shrine cut into the mountainside. The forest covers these shrines like a shroud. A quiet world, but the shrine of the Lycan is still perfection. Dragons and other creatures keep away from the place.In the middle of the valley, there was an arch of gold and crystals in a sector known as the Kingdom of Zeno. Zeno was the endless lord of the highest five gods."Dire ukod, Zeno!" Praise our Lord, Zeno. The guardian, Clio Lycan, shouted to the crowd.All Krearian; bow their heads with tears in their eyes. The god doesn’t even see any emotion with their eyes. Because he wasn't sure that the world of Krea was going to be all right and that evil would no longer prevail here in Krea. But God Zeno did not want to be worried about all his beloved Krearians. He smiled bitterly at them and raised his crystal key in his hand."Hevular ornisada ugto niwe!" Peace will la
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Queen Ram
Third-Person Point of View He raised his hand in front of the Queen to hand over his weapon. When Hesperus was given his weapon, he stood up."Doje ibwa Queen Ram. Thank you very much, Queen Ram. Hesperus knelt on the ground.He was so grateful for a queen like her. The words he said to her were, Thank you very much, Queen Ram. God Hesperus asked himself. "What was that that happened outside Queen Ram?’ It seemed the sky and the Askar in the air were fighting." Hesperus gripped his weapon. Queen Ram did not say anything to Hesperus."Queen Ram," Hesperus calls her aunt. Ram looks at him and bitterly smiles. "Someone wants to have the power of eternity to defeat your grandfather, Zeno," Ram answered."Inbe keresdevar?" Are you kidding me? Hesperus asked again."Demor," no Ram said.She is Queen Ram, the former queen of Krea. The first queen who built on Krea's power is so terrible that it seems their enemy will turn to ashes if you fight her. She is the second-most powerful in Krea. S
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Make them feel my anger!
Third Person’s Point of ViewHesperus threw his sword at the Askar so that they could not touch the Nehara. Hesperus took the Nehara and brought it to the Guardian."Keep this nehara," Hesperus ordered Yera. The leader of the guardian Wolf is loyal to Krea."Doje ibwa God Hesperus. God Hesperus ordered Yera.Hesperus gave the Nehara to a guardian. His parents came crying. They took it from the guardians, and his mother carried his baby.Hesperus thanked the guardian wolf Yera and the parents of the Nehara for being good parents, and Hesperus hugged the parents. Yera's friend also gave Yera a strong hug for taking Nehara. The mother's parents were grateful to have a good God in Krea. Hesperus saw in the mother's eyes the worry that the Askar had almost killed their Nehara. Hesperus nodded and smiled at the parents of the Nehara."Lycan Guardians, close the door when everyone is in," he ordered the Lycans.Hesperus shouted at the guardian's wolf as he deflected the sword from heaven. Th
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I’m not a moonlight werewolf
Third Person’s Point of View"Askar is very strong," Hesperus told Asclepius. "Are you scared of them?" the God of Reapers asked Hesperus."Demor, hekada!" peevish mockery told Hesperus, then smashing the one giant Lycan on his back."Tesje?" Really? Asclepius peered back at Hesperus, and she laughed."I will show you the endless power of being God Hesperus," she seriously said of Hesperus to her sister Asclepius. He shows the sun and snow floating in his hands."I’m so proud of you, Hesperus," Asclepius secretly said, smiling at him. Asclepius shows a nasty glare after that."Ishbe, you’re so proud of me. Ishbe means the eldest sister. But Asclepius gave him a nasty glance.We defeated a lot of Askar and Bad Lycans. Suddenly, Agathodemon steps back and grips her lightning weapon."Don’t be gleeful. I smell another moonlight wolf—like our sibling Hesperus." Asclepius uses his mind to communicate with us."What?" Hesperus asked. "I’m not a moonlight werewolf," he added.The Child of th
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The fruit of the Dore
Third Person’s Point of View"The fifth God!" All the Guardian Lycans are shocked by what they have been seeing. Hesperus was holding a large arrow.The fear of the whole Krea was formed by the flame of the anger of the fifth God, Hesperus. From his wrath on Askars and the red smoke, Hesperus made a great sun and ice storm to kill them. The ground shakes, causing the floor to crack. Hesperus watched his power shine.Very illuminated. Burning and stiffening in the heat.Hesperus made a giant flaming stone. He steps on it and goes into the middle of the stone. Asclepius, Agathodemon, and the guardians in the hall were watching Hesperus. They were amazed. Hesperus took his weapon and put it on the navel of the flaming stone. This led to the opening of the Arber Tunnel."The Arber!" A Wolf’s guardians shouted to stop fighting the Askars.The Arber is a flaming fairy with the power to destroy whomever his God Hesperus wants. The Arber wished to live in the underworld. Because their eyes we
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I think I've found your true love again.
