Chapter 2

Holding a printed movie ticket in Dr. Munar’s old hands felt like a robbery in C-city compared to A-city where he lived and worked. He has kept this routine his whole life. Notwithstanding how he looked, alone or lonely, he kept doing it because he knew there was no point denying that he loved movies in theatre more than watching them at home.

Movies teach him to see life differently. A way to learn empathy, as his deceased wife often described it. But buying it five times the usual price he’s always known seems like a wake-up call he didn’t need in his life.

Tickets of any kind, for any event in C-city, have always been pricey. Lifestyle and livelihood costs are considered expensive for outsiders whenever one does come to C-city. Since their value differed, a wealthy man in another city is middle class in theirs. That’s how Dr. Munar finds this place; he felt needlessly costly and upscale that it felt like a joke to stay here coming from A-city.

Mediocrity graduated decades ago when their government and economy focused on modern technology and sciences built to improve their lifestyle. Soon they’ve accumulated accolades from different parts of the country that many of their neighbors have become interested in acquiring information in the guise of investment. Exactly like right now, although there was an additional reason he and his colleagues were sent here as a form of investment from A-city.

That other reason was to learn and observe what seemed to be a medical discovery in line with, or due to, the “Dimension Pockets.”

Entering the cinema, he and his friend Professor Tenorio, a Biochemistry teacher at A-city University, sat to watch an animated film about fluffy unicorns and friendship. Neither was interested in the rest of the film, as one sat sleeping and the other eating his popcorn while feeling touched to his heart. No, pony-winged princess, don’t sacrifice yourself anymore for the sake of others; what he thought along with the other kids watching the movie.

Lasting for 2 hours straight of pure magical Equus power that ended with a bittersweet goodbye to the anti-hero dark-winged pony, everyone left the cinema’s rearing for that sweet merchandise desire, except for Dr. Munar and Prof. Tenorio. Both sat at the benches outside, ready to fill their stomachs.

They’re under a large, covered court in the open garden Mall of A-city. Much of its interior keeps its theme of lush greenery despite exuding the luxury urban setting. Built for the ecofriendly-hearted souls, it has several boutiques and shops of varying kinds that cater to the resident’s daily needs.

Prof. Tenorio had bought wraps for both to eat that afternoon. “Desperate of you to watch a kids movie to appease your hobby heart. Thanks to that, though, I got to sleep for a good 2 hours, finally! I didn’t know them sending me here would occupy my night and morning with meetings left and right.”

“How’s everything on your side of the research? I hear the team you’re working with is the best but the weirdest out of the bunch.” Asked Dr. Munar, he only heard that his friend was here the moment he arrived days before.

“No. They’re fine, we’re all busybodies down there. But, it’s not as if we only talk about the ‘creatures.’ Getting work done in the lab makes it worthwhile too. Sadly, we only get to do so much since the samples are limited.” Says the Prof. as he bit his wrap. “Have you...gotten used to the idea yet?” He paused as he asked Dr. Munar, a look of wistfulness on his face.

Eating his wrap as he watched the people around him, Dr. Munar reminisced the few days he’s been in the city. Specifically in the sector of Research and Sciences. Every aspect of their scientific development, medical or otherwise, comes from this sector of C-city, equipped with all the necessary technology to assess and study, with varying connections to various database access connecting all organizations of related branches. It was a hub not only for the growing student but experts who desire to learn anew.

Upon arrival in the city, they were all directly presented NDAs, introduced to their joining branches or teams, and given a briefing on the situation at hand. As of the recorded activities that resulted from the appearance of the “Dimension Pockets,” several cases of genetic mutation or a form of anomaly have been found and needed medical opinion.

When Dr. Munar read the latest reports, nothing made him think he was necessary. His opinion would not have mattered even on the theoretical side of the situation.

