Chapter 18 (part 2)

“Ye-yes.” Eldric lightly said, then realized he was slowly leaning to the back of his chair and straightening his back. Reminding him of his mother to stay attentive, delivered in a nagging manner. Something about how Izobra looked at people naturally convincing themselves to follow her every word without sounding conceited. "Could we take firsthand accounts of any recent visits both of you have done into the north-west sector, and if there were any reported incidents of the Task Force in presence"

The couple started to tell their itinerary like it was only yesterday. Of course, the details included are not as obsessively absurd, but enough to make anyone who heard them feel like they have such exceptional minds able to maintain minute points of their day. Most of their activities in that sector started half a year after the incidents began, with only a few months difference. According to their records, as supplemented by Min-Ain.

The kid, in his mind, sile

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