System for you Darling!

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System for you Darling!

By: CrazeNovel OngoingSystem

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Theodore is a young man who dreams of making his loved ones happy. But who would have thought that making someone happy would be so difficult? Not only that, but what if everyone around him wasn't a normal human, including him?

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  • das.ashil


    Good novel hope the author continues it

    2023-03-20 22:57:25
  • Tammie Lanier


    Love this story. Wish and hope that you continue writing.

    2022-11-16 04:23:24
  • Tammie Lanier


    Love this story so far. When do you up date? What days? Please continue writing this brilliant story.

    2022-11-16 04:22:17
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180 chapters
Chapter 1 Theodore
Inside one of the storage rooms, Theodore was now cleaning it up. The inside of the storage room was extremely dirty. He was punished to clean up here after showing his test scores to his adoptive sister.His adoptive sister's name is Avina. She was very angry. Almost all of his subjects had a very bad results. She who saw the results of the scores wanted to faint.Avina is a very beautiful woman. She had a lot of people who want to pursue her, but she didn't care. She wanted to raise Theodore. to grow up to be a good adult. She made a promise to her adoptive parents. The adoptive parents are Theodore's real parents.Avina is a very scary person when she is angry. Theodore could only do as she commanded without saying much. Theodore was not very smart. and was often bullied by his friends. He likes activities that others don't like. What he likes to do is known as a nerd.Theodore now sighed. and can't help keep cleaning the storage room“Why is my life is so bad? I don't have parent
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Chapter 2 Avina
Avina was feeling tired now. She worked day and night to pay off debts. Both the house rent and Theodore's tuition. She works in the morning as an office worker. Working in a coffee shop in the evening. She was a very diligent person who didn't mind working hard. But lately it seems the living expenses have become higher. From the economic downturn Appliances were much more expensive. Income that used to be enough to cover expenses now it's not enough“Next week, I have to pay Theo an extra tuition fee.”Avina breathed a sigh. She had now taken the bus back to her home. Her and Theodore's house was far from the city, making rent very affordable. She walked to the front of the house and opened the door.“Hopefully Theo has finished cleaning the storage room. I need that room to earn more money. I wouldn't be able to do it if there were bugs and rats in that room. Fortunately he didn’t scare of them”Just thinking about it made her hand tremble. She walked into the house and took off
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Chapter 3 Abigail
Theodore learned from every book in his room. Whether it is knowledge about the subjects studied in school or even other knowledge that cannot be found in the classroom,Theodore was now lying on his stomach. He had learned too much about everything, causing some knowledge to collide. But fortunately, even if knowledge collided, it didn't hurt anything. It was just separated after that.Theodore slowly opened his eyes after a long headache. He let out a sigh of relief before slowly compiling his knowledge.“Awesome, I never felt I was this smart before.”Theodore smiled. He now remembered all the knowledge he had in the textbooks. and understood that He was now considered to be one of the smartest in the room. If it's not for the room, it's for the whole class. But even if he has knowledge, it does not mean that he will be wiser in other matters. And while Theodore was delighted with his intelligence. After he finished compiling all his knowledge. He also found that in his head a str
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Chapter 4 Storage ring
Theodore rushed home after finishing his shopping. He was now smiling brightly. He was so happy now that he had got the name of the beautiful woman.Mission accomplished. He already knew the name of a beautiful convenience store cashier. Abigail was a very beautiful name.In his hand right now besides the things he bought at the convenience store. On his index finger was a wooden ring engraved with some kind of language. which was a language that Theodore had never seen before.It looked very ancient.This is a storage ring. The reward for completing the mission. Theodore had no idea where it came from. He could only see it appear in his hand after the mission was completed.Theodore tried to use it to collect things. He can store individual items. Or he can combine pieces as well. But the thing he wanted to put inside the storage ring must be the same thing. For example:If several items were stored in a wooden box, they would only be counted as one. And if there was another wooden b
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Chapter 5 Testing fighting skill
Theodore punches the air. His fists shone in a straight line. The fists and air clashed with a very loud booming sound.-------------Congratulations, you have successfully learned the skill “Force Impact”.-------------Theodore smiled excitedly.“I can really use it. I can use skills in the game woohoo!”Theodore was unspeakably happy. He also tested other weapon skills. Later he chose a sword. There was a fake sword he bought from the game event in that room. He picked it up before making a stabbing stance. The fake sword emitted an orange glow. When Theodore felt ready, he stabbed.“Spiral Thrust!”The orange light accumulated in the sword emanated from the stabbing in a spiral manner. Its length extends from the blade of about two meters.-------------Congratulations, you have successfully learned the skill “Spiral Thrust”.-------------“Good! Next!”Next, he chose a knife. There was also a fake knife in the room. Purchased with a fake sword. Both the sword and the knife have t