Being an Internist was an early career decision for Dr. Munar after failing to uphold being a good surgeon or the ambition within medical research, the latter he had felt at the time that he would pursue as he excelled in it. Sure, he had spent time with Biology that focused on Anatomical study along with Prof. Tenorio, but that was something he had wanted to help with the thesis a long time ago. There was joy in learning for “the sake of learning” when it came to the art of medicine and, it so happened that Prof. Tenorio focused on a topic that piqued his interest then.

He figured that Prof. Tenorio was the one who had included him in the invite to this mystery, especially when he received his message for dinner the moment he stepped out of the airport. Back then, he thought he would be ready for whatever it was.

Finishing the last bite of his wrap, Dr. Munar drank his beverage and threw their rubbish in the bin. Promptly standing up to leave for another place to chat, Prof. Tenorio suggested they go to one cafe he and his colleagues have been hanging out in ever since they worked here. It was small but secluded enough not to grab anyone’s attention.

“You all go to this one cafe?” Dr. Munar looks around. “Was this place assigned by the government for privacy as well, like monitored?”

“Not really?” He answered Dr. Munar, signaling something to the girl at the counter. She nods at him in response before leaving out the kitchen door to promptly prepare their meal. “Hell, I’m not sure. But this place is owned by one of the researchers with us. So, getting to eat here and knowing it’s a trusted place is a plus. Not many of them ARE allowed to talk about the ‘creature’ without the stabbing guilt, literal and figurative. Nor any idea where the good things are because they don’t exactly live here themselves. It’s a comfort to have a refuge outside of the facility.”

“Do you, ‘yourself’ believe it, Martes?” Questioned Dr. Munar, his wrinkled face serious. “A series of human mutations? A grotesque mystery? What else were they described in the report...”

Looking back at his old friend, he smiled to himself as he replied. “What other choice do I have Munar?” Brown eyes looking at blue, Dr. Munar could only figure out that his young friends’ curiosity was piqued and only the solution to the presented problem can be its cure. “When we read the file at first, each of us was skeptical. But, they knew, without evidence of the said ‘creature,’ we wouldn’t work with them. So, they showed us the corpses.

“Can you imagine, Munar? The feeling of seeing is believing.” Prof. Tenorio paused as the waitress served their coffee and cakes. Picking up his fork, he started to eat and continued.

“At the end, everyone did not have the gal to go back. We all were like hungry horses presented with a carrot on a stick; hook, line, and bait. The first partial focus they wanted for our team was to develop solid studies on the components of the ‘creature.’ Since we didn’t have ‘live’ test subjects, we had to resort to desecrating its corpse. No man should be subject to it, but we were all willing to make way for some ‘unideal.’ Got as good because our desire for a eureka moment wasn’t the most pleasant discovery in unrecorded history.”

“That, those ‘creatures’ used to be humans? That’s what I’ve meaning to ask you,” Dr. Munar said as he stared at his friend who ate the cake continuously. “I’ve yet to grasp the extent of the documents, but what I’ve been reading feels like science fiction trying to slap me in the face. It started with the initial conception hypothesis with the known recorded Dimension Pocket incidences. Then it just spiraled down to military collected corpses of those things.

“Afterwards, it just went haywire with, what was that? Dissecting of extremities. Internal organ observation. No possible ‘proper’ electromagnetic examinations. When the hell was there ever a proper x-ray? Then it moved to chemical testing of the internals, where all you guys came in.

“That wasn’t a fun read; you had to skimp testing every possible corner before getting too theoretical ones. Rejection of other senses as an ‘ultimatum’ for heightening others? That was one I didn’t understand. How the heck can you even get that from just chemical compounds?

“Others, like the ‘valid’ distortion of the mind as a solution to a genetic suppressant built from...what was it called, possible kind extinction? Martes, all that I’ve read in that report felt like a conspiracy written by an internet enthusiast.” Says Dr. Munar as he bit in his cake. “Nothing makes sense, but the fact is, everything in the report IS it? That everything written is what you’ve all garnered from those dead ‘creatures?’”