Miguel's face lit up with joy. Miguel knew that there were more trials which would be frowned upon by many, but he didn't care. He loved God Asclepius with all his heart, and he would do anything to be with her.Because nothing can be hidden from the God of judgment, and there is no secret that will not be revealed. So, the god of the trial immediately called himself Asclepius. This is God Metaia, the God of Judgment.Sibling of Queen Ram, the former queen of Krea. That they may be tried for their transgression. They broke the twelfth commandment of Krea. which states that no god can love an inferior being; if he disobeys the god, he will be stripped of their power and will live the same life as his lover Arber.Asclepius love for a lowly creature is abominable, and she will be punished terribly.However, they have already admitted what they have done. She did not want to give up her Godship and her powers. So, she was made to choose between two judgments.The killing of Arbers by the
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I failed you.
Third Person’s Point of ViewShe saw Arber again after many years. But she doesn’t feel anything and regrets her feelings towards Arber.The two goddesses, Hemera and Agathodemon, stood on either side of the grand temple, their eyes locked in a fierce gaze. One was the goddess of light, her radiant form shimmering with golden light.The other was the goddess of darkness, Asclepius, her shadowy figure cloaked in darkness. They had been locked in an eternal struggle for dominance over the mortal realm, and now they were about to engage in their longest and most epic battle yet.Without warning, the goddess of darkness lunged forward, her twin blades flashing in the sun as they sliced through the air. The goddess of light countered with a wave of her hand, sending a beam of pure energy hurtling towards her enemy. The dark goddess dodged the attack with fluid grace, her blades carving through the air as she spun and darted around her opponent.For hours, they fought, their fierce battle t
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The Riddle
She raises her hand in the air. The daemon’s sword in the sky came into her hand.Agathodaemon stabbed two large Askars in the chest in anger. She barely flew high and fell to the floor of the palace to swing his daemon sword. The Daemon sword's impact on the floor made a huge ripple. All the Askar were in awe of the power of the god Agathodemon. Because all the Askar are burned, and they are making a terrible mess.Hesperus cried his Dehars. Siblings."I’m sorry," was the last thing Hesperus said before he fell.The next incident was terrible."Two of us have been stabbed, Hesperus and Asclepius." Hemera knelt after he said that.In Hesperus’ entire life, he was only terrified there. It seemed that he felt something different. Just a moment,"What am I going to do?" Hemera asked her dehar in confusion.Agathodemon did not answer, and she just focused her attention on a dagger. Hemera took a deep breath before pulling a Liyar dagger from the back of Hesperus and stabbing it to save th
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Hesperus Point of View“Hesperus,”A loud shout from my siblings. I heard all their cries and I suddenly lay on the ground.I immediately felt a sharp pain hit my back. I didn't realize it because I was busy grappling with the big Askar."Sorry,"That was the last word I ever said when I could no longer move my hand to heal myself.I slowly closed my eyes and passed out.It's like I'm traveling to the afterlife when I lose consciousness.“Ilra,” Older sister.I was crying calling my oldest sister. I even covered my mouth because of what I saw. My oldest sister was tied up in a corner and was unconscious."Help me, Hesperus."It was dark around, but the moon had become a light for me to see my older sister.I was about to stand up when someone grabbed my shoulder."Who are you?"I immediately told the stranger that I did not know his strength. He laughed openly and stopped when he saw me point my weapon at him.As I was about to strike the weapon, it suddenly disappeared along with my
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The Dream
Hesperus Point of ViewI sighed and looked at him. I want to read his mind. But something seems to be blocking me from reading its thoughts.It's a wonder if he actually lost his godhood power. He must also have no protective powers for me to read his mind."What is the reason why the mark of divinity disappeared from your palm?" I asked him.He stopped for a moment and sat next to me. He sighed and thought about the incident."I don't know; all I remember is that someone hit my head while I was busy writing new songs," he continued.As far as I know, he is not only a God of judgment; he is also soft-hearted. He will not simply inflict punishment on sinners. He did a long examination so that he could prove it was sinful.But his appearance changed; he lost weight, but his size was not big."But didn't you see the likeness of that hekadang?" I replied angrily.I covered my mouth, thinking about the incident. Isn't there protection wrapped in power around the house of God?Nor can anyon
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