Domain of the World with Two Suns.

When Suma Fen and the two geniuses of the Ouyang Clan had been tossing and turning in the portal passage for some time, the three of them finally collapsed onto the hard, yellowish-brown ground.

"Ouch!!!" Ouyang Qing complained as his bum ached as if it had been deliberately knocked out of the entrance portal passage.

"And this is ....?"

"Is this called the Misty Mountains?"

Suma Fen stared at the surroundings, which looked very unfamiliar and strange. As far as the eye could see, the appearance at the foot of the mountain called the Misty Mountains was indeed very eerie. All that could be seen around were barren mountainous formations with hard-textured soil.

Not too many types of plants grow in the misty mountains. Even if there were, it looked creepy because when the leaves of the plants were exposed to sunlight, a yellowish tinge like a withered plant was emitted.

The sunlight shining in this domain world was very different from the sunlight seen in the outside world.

In this worl
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