Nodding slowly at what Dr. Munar said to Prof. Tenorio, he looked at him with a slight frown and smile. “Yes, everything in that report is all the validated hypothesis from the testing, only of the dead sample.”

Biting the last piece, Dr. Munar then looked at his friend. The thought he had been speculating, a dread he had been feeling from the inside. That, at the time, wasn’t something he had wanted to be true if everything he was reading ‘is’ the truth.

“So, are you telling me that the next step is live samples?” He asked him, quick and almost in a gibberish stutter.

Thoughts about studies and research were something Prof. Tenorio enjoyed with Dr. Munar. His senior from college had been the best support and compass at the time. And, even until now, he understood him so well. It was, however, a question now if he could accept his intent the same way he did back then.

Closing his eyes, as his way of pushing the fear of rejection he might see on the old man’s face. Prof. Tenorio nodded, and in reply. “We’ve only been waiting for the next ‘Dimension Pocket’ and, like the researchers down in Physics have been clamoring for, the next massive ‘Dimension Pocket.’ Someone from their team said’s next appearance will be in A-city.”

Silence, a noisy static enveloped Dr. Munars mind. Prof. Tenorio continued to talk about the side of the report that didn’t accurately state that there are already branches of the Physics faction that have developed the technology to monitor the “Dimension Pocket” activities through a counter they’ve been honing since the second sighting. Brought in from D-city, thousands of miles where the few first recorded sightings happened.

The “forced” group of geniuses had to create a means to monitor the increasing slight “Dimension Pocket” appearances and attacks in D-city. They first planned a device to prevent it but soon found that even if they did stop one from appearing, the next would be twice larger than prior ones. Instead, they focused on predicting when and where one would emerge.

C-city only helped them strengthen and develop after they experienced a “Dimension Pocket” attack themselves. Luckily, only in the outer scores of the city were affected. Still, the “attack” introduced such damage that they deemed it a threat to humanity.

Piling information, one after another, did not seem to wake Dr. Munar up from the radio silence he’d sunk in. If he truly understood what his friend told him, he’d readily accept his logic. But, no, he didn’t.

Any time in the future of the city he has come to love, soon it will be engulfed in the flames of a widespread “Dimension Pocket.” By the way that Prof. Tenorio spoke, C-city has known about it for a while now but isn’t doing anything about it because they needed live test subjects.

The extent of the damage he’s read in the report may be handled or at a threat level that can be, but that doesn’t mean that someone eager for a science experiment should just up and take advantage of any others lives just for a meager step towards a “truth.” What truth? Is the “truth” even worth it?

“When...will this Dimension Pocket appear in A-city?” Dr. Munar asked. The side of his left eye ticked. Feelings he could suppress only for the moment arose in his stomach, like butterflies readying to roil within.

Prof. Tenorio’s face wore the expression of regret Dr. Munar was expecting as he asked this. Before he could get his answer, his phone beeped to show a text message. He looked down to see that it came from Betts. She’d already gotten herself treatment from the nurse named Aurea.

Blinking at the message, he sent a reply when a new message came back. This time it was a photograph of the room where Betts was in the hospital. It shows several patients and staff hiding behind doors, held close by security and other people.

Accompanying the image, next, was a short clip of Betts and a shaky camera.

“Doc! Are you really in C-city??” Her voice was shaky, and the camera shakier. “Please, send someone to help!!!”

Sparks filled the ruined halls of the second-floor hallway of the A-city General Hospital. Hanging low are ruined ceiling boards and electrical wiring going haywire like snakes twitching and dying from above. On the ground are remnants of all the furniture and walls, debris of the Hospital materials, and humans scattered.

Many human bodies are bloody, lifeless, or possibly in a coma and likely unidentifiable due to the injuries they’ve acquired. There amid the ruin laid a sleeping body of a charred creature. Its deformity made itself indistinguishable from the burning walls or the fiery remains.

