Chapter 18 (part 3)

...-urther wait means we might have a big one coming. Is this report reliable? The data says it’s going to borderline pass a Secunda Radius 2. Hey? It’s my first to encounter an SR2 in the city distri-...

“This isn’t the first time an SR2 incident happened, but within the city proper? Thiss will not bode well, especially for us.” Whispered Eldric. On the other end of the earpiece he could hear Min-Ain typing rapidly. “How far does the area go? Would it reach us?”

According to the report from the Wavelength team, the area of effect ends five kilometers from the ****,” Min-Ain answered, aggressive typing continues. “Setting those boundaries aside, the likeliness that a Primer will appear and enter the company’s premises is extremely high. Eldric, you need to evacuate that area instead of staying in the—

Cut off by a loud static while the earpiece started to ring in Eldrics ears as he felt a sudden surge of electricity pass through

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