Side Story: Nails on Coffee (part 11)

Lines appeared at the edges of Mirror’s sight, something they often experienced when they had memory lapses during the time they had a bug about reliving every last moment with their “one rule.” Though different is the cause for this certain glitch, there was always the lapse to rest and relieve themselves of the burden of enduring these lapses.

Mirror determined to conserve their energy and reroute several synapses within them owing to the likeliness that they would stay long in jail because of how the investigation might go in their favor or not. Wasting time waiting awake will not help them on anything but deplete the remaining energy they had managed to save when Imago transferred the night prior.

Life is dull if left unattended and resting all the time, a life of a bum that is not considered a freeter. That’s what they did during the time they spent resting and recovering years back when they first met Imago. Their leg did not heal completely, even now but they can manage it by p
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