Three Aged Experts - One.

People about to fall asleep immediately came out of their houses. They stared at the dramatic arrival of the demon race. Approximately fifteen figures dressed all in black, wearing masks and small horns, floated down from the spirit ship and leaped toward the Wu Clan.

Such a fierce appearance made some people shiver in fear. The reason was that the sound of the playing flute seemed to draw the listener's soul to kneel and dance before the flute blower.

This was not the case with Suma Fen. As the young man and his two disciples gazed up at the sky, he tried to enjoy and listen to the soul-sucking sound of the flute. Suma Fen only snorted coldly.

"That devil Music technique being played is full of perverted energy. To me, their Technique still sounds crude..."

He looked towards Yu Long and Lin Hong as he said,

"Look... even though that music technique sounds similar to the Music of Death technique you mastered, the Qi that comes out is extremely perverted and violent. The demon race has
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