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Chapter 6 Lighten the load
“This must be the result of the strengthening potion.”Theodore smiled, indicating that the effect of the potion was really effective. From now on, he would learn and become four times stronger than the average person as the blue box told him after consuming the strengthening potion.Theodore was feeling great right now. Finally something good happened in his life. He would have greatly increased his abilities. and even though he was fascinated by the power he gained. He didn't forget his main goal.His main goal was to make everyone close to him happy.Theodore, after satisfyingly examined himself. He immediately went to bed. waiting for tomorrow to comeNext day.Avina woke up exhausted. Yesterday she worked until late at night. When she returned home, she did some extra work by sewing dolls for sale. She used the storage room that Theodore had cleaned for her. It's a place to store things and do her extra work. She works on three things together. Start working from 8am until 2am t
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Chapter 7 Happy to be of help
“This is delicious! Too delicious Theo”Avina didn't think the food Theodore made would be this delicious. She thought it would be quite good, but not this good. She felt like she was eating food from a restaurant more than food from a beginner who just made barely edible food from time to time.Such an improvement is worthy of praise.The food he made was just simple dishes such as fried eggs, baked bacon, and toast, along with homemade orange juice. But she didn’t know why a simple meal she ate almost every day would be this delicious.It was like Theodore had used magical ingredients in making it.It was so delicious because Theodore was able to control the fire by cooking well. It makes all the food that can be seen easily come out with a better taste than usual.Theodore, besides making breakfast for Avina He even made lunch for her. The menu that he chooses to make is stir-fried beef in tomato sauce with buttered mashed potatoes. This menu provides high energy. It will help keep
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Chapter 8 Enemy of mankind
Theodore went to school happily. He in the morning had lightened Avina's burden a bit. He was confident that if he continued to try, he could have made Avina very happy.Theodore on the way to school He thought about what would make Avina happy. She always said he was her happiness, but he wondered how he could be her happiness.Theodore gave up thinking about it first. He had arrived at school. He will do his best today.“There is nothing I cannot do. All this year's knowledge is all in my head.”Yes, there is nothing that cannot be done except“Books, Wait a minute. I have already used them. I don't have any textbooks today!”He didn’t have any textbooks. He was surely going to be punished for sure. When being punished, points will be deducted. When his points were deducted, his grades would turn out bad. He tried to find a solution, but it was too late.The professor has arrived in the classroom. This morning's class is math. The professor who teaches mathematics is quite a fussy p
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Chapter 9 French Language Class
Theodore was walking towards the French language classroom. He didn't even notice that there was a group of teenagers the same age as him. staring at him with scornful eyes.Nobody liked someone out shining them even though it was just a normal thing.Theodore made many girls look at him in a new light. He might look like an introvert but they had their own charm.They now started to talk bad about him due to jealousy.“Look at that bit*h. He can only answer math questions. Act like it can change what it is.”“George , I think we have to deal with him. The next class is Jenny's. You are aiming for her, aren't you?"“It seems that Jenny really cares about that guy. If you don't hurry to deal with that guy. Who knows, He might take Jenny.”George laughed before speaking.“Jenny will not ever like that nerd. look at his face he’s just a nerd, how can he compare to me,The alpha? You all know how to joke.”George was sure of it. He liked Jenny. She is beautiful and has a charming figure. S
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Chapter 10 No more bullying
The French class ended quickly. Jenny talks to Theodore shortly after teaching. before she had to go on with her duties.Theodore after talking to Jenny. He left the classroom and headed towards the cafeteria. It's lunch time now. George saw this chance. He immediately stepped in to block Theodore's way.He had successfully blocked Theodore's way. said in an emotionless voice.“Hey. Nerd I remember that I had told you not to talk to Jenny right”George's friends also came along. They stand in the background for George. Trying to make George look majestic. This is one way to instill fear into the other personTheodore looked at George. he felt dissatisfied George has been bullying him since he entered the school. He tried to fight back. But the end result is the same. He can't fight George. Even if he tried.But not anymore. He can now protect himself. with superhuman strength, along with skillsHe no longer needed to be afraid of George.“Why should I do as you say? You are not my fat
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