Chapter 29 (part 1)
Chapter 29

The noise of a busy street did not disturb Min-Ain’s noise cancellation earplugs since he’s been playing on his phone once they sat at the outdoor table of the café Cristian suggested they have dinner in. Originally, he wanted the boy to explore the city with the free time they have but Min-Ain’s form of relaxation and entertainment came from lounging indoors, more for the ease of access he has to his equipment and the fact they could just order the food they want since everything is paid for. Cristian didn’t feel like doing that for today, especially after they met with Reina yesterday.

Min-Ain finished the application he suggested would be a beneficial program they could utilize for using the new Wavelength, both capable of creation, calibrating, and detecting specific frequencies the same way the D-city team has. Though, this one only works with the Wavelength from the Dimension Pocket incidents originating from A-city and C-city. Promptly stored in its system are the r
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