Chapter 7 (part 6)

From below, it looked like a silhouette of a large man lying on the ground. All buff as if tired for the day with its legs sprawled and almost spilling out the sides. Yet the extension of a tail from between its legs mildly swaying from where it hung made them realize that it was a Primer.

Both Dr. Akyl and Dr. Munar looked at each other and made sure to look up so their headgear camera could see the image above. There was a specimen they could observe, but their distance from it posed a sort of danger yet at the start of their mission.

Nodding in understanding, they mouthed at Beers and Belle that they should move forward. The scenario is not an ideal deck for observation. Breaths bated at the moment, their eyes trained straight ahead, clearly waiting on the creature.

Assessing at how big the body was, it seemed to be a Primer with a large build. Its size surpassed that of Beers, who was the biggest out of all of them. Steady in their steps, they trekked furthe

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