Chapter 29 (part 2)

Reina smiled when she opened her document as she updated Eldric and Prof. Tenorio on the progress of observing the Primer’s behavior, as Prof. Tenorio requested. The highlight, as she paused, was the exact video they were watching on their screens.

She had sent a clip of when the Primer-beta, “a.k.a. Horaz Recto.” She made sure to look for records of his identity the moment he turned his body back into a human. The shock of his identity not only solidified Prof. Tenorio on his theory that the Primers have a level of sentience, but that they are humans in origin. Or should they consider it in reverse?

Eldric noted that if this was the case, was it more plausible to communicate with them? But the answer to that was a simple no because Reina explained that whenever he reverted to his Primer body, the boy seems to not gain any sentience. Rather he has selective episodes of sentience. There were moments in the record whe

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