If looking closer, dried blood and veins that popped blue and green over its black skin covered its upper body while the rest wore tattered remains of clothes. Open boils oozing with puss covered most of where its neck should be but inconveniently joined with a stretch of tough skin extending towards its faceless head.

Outside no one would recognize him anymore, but he still knew who he was. Never will he forget the name he so fondly taken from the lips of the one person who gave it to him. His name will forever be Trust.

Bizarrely grotesque changes happened in Trust’s body but, he kept his sanity and rationality intact. A half-hour was all it took for the rest of the hospital to have its antiseptic smell become death all over.

Pinpointing where the change started or where it came from will be a mystery. It began with many and continued until only a few living bodies remained, replaced with walking black deformed former humans.

Trust could only remember little of when it all began. All of it already mixed in his mind before recollections of when he first changed into this ugly thing. Nothing mattered before the noise of panicking nurses and patients.

He may not have witnessed his colleagues forgo their code of ethics when every human around showed signs of undiagnosed epilepsy, third-degree burns, and veins bulging out of necks covered violently with large boils. Many of his fellows would’ve done their best to survive or to help anyone they could. Surely.

Trust was in his office talking to his assistant Allie before everything became what it currently was. Both had only been working together for a few years. In those few years, he’d been subjected to her flirtatious advances several times. Most of which borderline sexual harassment.

Deflecting her promiscuous attempts was easy enough. He didn’t. Of course, it wasn’t that he bedded her whenever she wanted to, nor he had any sexual intercourse to make her crave for more. No, what he did was a low blow in morals, but he was only human.

Since she was a willing partner to satisfy his sexual cravings for his long-distance partner, he would often pay Allie to give him blow jobs. Not in the office, at least. Being slapped on the face with money in exchange for sexual favors should’ve been a bad condition, knowing they would be working together in such close quarters.

Eventually, Allie was a forward thinker; whenever she offered her mouth to suck his cock, she would readily have her palms open. Shameless complaints would leave her lips, but no one would believe her sincerity if they watched how her actions spoke louder than her words.

Being paid to taste a cocks bliss on her lips was something she was happy with, and nothing couldn’t dampen her drive to someday fuck Trust. If only he would put his guard down. Leave his lover. Then let her wet pussy have his dick because having him in her mouth, only when he was willing to, wasn’t enough.

Nothing attracted him to her, even if she’d gone through plastic surgery to keep her youth and perceived beauty she brags about.

This specific nurse wasn’t significant to him; even his current lover knows of how honest Trust is of his taste towards who he fucks. He will only have sex with one person, and that person is who he is in a relationship with at the moment.

His morals have never been the prettiest. Because of this, Trust and his current partner tell each other whenever they do a sexual act outside of each other’s presence. An open relationship, if one calls it, only for sex and not for romance.

Pestering him that day wasn’t new to him. Usually, she would openly touch his arms when she casually conversed about gossip he did not care an ounce. Then brazenly mentions that they should have dinner sometime, with the full unspoken intent of sex after.

He’d rejected her dinner plans and openly mocked her ugly self when she complained how he was such a “straight lace.” As if their criticism of each other was ribbing between two good friends, only one of them wasn’t affected. The other, sore from being rubbed salt on her insecurity.

The audacity she had for being thirsty for his dick she loved to lick, as what she does say most of the time, was incomparable to her worth in the office. Trust wouldn’t have let her stay if she didn’t do her job way beyond exceptional; its only drawback was the annoying libido she possessed.

Much of the chaos reached Trust’s ears first before he could even come out to see what was happening when two female nurses’ that often helped with his duty burst into their office. Making sure to close the door, their words of fear would confuse anyone who’d hear them.

Talking in words that stuttered, the two told them that there were people suddenly turning into large black creatures, ugly to the point that they’d see them no more like humans but as monsters.

