Swordbound Chronicles
Swordbound Chronicles
Author: Jimmy-Chuuu
The Battle Between the Raindrops .

A breathtaking battle unfolded before the eyes of two small children.

"Let go of that ice rose, or it will be your memories that you will carry, demon! Besides, why should a despicable figure like you defile our Ice region?" Cold sounded the grey-white-robed man's voice.

Meanwhile, the man's aura refreshed the surroundings and formed a freezing cold snow. His hand was pointed straight ahead while holding a long sword that continued to emit icy vapour.

"Hehe, so you're Suma Chen, an Elven noble. Don't be so haughty. I see this plant lying in vain like a field of ice roses. There's nothing wrong with me picking a bunch for someone's medicinal purposes."

"You have no sense of humility at all. Fine, I will compensate you accordingly."

"We urgently need this ice flower to treat someone important in the Western region," replied the black figure in a low tone almost like a whisper. However, faintly visible behind the black smoke, a masked face with horns on its head, flashed a mocking smile at the man in grey.

"Duang Anming of the demon race from the West, I knew it was you, lowly creature. Your cultivation is only a low-ranked Great Spirit Realm, and you're trying to boast. Will you try my ability? I'll give you one last chance, remove the ice rose and leave the northern region!"

"Are you so stupid that you don't know this region is off limits to a demon race like yourself?" That cold voice sounded, as if it were a very ancient voice. "Hahaha... right, you Elf race are indeed arrogant. But, what can you be proud of? Only telekinesis ability and high mental energy. Without that, you are nothing in the path of the sword dao." The mockery came out of the black figure's mouth again.

"In that case, I will not hesitate." You could see the grey-robed man's mouth chanting a sword incantation, his hand pointing up while holding a sword.

"Hehe, think about it, do you think you're the only one with great abilities? Let's solve this problem with strength. I had just finished my cultivation with the latest Technique, Blood Skull Claw. My hands are itching to feel this new ability. You seem suitable as a test material," said Duan Anming, the black figure, wearing black-coloured iron gloves on both hands.

Between each of the gloves, 3 pairs of short swords appeared that flashed with a red-coloured aura. A fishy smell wafted from the direction of the 3 pairs of short swords from his gloves. Although black in colour, the gloves were full of magical and complicated symbols.

The Blood Skull Claw Technique was an extremely dark sword cultivation Technique and was considered a heresy. To master this sword Technique, a cultivator had to inject his sword into the skull of a living being, human or elf, and then absorb its blood into the dantian.

When the Blood Skull Claw Technique was executed, the enemy's blood would churn, and they would feel dizzy as their blood felt like it was being sucked out to be eaten by the Blood Skull Claw sword.

Meanwhile, from the hiding place, two small children were discussing curiously.

"That black figure is going to release the cultivation Technique of the Demon Race in the West. Rumour has it that the Perverted Technique is Earth grade Trenta rank. My grandfather once told me about the Demon Race in the western region, which is one of the superior races in the Dao of the sword. They belong to the 5 Sword King races in this vast Silver Continent."

They have cultivation that originates from the blood element. Hence, all the knowledge and techniques they possess have a Dark element as they involve the blood element," Yi Zan explained with a rushed breath due to the enthusiasm to witness this high-level battle, despite feeling shuddering.

The teenage boy was very curious. He did not stop asking questions. "If the black-robed man represents the western region that uses the blood element for the Dao of the sword, then what does the cold and expressionless grey-robed man represent?" asked Yuan Fen in a timid whisper to Yi Zan.

Yuan Fen had guessed that the grey-robed man named Suma Chen must represent the Elf race with the mastery of the Ice element sword Dao. This was because an aura of icy Qi and ice beads always appeared from the tip of the grey-robed man's long sword.

"I will try to explain as much as I know. This is the knowledge my grandfather gave me when I asked about who was the supreme sword master of the entire Silver Continent. Sometimes my grandfather's answers are less than satisfactory, but this is roughly how it goes," Yi Zan whispered while holding his breath so that they would not be detected by the two Great Spirit Realm Experts.


The little girl Yi Zan narrated smoothly as if she was part of the story herself.

"On this Silver Continent, about a thousand years ago, there were 5 sword kings representing the North, South, West, East, and central plains regions respectively. The distance between one region to another was very long. If travelling normally, it would take 6 months or even 1 year to cross between regions. You can imagine how vast the Silver Continent is and the distance between regions," Yi Zan said as he looked at the two figures in the distance who were preparing for battle.

"The Northern region is ruled by the Elf race who cultivate the Dao of the sword using the Ice element. This is in accordance with the conditions of the Northern region which is often covered in snow. That said, a Sword King of the Elven race is recognised and revered as the Sword King representing the Northern region. His ability in his sword Dao as an Elf race is to use the ice element."

Yi Zan sighed, he was too passionate in telling these fantastic stories. "Moreover, he is also a master in symbols and no one has matched him in these thousand years. This is because the Elven race has an innate talent in mental energy and a very great telekinesis ability."

In battle, the Sword King not only relied on his powerful cultivation techniques, but also used illusions to trap his enemies and then defeat them. With the ability to form such illusions, he easily takes the advantage in battle."

While the boy named Yuan Fen seemed to be holding his breath. This boy was very anticipating to hear the heroic story of the heroism of the rulers of the four cardinals and one in the Middle.

"Will the Sword King of the North win that competition?" Yuan Fen asked expectantly.


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