Destruction Inscription - One.

The three ran away from that strange place. Their goal was to head towards the Western part where the Blue Mountains were located. Unexpectedly, while they were running not too far from the strange place, a red-coloured aura suddenly emerged from the ground and confined the three of them.

The aura enclosure reached up to ten metres wide. Ouyang Qing and Ouyang Piao trembled instantly. "We're dead," they thought.

Suma Fen herself felt the pressure of the magic aura coming out of the mist. It was like a magic cast by a Mental Practitioner with the strength of a Saint Soul Master. Suma Fen turned pale.

Saint magic was an extremely high mental power. Even in the Northern Elven Domain, Suma Fen had never encountered someone with the mental strength of a Soul Master Saint.

"What are we going to do?" Ouyang Piao nervously spoke using voice transmission.

"Relax for a while... I'm trying to think of a way..." Suma Fen replied.

The chanting of magic resumed followed by the appearance of some bl
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