Hearing this, accompanied by the growing rowdiness of alarm the people outside made, didn’t need any confirmation. Believing their words, Trust prompted them to lock the door and figured they’d let the chaos subside with the noise as their reference when it was safe to go outside.

Nothing prepared them for frantic people knocking at their door searching for places to hide. Bodies were tossing around, and now, and then you’d hear growls or moans; the kind of moan you know is deliberately sexual or related to pleasure. About this time, a sudden pain had been growing within Trust’s skin, dull prickling spreading from his limbs crawling wilder up to the ends of his hair.

He’d try his best to suppress it, and only slightly succeed.

“Bert? Are you alright?” Asked Allie, her face painted with sweat and concern.

Trust had to force himself to say “no” as he wiped his brow, his sweat wasn’t even a lot, but his skin was burning as if a fever was breaking out of him.

“Holy god.” Says one nurse, her hair in a tight bun; she was called Emmy. She sat rigidly beside the bed where patients usually sat. Her petite frame hunched over herself, and her eyes were still wide from shock. Inside her, tightly clasped hands are beads for prayer. She’d been silent for the moment in her mind wishing for a god’s guidance and protection at this moment.

Still, it didn’t stop the noise from the outside that kept on varying in volume and, at the moment have no signs of settling.

The other nurse Lina, a senior nurse who handled the interns like Emmy, tried to use the phone but failed to get anything through; pulling out her smartphone didn’t help because the signal for even the internet connection was low.

“Argh!” Lina says as she hits the desk where the phone was.

Silenced enveloped them as Lina realized that she had made a noise loud enough to attract attention from the outside. Four pairs of ears strained to hear if there was any change outside. Fortunately, there was none yet.

“Great, try making it louder Lina, let’s see who makes a better food for those things you’ve just told us that are out there,” Allie says to her in mock. “Not that I can easily believe you.”

“Shut it. You’ve no idea what is going on out there.” Lina tells Allie, to her face, in a whisper. Her expression was a mixture of anger as she felt exasperated to be spending time in a room she could barely tolerate. “While you didn’t waste your time snagging—”

“The shouts seem to be lessening.” Interjected Trust, his voice constrained from him suppressing the pain. “We can’t see from here, but I’m guessing that the creatures are going away now.”

Both women halted their growing hackles towards each other. Neither felt like backing off, but they knew that if they continued, it might end up being a shouting match if one of them started talking out of line. Between being afraid and angry, anger was the next best they could feel but not to the creatures, as there would be no chance they could get any means to throw a punch at them, so picking the only available outlet is human if nothing.

At the moment of quiet, Trust, Allie and Lina, figured that it would be safe to peek through the door just in case there was a possibility they could come out and escape. Staying in one place isn’t safe, especially if the outside was a mix of blood bath and chaos.

Inching the door ajar, enough for one person to look through, Trust opens it with Lina assisting him as she held on to the door just in case it opened bigger. They couldn’t risk for the only barricade they have to be compromised.

Seeing the mess, where lay a few bloody writhing bodies and even a hulking black creature. Trust jolted at the sight he saw.

Not far from the door was a creature. It was facing its back to the door. Luckily it was a blind spot since it would lessen their chances of being detected.

Shaking and shuddering, the actions of the creature seem to be unusual. From where Trust was, he couldn’t figure whatever was happening. Closing the door without being detected should’ve been his priority, but he thought he should see the danger and assess it.

Trust signaled for Lina to hold onto the door for a little longer. He planned on observing the action of the black creature. The half of its body seemed to look familiar.

Shaped almost like the legs of a human but covered over from the thighs above with black-thick skin and bulging blue-green veins, between the legs is a tail directly connected to the tail bone and crotch, much like a scorpion.

Watching intently at the creature “consume” the body, Trust belatedly noticed that the person was still alive but unconscious. Its head was only moving like it was eating the body because it was nipping part of it. Curiosity ebbed in him as the scenario unfurl, but the pain increased again, this time coming from his numb fingertips rising to his shoulders. The feeling made his torso involuntarily move and shoulder the door wider.

Shocked by Trust’s mistake, Lina made sure to hold on to the knob of the door but was too late to stop it, so half of their bodies were peeking out. Allie and Emmy both gasped at their movement. Steadying their bodies like statues, even their breathing stopped but was in contrast to the rising feeling of fear inside of them.

Looking at the creature without flinching or moving, Trust carefully watched if it had caught a sense of them, but it was still busy whatever it was doing. Savoring the human it held. Positioning it now differently, Trust had the chance to glimpse if the person was alright. Face seen, and the persons’ expression baffled Trust. Should he believe what he saw?

Amidst the tear stains on their face and the undeniable flush with their mouths agape, wheezing, a moan of pleasure would escape as if excited despite the pain. Further down their bedraggled body were the hooved-like hands of the creature, gripping their torso in a painful-looking manner that Trust was surprised they were still alive.

Alive, tortured but filled with the bliss of pain. That’s right, the expression evident on their face was that of an orgasm so vivid that they couldn’t even stop their bodies from showing it.

Closely hovering above the human, twitching and slightly heaving, the black creature and its massive neck leaned down, nipping on it, mouthing all over them. Soon, the motion of its body angled its lower part, and a discernable pushing prompted the human to gag in surprise. The creature was having sex with this person.

Not just sex, but an impossibly blissful one, with the way their body quivered as the creature’s tail sucked on their crotch, moans of delight escaping their lips now and again. Their eyes even glistened with unshed tears. Trust couldn’t distinguish if its of sadness or joy.

Witnessing this display kick-started Trust suppressed symptoms again. This time it was his mind triggered. Sudden internal spasms shook him to his core that all he could do with his suddenly blurring senses was to retreat.

Trying to push himself back with the lowest noise possible became difficult. Even signaling to Lina for help was fruitless, far too late. At the end of the corridor, past the revelry, were other black creatures. Alarmed by their arrival, Trust forced himself to focus on closing the door, as fortunately, only seconds had gone by from when they tried peeking through the door.

Before Lina and Trusts effort to close the door, they also heard what seemed to be humans on the other side of the corridor, the opposite side. Before they could fully close it, someone on the other side spoke aloud as they approached their door.

Alas, their fates weren’t kind when they didn’t consider the presence of the also approaching creatures from the opposite direction. Soon, another barrage of shouts and shrieks accompanied by growls and rowdy bodies slamming on the floor and walls echoed behind their doors.

Their door also received a hard body slamming on it. Lina hadn’t fully locked their door like she had intended and felt the intensity. Same as Trust, feeling that the door might open or burst from the force, he made sure to put his might to prevent the door from budging over.

Their efforts failed when one of the creatures frantically entered the room as its center of gravity from a leap lead them to it. Within seconds the air filled with shrill shrieks of men and women alike.

Being pushed aside threw Trust’s body towards the wall, opposite the door, and hitting it hard with his head. This time, the pressure that he had been suppressing begun its full release. Wide eyes out of focus left him viewing the world like a fisheye, with the corners slowly whitening.

As the creature pounced at Emmy, leaving her shrieking in terror, trying to kick and fight. Another entered the room, leaving the others to deal with the rest of the humans to relish.

Allie and Lina became its target, pouncing on them as it sniffed the two women. They fought the creature with the chairs or equipment available.

Having Trust squirming in his skin at the feeling of several ants biting specific areas of his body, he knew those were locations where nerves are probably more sensitive. The sensation escalated to the pain of a dog bite, making him lose his sense of time and saw the world become slower.

Crushed by the creature and given up on her will to be given salvation through prayers, Emmy wept through clenched teeth when she felt a warm, slimy thing wrap its self around her chest. The creature had been biting her, without breaking skin, on her left breast.

Clothes had begun to tear upon contact with the various sharp teeth within the creature. The insanity started to creep in when a familiar but unwanted sensation crept deep into Emmy’s body. Unusual warmth spread across her stomach that signaled her abdomen to contract as if she was feeling the heat of the moment. It blindsides her as the feeling of wanting to mate seeped into her mind.

The creature continued to lick her and grasp her body tightly, while behind this creature, Allie and Lina fought two on one. Lina was doing her best to defend herself and help Allie who was being grasped tightly, enough to render her breathless and gasping for air. This creature seems to be intent on possessing Allie that soon its actions began to suffocate her.

Lina was shouting at the top of her lungs when she realized that Allie was beginning to look blue and green. The effort she put in was soon sent flying out the door when she was hit by the sharp side of the creature’s hooves, screeching at her. Slammed at the corridor and sporting a gash on her left chest, the blood that trickled from it felt warm and numb. She was fortunate that her head wasn’t injured, but the effort in keeping herself awake soon was lost when she laid on the ground unconscious.

By the time Trust had figured he had recovered from the pain he was subjected to, another wave of pain engulfed him. This time it had targeted his head. He felt his skin crawl as the bulging veins of his neck and arms turned grossly yellow, with putrid boils sprouting clear puss burst from his neck and face. The agonizing process of how he felt his face melt from his bones shattered whatever thoughts he’s wanted to maintain. What will he have left after experiencing your flesh burn and collapse around your own body?

Beyond reason and comprehension, Trusts’ mind swirled into an empty casket called Id. The deeper he sunk in the quicksand of his Id, the faster his body deformed into a dark, long-haired charred being. Arms built with extensively strong muscles and hands no more but hooved, the rest of his head has now enveloped by the burnt skin that doubled in to cover the entirety of his face. The presence of his eyesight had been replaced by a visual he couldn’t understand.

His sense of smell still seemed to remain, but the things it entered in it were so foreign that he lost thought and couldn’t find the right idea for what it was. However, one scent was captivating his thoughts.

The smell was sweet and savory that he could only react instinctively. The want was tenacious that it wills him to acquire the source of this odor as soon as possible.

Released for a moment, Allie weakly felt her chest for injuries. Most of her ribs must be broken after that tight manacle hands constraining her. Recovering from them will be hard but surviving this predicament was harder.

Not far from her predicament, as her eyes could still open and see, were Emmy and the creature. Legs both clasped and swung open like a doll, its head and mouth immersed in her crotch. Her legs twitched with the stimulation.

Allie couldn’t form the thought herself, but it felt like the same would happen to her. Except it didn’t, it still held Allie, not at arm’s length, but it wasn’t consuming her as excitedly as the other creature did.

Somehow, the one who held her was brutish. Was it going to crush her to death or eat her alive? A groan escaped Emmy’s mouth when Allie watched the creature above Emmy raise its head. The lengthy open mouth filled with saliva. But, its tongue remained inside the torn crotch area of Emmy’s pants.

This time, Allie could see that the long slimy thing was inside Emmy’s vagina pulsing, thrusting in and out. Savoring what taste Emmy’s pussy was giving the creature. Allie had given up struggling for her release, but seeing Emmy experience such blissful pleasure had gone through her head. Will she be dying with pleasure?

That wasn’t bad; a twisted thought played in her mind. She’d envy Emmy if she died with all that pleasure building.

Dying by fucking isn’t someone like her shouldn’t shy away; she loved pleasure in all the forms it can take. That’s why she wanted to fuck Dr. Trust. Her desire to satisfy her through him would’ve been a memory she’d keep.

Sex with other men, then, would be a breeze if she had better references of good fucking. Alas, she hadn’t gotten through him, only the taste of his cock from her mouth. It still opened her mind to her desire for him. Witnessing a point of lust far greater than she imagined is a dream come true.

Expecting the same thing for her, as she saw from Emmy’s, however, was only the relief she’d give herself when the creature above her bit her breast and started to growl as if it was offended. The mouth didn’t stay long on her wound, and it transferred to her crotch. Wishing it would also give her that intense sense of pleasure. She recoiled in pain and shouts of agony when it started eating, biting, and eating her crotch.

Blood oozed from her wound but was dragged further into much pain when another creature from god knows where appeared. Slapping her captor like he was a ragged doll a few paces away from her, the clutch it held her loosened, making her slum back on the ground.

The two growled and snapped at each other, using their hooves and butting their heads like rams. Both fought for a second before the new creature piercingly bit the latter on its head. Frightening the other and sending it scampering away.

Huff, it went and fell back to the open door. The creature sniffed the air to seek its next victim and found the new one lying on the ground where Lina lay unconscious. Its head grazed her body, licking her wounds and stopping on her legs.

A crooning sound escaped the creature when it entered Lina’s pants, slowly savoring her and lifting her body from the ground towards it, closer. Allie watched as it was further obsessed with its new prey.

Allie raised herself. There was no pleasure in her body, only the sense of pain and numbness from the wounds. Lifting her hazy gaze, she watched the other, new creature. Faceless head turned around and away, dismissing Emmy on all her fours being fucked.

Lodged between Emmy’s legs was the tail of the creature securely ramming itself inside her, and louder groans escaped her lips. Even it looked in the height of bliss.

Envy rose in Allie’s chest as she breathed, gritting through her pain. Desire ignited hotter in her mind. My body wants to be needed. I need to be filled, repeated several times in her head.

Looking at the creature occupied in searching for something in front of her, she inched forward and lamely opened her legs.

“Please,” Allie whimpered, “fuck me.”

Burning pain coursed from her legs up to Allie’s chest. Slivers of lust and desperate thoughts mixed in her mind. Beyond the pain that she exerted to move. Madness could only be her last resort before she could experience death.

What was there to hesitate? Heaven wasn’t she’d wish ethereally. Only in this physical form will she truthfully grasp it, she believes. Cause what utter nonsense could ever make her come to the senses that her body isn’t heaven or hell itself.

The creature looked down at her. It sniffed her slightly before intensely mouthing her crotch, grazing its slimy tongue on the almost numb opening of her vagina. Allie, bit by bit, lost her sense of life, but she still found the will to frown at how horrid she felt the tickle, but not the cure for her itch.

Frustration was building inside of her. “No, no. Eat me, I’m! From there.” Allie pointed weakly at her open legs. “Isn’t that what you that. Give me something to die for.”

Ending its taste of her pussy in a scoff, it left her crotch in discontent, a clear sense of displeasure. Hands clutched at the extended neck of the creature. Allie clung at it, crazily pulling it with her weak arms.

“Eat me.” Said Allie in a strained manner. “Feed my pussy with...whatever...cock? Tongue. Please. Please,” hitting its neck, “take me worthless piece of—!”

The creature grew angry by her pestering. Raising its one hoof high, it hit Allie’s head with the force of a baseball bat. The impact stunned Allie that she laid on the ground looking back at him with bloodshot eyes.

Ringing filled her ears, but her mind was senselessly filtering pain and pleasure that it confused her so much she smiled. Did she feel pain more than the ignition to lust? It didn’t matter, as the creature repeatedly hammed its hard, sharp hoof on her head multiple times.

As Emmy shouted in an orgasm, and so did the creature who was fucking her, the other one was busy huffing at flattening Allie’s head in mulch.

Satisfied, after sniffing her bloody mess of a head, it returned its head in the air.

Trust in his transformed creature gruntled at the insignificant bother this worthless creature in front of him had done, halting his purpose in looking for that scent that brought him to bliss and desire.

It was not here, so he headed out the doors, waving his mouth in the air and his faceless head, swaying and sniffing for that one thing he desired.

- end of chapter 2 -

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